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Re: Lufthansa meals

We'll be flying on Lufthansa and have heard that the meals are mostly inedible in coach class. Our flight is quite long as it originates from the west coast of the US and concludes in Frankfurt. Is it advisable to buy food at the airport and bring it with us on the plane?
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I always pack lots of snacks (we live in Shanghai & when we travel it's always LONG flights!). It comes from my days of being a nanny and not leaving the house without a couple of snacks for the kids in my bag.

My husband always mocks me (don't be silly, you're not going to starve, it's just one meal, etc.),but midway through the flight when I break out the snacks, guess who's asking for some and suddenly thinking it was a good idea after all? (Every time!)

I find it just makes the flight so much more enjoyable to have snacks that I like, and to be able to eat a snack of my choosing when I want. Sure, it's not a major issue, but it makes the flight more pleasurable for me & it's such a simple thing to do.

Pack away!
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I wouldn't bother bringing much fun with you...too much trouble, but the food on Lufthansa is pretty bad. It all smells the same, no matter what is served. IMHO Lufthansa has the worst airline food.

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Melissa : Try this amusing (and interesting) web site. You may even get to see what Lufthansa is currently serving and how it compares to what other airlines have to offer. Definitely puts some perspective on the whole airline food issue.
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I agree, Lufthansa food really sux. I flew Lufthansa to Spain. Even though I expected the food to be unedible I didn't expect to get jipped on sodas!! They don't give you a regular can of soda but instead they pour the softdrink on a cup the size of a dixie cup!!!!

It've almost ATE a big meal before all my flights but from now on I'm going to carry my own drink on board!
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I have flown many airlines, Lufthansa included, and nothing is worse than Alitalia's food. I don't remember Lufthansa's food being all that different from other airlines. But Alitalia food I couldn't touch. They gave me an aluminum bowl filled with fat and some little pieces of meat floating around in it. Ugh!
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We fly a lot. Over 25 trips to Europe in last 10 years plus domestic monthly.

Our worst single flight was a roundtrip Lufthansa trip from SFO to Munich. The food was bad both ways. They ran out of water on the trip back and did not seem to care. The plane was too hot, but no one would adjust the temp as they said it was "fine". The attitude of the crew both ways was bad. I usually have no complaints and leave them alone to do their job. Most flights I do not remember at all after a few days but this one was 2 years ago and is still fresh in my mind.

In a few words: Bad food, bad service, mean people both ways. Even the lady at taking the tickets at the gate was nasty to me. Take a lunch! Plus water!
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Melissa: We flew Lufthansa NY to Frankfurt this summer. I was expecting bad food and service because of all the posts I read on this subject. However, the service from NY was outstanding -- constant beverage service with a smile. Since I have dietary issues,I ordered "seafood" in advance. It was grilled salmon and very tasty. Just a note: the vegetarian meals appeared to be rice and beans. On the return trip, the service was not quite as good, nor was the meal.
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I actually liked a sandwich snack they had on their Frankfurt to Paris route. However, for longer trips I always recommend bringing what you like from home. Whether its a sandwich, fruit or other snacks its best to be able to eat what you like which will make the flight more comfortable for you.
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due to the fact that i´m a german living in the US i need to fly lufthansa at least every other month. i would recommend ordering a special meal in advance for example a fruit platter or light meal. the food in economy class is not very good. in business it depends on the season... in fall / winter they offer goose which is very tasty. in germany it is not very common to take your own food into the plane but on the other hand it is not forbidden so do whatever feels comfortable for you. and don´t worry about the "water-situation". they don´t give you cans because of recycling reasons which i think is a good thing. you can ask for a bottle of water and normally you will get it. you can "ring" for drinks a hundred times during the flight and you will get as much as you like. have a nice trip!
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I always pack food (bought at agrocery store before or at the airport). I don't care WHAT airline or how long of a flight. Nothing worse than being hungry and stuck on a plane ;-)
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