Return from Paris or Nice/Marseilles

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Return from Paris or Nice/Marseilles

We are in the initial stages of planning a 3-week trip to Paris and Provence/Cote d'Azur (in May/June 2008) - we will be flying from Knoxville (probably out of Atlanta?). We want to start with a week in Paris, followed by a week each in Provence and Cote d'Azur. Would we be better off returning from Paris (take TGV back to CDG from south of France) or from Nice or Marseilles? I would have thought the latter, but when I check possible ticketing, it looks to me like virtually all flights from Nice or Marseilles return via CDG and simply involve a VERY early flight out of Nice or Marseilles.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello KC, I know DL flies into Paris and out of Nice. The NCE flight is mid morning, via JFK (you might have to fly NCE-JFK-ATL-TYS), but it would save you from having to backtrack back up to Paris. Also, wouldn't have to be at the airport at 4am-ish on Air France to Paris to Atlanta to Knoxville

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I've also flown from NCE - Frankfurt - Philly via UsAir. Yes, early morning flights depart from Nice, but it is a much smaller and much easier airport to get in and out of.

For ease of traveling, I would start in Paris, go to Provence and then work down to Cote d'Azur unless the dates don't work for some reason. Then just fly home from there...
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Maybe you should thing about timing. It's better to fly into satellite airports than out of then through gateways (think of the time involved and your energy levels at the beginning vs the end of your trip). This is especially true when you have to fly through a gateway such as CDG. Don't do it twice, if possible.

End in Paris, a truly highlight of your trip.

I'm heading to Povence in mid May this year, and have been to the Cote d'Azur in the past. Both areas can be covered in 7-9 days max, unless you have enough time for slow travel (wee their web site).

Check the actual airports for arrivals at each of the southern airports, and you can see who flys into Nice or Marseille and from where. As you are early in the process, you have the time to do this.

We're flying into Marseille via an Iberia version of Ted or American Eagle, from Madrid. ORD to MAD to MRS.

You're going to have to rent a car, so take advantage of this. Spend your time in the south first, and drive north, maybe into the Loire valley for the chateaux for a few days.

From there drive to Paris and drop off your car. Check out the train cost and you will be surprised at how expensive it is.
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Train costs expensive? I've taken the TGV from Avignon to Paris for as little as 30€!

I'm willing to bet that's considerably less than gas and tolls....
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Have you checked super consolidators like Kayak or Sidestep? I was able to find a mid-morning flight out of Nice through Amsterdam and then non-stop back to the US to the West coast, avoiding CDG as a transfer point...but it didn't show up the first few times I searched- weird. ??? Anyway, it is worth a try.
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Any other thoughts on this question? Our options may be limited since we hope to use Delta FF miles on this trip.

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Like others have said, the non-stop Delta NCE-JFK flight leaves mid-morning, so that's your best bet.

If you can't get that one and must go through Paris, you should be able to fly out the afternoon or evening before. Get a CDG hotel on Priceline for cheap, and you're set.
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One thing to be aware of with Delta is that their ff miles are different,depending on if they 'have' to use a partner airline.

Put in a dry run to see how many miles you will have to spend. I have 90k on Delta (all from Amex) and couldn't use that for a Business class to Europe. Using a partner plane was going to cost me 120k ff miles.

StCirq, yes, train costs are cheaper IF you know how to guide the maze of sncf, have a rigid schedule that doesn't allow change. You know the ropes on how to do this. Share the information rather than just saying "I can get it cheaper". I'm pretty sure this forum was designed to share information. I'd love to hear how you can do such a thing.

Maybe you could start a topic on just how one can save this money. I, and dozens of others would be very interested in learning all the tricks of the discount train business. I'll buy you a nice bottle of wine with my savings.
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