Pompeii Day Trip form Rome?

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Pompeii Day Trip form Rome?

We are going to Italy for our first visit in December. We are going to 3 cities in 10 days - Rome, Florence and Venice. We have 4 full days in Rome. We have the option of taking a day trip to Pompeii by bus. Do you think it is worth 1 day of our visit in Rome to make this trip?

I know this is a matter of opinion. I have been scouring this forum for weeks, and this is my first post. I welcome all opinions and advice.
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I have done it twice. For me it was very worth it. It is easily done on public transportation. Train from Rome to Naples, then commuter train on the Circumvesuviana to the station at Pompeii Scavi, right across the street from the entrance to the site.
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I think it's more what you are missing in Rome. How many things do you want to see there? Rome is a larger city and you can only get to so much in a day. Also -- the week after Christmas only half the taxis are running; the others take vacation.

When in December are you going? If it is at Christmas, it might be a GOOD idea to go on such a tour the day after Christmas. In Rome that was a major holiday and many things were closed.

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Are you traveling with a tour company? Most tour companies that offer optional tours to Pompeii don't spend much time at Pompeii. They usually stop at shops that make cameos or inlaid wood items and only spend about 2-3 hours at Pompeii.

It's easy to take the train on your own to Naples (AV train takes 90 minutes and cost is about 33E one way 2nd cl)and then change to the local commuter train to Pompeii Scavi (takes about 30 minutes and cost is about 2-3E). There are cheaper train options between Rome and Naples that take about 2 hours (ES and ICPlus trains)and cost between 19E and 25E.

Here's the website for Pompeii.

I think I would wait until I was in Rome and decide whether to take the day trip.
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The tours to Pompeii are long without much time in the ruins. Consider Ostia Antica http://www.ostia-antica.org/indexes.htm
instead. It is easy to do on your own and only about 40 minutes from Rome.

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I agree with the opinions and the motivations of every one suggests to NOT have a day trip in Pompei, really.
Enjoy Rome !

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Hi Renee - As you say, it's a matter of opinion.

If Pompeii is high on your list of priorities, go for it. If not - it will still be there next time

As others have said, I wouldn't do it by tour bus. They are expensive (- € 100+), waste time en route, and don't allow enough time at Pompeii itself IMO.

Go by train - or Marozzi bus (- Rome-Pompeii direct,
Fri/Sat/Sun - dep 07.00)

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IMHO Pompeii is too far for a day trip. You'll spend long hours travelling and then be rushed through a small part of the ruins like a herd of cattle if you're with a tour, then a lot of time will be wasted with longish lunch breaks and/or factory visits.

4 full days in Rome isn't much, especially with the short daylight hours you get in December! You'll need your precious time in the Eternal City.

If you really want to, I'd second Henry's suggestion of Ostia Antica which saves a lot of travel time.
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Another vote for staying in Rome with a shorter, more manageable day trip to Ostia Antica as an option. You can be flexible about this and go if you think you want to take the time away from the many sights in the city. We spent 7 1/2 days in Rome earlier this year and eliminated some side trips we had considered, going only to Ostia Antica
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Guidebook writer's tips:
-Ostia Antica is an excellent choice
- No one living in Italy would dream of trying to go to Pomepii or Naples for the day,its too far and the days are too short.
- options valid in winter are Tarquinia and Cerveteri -Etruscan sites that can be reached by train.
Problem is that the excavations close at 2 p.m. in winter months
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Thank you so much everyone for your advice. We will be in Rome December 8 for 4 1/2 days. My 17yo daughter and I are going with her senior class for their senior trip.

I will check out the site for Ostia-Antica. We hate to think of missing a whole day in Rome to spend 10 hours on a bus, so that may be a better option for us. Thank you all again for the advice and information.
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Renne - Pompeii isn't 10 hrs on a bus.

It's approx 2.5 hrs each way via Naples by train - or 3 hrs on the Marozzi Pompeii shuttle.

It's perfectly manageable if you make an early start (- I used to commute one day per week Rome-Naples )

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The new high speed train between Rome and Naples takes 88 minutes. You can do a daytrip by yourself if you leave early enough in the morning. Yes, it's a long day and probably not what I'd choose to do, but if you have your heart set on seeing Pompeii you certainly can, without a tour.
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Its hard to do but possible,however I have a suggestion...you may consider a trip to Ostia...there are mosaics there and it is on the coast... just west of Rome so a lot closer. Do a search on google image and take a look.

If not,You can take a train from Rome direct to the city of Pompeii.You can walk to get to the entrance which is the back entrance of Pompeii..it is the fast way..and you are ahead of the tourist crush to see the amphitheater....Get a map. There are some great wall paintings in a few houses towards the back that people often miss....good luck
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