Passport stamp in the UK

Jan 27th, 2015, 04:12 AM
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Passport stamp in the UK

Hello, can I ask your advise?

On my last visit to England I was held by the immigration officer at the border, saying I was suspicius due to my long stay in the UK and entering more than once. However, I didn't overstay or even came close to overstaying, I didn't do anything illegaly, I was just traveling as a backpacker and didn't realize that making Britain as my base to leave and enter twice (left twice for rock festivals at other countries) will be looked upon as a problem.

The thing is, the IO was out to get me. I don't know if it was because of my origins or just bad mood, but he did everything to humiliate me, while refusing to check or even look at the evidences I try to submit. For example, I wrote I'm staying this time at a friend's house. He said it is a fake name and details. I asked him to call her and check, but he refused. He said my flight ticket (as I was leaving the week after back home) is fake as well (no, it was not).

He did let me in, as he had no proof to deny my entry, but gave me a stamp with 3 code landing (starting with NWR). He said "you are a lier and if you know better don't come back to this country in the next couple of years".

I was shocked and humiliated. Never experienced anything like that, and I travel a lot!

The thing is, I have people who are dear to me there. I want to visit again but I am afraid. I didn't even file complain (if I can?) because of fear. What is the code means and can I go back in May for a month visit?
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Jan 27th, 2015, 04:53 AM
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I had a similar experience in November. The agent was really mean to me. I could not hear him or understand him. He badgered me for a very long time. I wrote for my job I am an artist - and he kept insisting I had art supplies with me which I didn't, he too requested a special stamp for my passport - I can't recall what number. I too am going back in Feb and am slightly it was horrible.
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Jan 27th, 2015, 05:04 AM
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Immigration officials have the authority to deny entry to anyone they deem as not appropriate for a variety of issues and those in the UK are often very strict in examining young people they fear may be trying to emigrate illegally and become a charge on the state. There is nor recourse once they have decided you are suspicious except to be fully prepared with all possible documentation and unfailingly pleasant.

If you have already been marked in this way expect to be examined in detail every time you enter.

What you must have:

Return or ongoing ticket out of the country (print out - not a reference number)

Specific rationale as to why you are there/how long you will stay

Details of where you will be staying (this means name, address, phone number and some sort of confirmation of hotel or hostel)

Staying with a friend or family is a red flag - making illegal immigration much more of a possibility

Be sure you have proof of your finances that will cover the length of trip - either bank statement or credit card info (so it won;t appear that you will be trying to work illegally)

Have proof of why you will be returning to you home country (job you will return to, registration at school, ownership or lease on a house or apartment)

Proof that you are covered by your own medical insurance

Separately, if you look at all scruffy - again a red flag to a bull - so be sure your dress is clean and tidy.

Don;t see how you could file a complaint unless they were physically abusive - they were doing their job of making sure people who MIGHT become a problem are not allowed entry

Whatever you do, never make false or even questionable statements - and never assume you have the RIGHT to enter - you don't
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Jan 27th, 2015, 05:46 AM
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If you think this is bad try getting into the States as a non citizen.

nytraveler has it just right.
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Jan 27th, 2015, 06:16 AM
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I am curious. If your passport is stamped as banned does it just go away when you get a new passport? It seems like such a shame to be banned when clearly the person did nothing wrong.

I can tell you, saying visiting a friend does cause red flags. I got some push back when saying that recently. It was the truth and I made the mistake twice. I got flagged when coming back to the US so the guy made me go through the something to declare line. I had nothing to declare. The second time I said it I was in Germany making a connecting flight. The guy really looked at me and questioned me but I got through.
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Jan 27th, 2015, 06:40 AM
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OP isn't banned. The NWR and numbers is a normal stamp as far as I can see. There will also be a second stamp with the number of the BA agent who dealt with it, and the point of entry.

No being banned doesn't just go away if you get a new passport - otherwise people would do this all the time.
The name will be flagged in the system, together with DOB and other personal data. A new passport will result in more questioning and being thrown out again.
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Jan 27th, 2015, 06:50 AM
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Thanks I didn't know what NWR meant or if it just got stamped or got stamped and logged. It sounded like the agent was banning him.

I know if it was a true ban it doesn't just go away. It was the NWR that I didn't understand.
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Jan 27th, 2015, 08:33 AM
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The UK has used highly sophisticated surveillance in immigration for a long time, though I do remember the days when the immigration agent checked a black ledger below the top of his kiosk/desk.

When you enter the UK, they already know who you are from your ticket and have a full record of your travel history into or out of the UK after a search of the data from the passenger manifest of your plane (train or ferry) that is done while you are in transit.

You will be photographed and your picture subjected to facial recognition software. You may have been photographed on another occasion for Iris recognition and that comparison may be made as well, or you may have your Iris photo taken at this time. When you tell them you are staying with a friend, the friend's name is searched and your relationship noted.

I am a bit confused about your feeling that the agent had it in for you. What are your grounds for this? If ethnicity, I would be surprised because staff at points of entry are very diverse. Nytraveler suggests that your dress might have had something to do with it. It is hard to imagine that this could matter because there are a lot of bizarrely dressed people in transit these days, but "expressing yourself" may not be in your favor. Keep your mouth shut,speak only when spoken to, answer only when asked. You WILL be on CCTV, so don't do or say anything you wouldn't want the world to see.
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Jan 27th, 2015, 09:15 AM
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I'll explain: if he did suspect me and as he claimed, he was sure I made the details o my friends up - why wouldn't he check it? If he was right, that would have been his way to deny my entry, which is his job in case of suspicious person. But he constantly refuse to check anything about me: adresses, names, photos from the trip, I even suggested my GPS recordings. He was shouting at me, I answer quiet and polite, but he didn't let me finish any sentence. Some of the other PO looked at me as if feeling sorry for me, but nobody said anything.
If he genuinly suspect me, why wouldn't he even tried to prove that and stop me from entering?

I understand that they are just doing their job and I understand the need of it. I had inquiries on my previous visits. But they were completely different. Even when they were harsh, they were polite and actually listen to what I said and let me answer.
I am not in my 20s, or had any out of the ordinary clothing. My friends are all 30-60 years old Brits with houses and high paid jobs. I don't know why he react like that, if he was in a bad mood or is it because of the country I come from or whatever. I know I was not treated fairly.

I don't think I should lie about visiting friends. Fisrt because I don't think leing helps in any way and it is easy to be caught in a lie, and second, they could vouch for me. One of them did the same as he came to my country to visit and gave my name to the border control here.

ppalette, if you could write after your visit in February how it went, I would appriciate it. Good luck.
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