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Has anyone used the service RAILPASS to book train tickets from US to Europe? Did you have good service, if you did?
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Is this a website? I routinely recommend that any question about any "rail pass" begin with determining that a rail pass is a good idea for your itinerary, in the first place. Go to www.railsaver.com and be sure to check the box "only if it saves you money".

On the other hand, perhaps your question is about buying ordinary point-to-point rail tickets. The best options for doing that can vary from one country to another. What countries are you planning to visit?

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I think they mean www.railpass.com
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Hi J,

Good advice from Rex.

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I am in agreement with both Rex and Ira and have used many railpasses over the years.

But I would caution you to remember that whether or not to buy a pass isn't always as simplistic as costing more, or less.

Passes can also save you time and time is money.

I know it is "easy' to go to ticket windows and use automated machines...it is VERY "easy' to say this to people after you've actually done it, etc.

Just be aware of all the considerations when making your final decision.
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www.railsaver.com is a RailEurope clone that uses highly inflated point-point ticket prices in whether a pass saves you money or not...the only thing you can definitely learn from railsaver.com is if they say a pass is not warranted - then you know the pass is not nearly a good deal...but because they use often highly inflated ticket prices that they themselves peg that can be 50% higher than those bought at stations in Europe if railsaver.com says you need a pass you may well not..they use bogus fares to sell railpasses. railsaver.com is a clone of RailEurope, often maligned as a 'rip-off' by Fodorites - railsaver.com is the arm of Trenitalia in the U.S. - called Wandrian Rail and their current CEO was formerly the president of RailEurope and they have, in my comparisons, usually identical fares and prices. A clever way to sell railpasses when they in reality may not be warranted but i believe to be honest the site should say they are comparing point-point prices using their fares and that fares in Europe are often much lower.
Very clever way to sell passes, i'll give them that.
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Robespierre: i ackowledge that my use of 'bogus' fares was incorrect as per your comment in other posting - bogus not the word as they are railsaver.com real fares that they sell point to point tickets at.
I read the other post after i used bogus here again and would not use it again in this context.
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I was just comtemplating if I should but a railpass on this site to travel from Zurich to Venice to Salzburg to Prague. Any suggestions now that you know where I am going? Normally I purchase my tickets when I arrive in Europe at the various train stations but I had it in my head that it would be better to do it before I leave this time. Based on the posting here I am now thinking twice about doing that.
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No - there is no railpass i believe that would be worth it for this trip in light of fares in Europe - here's a case where railsaver.com could quite well tell you you need a pass, based on their prices. A three country EurailSelect pass costs a minimum of $325 p.p. - don't think you'd spend that much and it won't take you into the Czech Republic. check railsaver.com and see what they say - if they say no then you really know it's no pass for you!
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