Paris tap water

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Paris tap water

Is it ok to drink the water out of the tap in Paris? This is my first trip and we are really excited. What should we see first? Thanks, have enjoyed reading these messages.
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The tap water is safe. I think bottled water tastes better even here in the States. It is quite inexpensive at grocery stores in Paris. If you don't like the carbonated, choose Evian, Vittel, or Volvic.
To see first? How about walking and soaking up the atmosphere of the streets of Paris?
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I thought the Paris tap water was some of the best I'd ever tasted. I occasionally bought bottled water, but most of the time I filled the bottle with water from the tap, put it in my bag, and took it with me for my sightseeing trips. Paris is wonderful--I would suggest you not miss the Musee' d'Orsay or Sainte-Chappelle, with its beautiful stained glass windows. Have a great time.
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We found the tap water to be just fine as well. Also filled empty Evian bottles and chilled them in the mini-bar. At many cafes and restaurants, you will be offered bottled water. Just say, "Merci, non - un carafe de l'eau, s'il vous plais". The bottled variety is really not worth the extra.
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It's fine!
I do like the custom of "eau avec gas" at dinner.*Very* civilised.
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The tap water is great!

In fact, it was better than what I have at home in my "big city". At home I drink bottled water, in Paris, we drank tap water whenever we could to avoid paying for bottled. Don't worry.

The view from the top of Notre Dame is excellent. I liked it best because it was low enough to see more details than the Eiffel, it's right in the middle of the river so (on a sunny day at least) the sun glistens off the water, and you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Have a great time!
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Smell the water. Taste the water. Blah Blah. Blah.

No one has ever got sick from tap water anywhere. Not even in Cleveland. Enjoy Paris for Christ sakes.

Walk down the Champs Elysee. Find a place that serves french onion soup, have a couple of glasses of Bordeaux,
and play it by ear. No matter where or
what you do, you'll have a great time in

Bateaux Mouches, boat trip down the Seine is a good start. It's an overall veiw.

All the Paris sights, Versailles, Fontainbleau, Vaux-Le-Vicomte are good
stops. Have fun. Don't worry about the water, you're are not in a third world situation.

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Yup, the tap water is perfectly fine. Badoit is a really good eau gazeuse if you're in the mood. No need to buy bottled water at restaurants (unless you want a carbonated water like Badoit). So visit the Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Musee d'Orsay, Versailles, Sacre Coeur. Then visit the less-known like the Rodin Museum or the Picasso Museum or the Jay-Cognaq. The Marmottan in the 16th for spectacular Monets, the Museum of Man for African tribal masks and Chinese robes...then visit the flea market in Vanves or the street market in rue Mouffetard...walk through the parks and watch the men plays boules...or the French women 'jogging' (they're better put together jogging than I am when I go to work). Pere Lachaise cemetery and wander the streets of the 20th (where Piaf and Chevalier grew up). Find the little 'villages' (pedestrian streets that are separated from the rest of Paris by gates or arches). Peek inside gardens. Watch school children at recess. Go shopping in a neighborhood grocery store (there's canned cat food made from RABBIT) and at Samaritaine (look up at the glass dome). Eat at their rooftop cafe for a great view of Paris. No matter what, just have a good time, and remember...the French hate everybody, they aren't just picking on you (I personally love the French for their sheer orneryness; reminds me of us Americans).
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Not only it is fine ...... do as the French do, in restaurants ask for a garafe d'eau and do not pay for expensive bottled water.

In groceries stores it is not expensive.
In hotels it can be expensive even in small hotels. The front desk clerk can always provide you with bottle water but will cost you much more. OK?

Bon voyage...
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If you ask for a "garafe", you'll have one of those "brasserie experiences". OK? My husband, who says okay to everything (avec gas?) when he doesn't know what he's doing kept wondering why his water was always bubbly.

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