Photography in Spain

Apr 1st, 2006, 01:53 PM
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Photography in Spain

In Barcelona particularly, I love photography, expecially people/street photography and use all professional equipment. Just wondering what sort of reception am I likely to get shooting on the streets of Barcelona, particularly buskers. Also is it safe to walk around Barcelona day or night time with €10k on camera around my neck?

I ask because someone told me that photographers don't get a great welcome, particularly from street performers.
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Apr 1st, 2006, 02:08 PM
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I don't think you'd have any problems photographing street performers, so long as you pay them. They are in business, after all, so it would not be appropriate, in my opinion, to photograph them unless you contribute to their kitty.

The area around the cathedral is great for buskers and other entertainers.

Barcelona is famous for its pickpockets and thieves. I wouldn't carry anything on the street that I couldn't afford to lose. A €10k camera would probably fit within that description.
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Apr 1st, 2006, 02:11 PM
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If someone is a street performer it is only fair to ask their permission (you should ask anyone's permission before shooting a recognizable photo) and offer to pay them. It is - after all how they make their living. (How would you like it if someone used one of your photos to sell something without asking/ compensating you?).

And I wouldn't walk around anywhere with that type of camera around my neck - just asking for trouble. It should be invisible inside a secure case when you're not actually using it.

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Apr 1st, 2006, 02:20 PM
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there was a post on here earlier that some places (particularly the tourist attractions such as the cathedral) charge to use a tripod. This is news to me, but someone said that it was the case for France as well. So, look into it.

You pay street performers and if anyone tells you not to photograph them, you honor that. I find shooting random pedestrians to be really rude, particularly focusing in on them. However, if you are just going for a general shot of the sheer quantity of pedestrians, I think that is more acceptable.

what is a busker?
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Apr 1st, 2006, 02:41 PM
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Wikipedia is nice.
Busking is the practice of performing in public places to receive donations of money. Performers may play music, juggle, perform mime, do magic tricks or a comedy act, or simply stand still as statues (very popular in Europe currently). Those engaging in this practice are called buskers. In the United States, this term is not as widely known; buskers there are called street performers.
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Apr 1st, 2006, 04:43 PM
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For some reason, "busker" had a sort of homeless ring to it and I thought maybe it meant "bum" or "vagabond."

Thank you, icithecat
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Apr 1st, 2006, 04:55 PM
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I just returned from Barcelona this week. I had no problems photographing street performers, but I always dropped a few coins in their pot first. I did see people trying to take their photos without doing that and the buskers usually just put their hands over their faces (one guy gave the photographer the finger). But if you drop a few coins in their pot they are very receptive. And they are everywhere in Barcelona, especially on Las Ramblas and in front of the cathedral. I'll have my photos on-line in a day or two.

I saw some signs (in both Paris and Barcelona) indicating that there was a fee to use a tripod, but this was usually IN a place, not just out on the street. The streets are pretty crowded, I suspect you'll have difficulty using a tripod, at least during the daytime. People will just keep walking in front of it. There were a few places where tripods were forbidden, but again, this was inside, not out on the street.

I saw no pickpockets and never felt threatened in anyway. But this doesn't mean there aren't theives around. I would certainly hold tight to a €10K camera anyplace.
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Apr 2nd, 2006, 01:24 PM
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Thanx for all the info. I had no intention of photographing buskers without paying. It was interesting to see that you should pay first photo later, in Dublin I always photograph them first and then go up and pay and if they are not busy have a chat. I will work the other way around in Barcelona, makes more sense if you are a busker I suppose.

I am also amazed about a tripod fee, never heard of that but as I never use one, that is no problem. I have used a monopod, but I usually just carry that as "extra security" rather than for mouning the camera!

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