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I'm traveling to Paris and then Slovenia this June. I am wondering what type of purse is best. I have a mid-size, black bag with several zip compartments that I can wear across my body. It will carry a wallet, a few make-up items, check book, cell, and glasses. It is a little big for me to carry for a whole day, but I can make do. so often when I am sightseeing or shopping for quite a while I take a red wallet that you can attach a strap to and hang across the body. It has room for $$, papers, credit cards and a cell. Is what I have o.k., or would you suggest something else?

Thanks for advice in advance.
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In europe I travel with a normal 'purse' from home. I think that's safest for me personally speaking, to use something I am familiar with and used to carrying. I don't like the tiny travel wallet/purse type things.
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I have been using a small size Sportsac - with the heavy duty fabric strap as my day pack for years. It weights nothing - is parachute nylon so very tough - and can carry everythng you need to for the day. I usually bring a nicer purse for going out to dinner or theater - a very tiny one that holds cash, comb, credit card, lipstick and passport.
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I do what nytraveler does, although my "day" purse is a Baggallini brand. I like it because it's cross-body (I never take it off, even in restaurants), very light, and the little interior wallet clips on in the inside, so it's harder to "lift". I also take a small black bag for going out to dinner.

I have the "zipper bagg" although it's slightly too small because I have to carry three pairs of glasses all the time (distance, distance sun, and reading). I'm thinking about getting a slightly larger one like the Unison or the Dublin.


I can't carry a "regular" purse all day -- it would kill my shoulders.
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I agree re a cross body bag, I find a handbag too tiring to carry all day and my shoulders ache. Suzabella1 you refer to yours as a mid size bag. Can I suggest that you put a small bottle of water and a small guide book in it and see if you think you can wear it for a minimum of 4 hours? If not then the red bag might be better. I leave my normal wallet at home and I take a smaller one that just fits some cash.

I also take a small purse with me for evenings. Sometimes I don't bother with it though and my husband pops my lipstick in his pocket.
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Suzabella1 - I think you can forget about including a check book in your bag - who would cash a check for you in Europe?
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Maybe my "every day" is smaller than most of you use? I definitely to NOT carry my regular wallet from home when I travel. It's too big and you don't needs 9/10ths of the stuff in it.
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Travel with a tiny cross-body w/ WIDE strap that cannot be cut-- you'll only need lipstick, credit card, smartphone & glasses -- then in a large nylon tote you can carry maps, scarf, baguette you'll pick up for lunch! I now wear clothes specifically for travel with lots of pockets so I can almost travel with no purse, it's so freeing! Baggellini or Kipling are great for lightweight totes, I use as my plane carry-on putting my tiny purse inside.
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I too use a small cross body purse that is just big enough to fit a small change purse for cash/credit card and can fit my camera. In addition I almost always carry a nylon tote bag that just holds my map and guidebook, kleenex, small umbrella, etc. It never holds anything of value and is usually pretty light to carry throughout the day. I like it because I can usually also stash my jacket in there when I am in a museum and get too hot or it can hold small puchases made during the day.
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The "hobo tote" Baggallini is my favorite bag for traveling as it holds an umbrella,extra sweater,has pockets for water,phone or maps,etc.
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I'm with suze - I want the purse that I am accustomed to using! It's strap is long enough that I can wear it as I usually do or cross-body to give the "usual" shoulder a break.
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I bring the favorite purse that I'm using at home, with some exceptions.
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The problem with the nylon tote (and I use one at home, so I can pick up dinner on my way home from work) is that then you're carrying two things -- I don't even like carrying one. But then the problem is I also don't like putting things in pockets because they bulge. So I'm back to a larger cross-body
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I carry 2 purses when I travel. My larger purse for everyday and on the airplane I carry a little cross body bag that holds my essentials for the plane. If I go to sleep, I tuck it behind me. It also works if I just want a lighter bag during the day.

At home I don't have only one purse, I change them frequently.
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I was looking at the Baggalini bags this summer but didn't buy. They had a few at Tj Maxx for like $35 and more selections at the small boutique for $85. I can see how they would make a practical travel purse.
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I keep my credit cards in my holster-money pouch, along with passport & other valuables.
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