Quick Mobilis question

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Quick Mobilis question

So confusing to follow the Carte Orange thread.

My group will be in Paris Monday Night Through Saturday Morning. Arriving Eurostar leaving CDG.

I think Mobilis cards (for Tues-Fri) and one CDG ticket are the best option for us.

So we would need 4 days worth of Mobilis.

Are these sold in a machine? Or from a clerk?

Can we buy all the Mobilis at once, or do we need to purchase each day.

Once purchased do we just flash it on buses and how does it work in the metro? (I have always used the 10 pack carnet before). Is there a carnet sized reusable ticket?
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A 1 day Mibilis ,zone1-2, is €5.60 or 22.40 for the 4 days.

A Carte Orange is €16.30 and would be good for Mon night and Sat AM
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Sorry, that should be MOn night thru Saturday.
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myst, it can get confusing as we devolve into quibbles over whether or not a certain option saves a dime, etc. I think Jody has nailed it for you, though - the Carte Orange would be a better buy, even if you factor in the one or two euro cost of getting your photo made if you don't already have one. You buy them from an agent, and must present your photo. The agent will return to you a little plastic wallet that contains the card with your picture and a serial number, plus a standard size ticket on which you write the number from your card and use throughout the validity period. The card with the photo does not expire and for future use you need purchase only the weekly reusable ticket (onto which you write your card number.) Do remember to carry the little wallet with you and not just the reusable ticket; if stopped for a ticket check you need to be able to produce it.
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Take a 1" square photo (homemade okay) with you for the ID card. You will receive a folder with a reusable ticket and card like this: damdam.typepad.com/_au_fil_de_mes_journes_/images/carte_orange_sleeve.jpg

In the Métro, slide the ticket into the turnstile; when you retrieve it, the gate will open (note that there are turnstiles for electronic passes - Navigo - only, so don't look for a ticket slot on these). On buses, just flash the ID/ticket carrier at the driver.

Your first Carte Orange must be bought from a ticket window (because your ID card has to be created). After that, you can buy the weekly or monthly ticket from a machine (cash or chipped card), or from any Tabac displaying the RATP logo.
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I agree with jody. Even for yor relatively brief stay, a Carte Orange is a better deal than four Mobilis passes.

However, FYI, you can buy as many Mobilis passes as you wish at any one time. Each one will be good only for the day on which it is first activated. So you would want to write a date on them so you don't activate more than one per day.
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I know these threads always grow but thanks!

Do either of these options get us to CDG for departure or do we need to buy single ticket for that?

(I took a bus last time) I hate CDG by the way...... boooo, but Eurorail to Venice is too pricey.
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As for the Mobilis, I've bought them but I think Tim answered most those questions. You can buy them in advance because the first time you use them is when they are activated and then the card keeps track of the date (so they can only be used that day). They are just a small ticket, like all the other ones, so you have to put them in the turnstile for the metro just like you would a regular ticket or the ticket with the Carte Orange. YOu'd have to do that as you can't get past the turnstiles (legally) without a ticket being inserted.

Buses are pretty loose and the driver can't really keep track of everyone anyway, actually. You are actually supposed to stick the Mobilis ticket in the ticket machine on the bus just like a single ticket (you flash the Carte Orange as it's a bigger card and ID). The ticket itself says that. In practice, I don't always because it seems kind of silly to compost a ticket that is for all day use. The buses are so crowded, the driver certainly doesn't pay much attention to that. If I were ever challenged, I could always show him my MObilis ticket, of course. The one exception to that rule would be that you would have to compost the Mobilis ticket on a bus if it were your first trip of the day, as that is what activates the card. If you don't, you would be in violation. You could probably flash the Mobilis at the driver also, but that isn't really the way it is to be used as the date isn't visible on it as it is on the Carte Orange tickets and you don't have a picture ID (you can write in the date of use yourself on a blank line, which I do, to keep track of it for one thing).

To myst -- the Mobilis cannot be used for airport transportation, unfortunately, as they are good throughout a zone except for some reason, the airport stops are exempted (CDG or Orly) and they don't work there.
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On Saturday when you're ready to go to CDG, buy single tickets for €8.20to get you from anywhere in Paris to the airport. Be aware that the RER B lines divides northeast of Paris so be sure to get on a train that is going to CDG.
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