Paris Overated?

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Paris Overated?

Is Paris overated? Those who hate Paris please give me reasons to cancel my trip there in two weeks. I keep hearing about overpriced coffee, conceited people, and dirty streets. If I don't care for all the French museums and I can get good French baguette and pate' here near Quebec city, is there any reason for me to go?
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JoeMama, please don't go... that leaves it wide open for US!
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JoeMama, what better reason do you need other than the fact that the French speak French? I mean, that really chaps my hide.
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If this is a genuine question (it seems these days we can't be too careful) then all you have to do is do a Search on this forum for "Paris." It seems that 90%, perhaps 97% of the posters on this forum love Paris. People are eager to recommend hotels, restaurants patisseries, museums, walking, the metro. buses, churches, concerts, the opera, daytrips, shopping, and everything in between. And although you come from a place that is familiar with French culture, that is French culture in North America, not the French culture of France. Each is special, but they're not the same.
"Overrated" is always in the eye of the beholder. If you like the place, it's more than you hoped for. If you don't, it's "overrated". I once was given a good phrase to use when I don't like something that everyone else seems to love: "I haven't learned to appreciate it." If you don't learn to appreciate Paris, that is certainly your perogative, but it's also unfortunate.
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Having been fortunate enough to have been in 19 European countries...there is Paris...and then there is the rest!!!

Nuff said!
Old Sep 1st, 2000, 09:50 AM
paris fan
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I can't believe you are even considering canceling your plans at this short of notice. Did you read any guidebooks? Did you do any research?

Give Paris a chance, if you don't like it, hop on a train and check out Brussels, Amsterdam or Brugges for a Day.

Who cares if coffee is overpriced - you are on vacation! Drink the wine then. That is cheeper than a coke.
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The museums alone make a trip to Paris worth while. We took our first trip to Paris this year and are planning a return trip. No one was rude to us, of course we learned how to always greet in French that way people were polite in return. Coffee in a street cafe is 35ff and a glass of wine is 25ff. The only problem with the streets has to do with the French love of dogs.
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JoeMama, No! Paris is not overated, in IMO, it is the best city I have EVER been guy is very, very picky and he lovesssss Paris! He is even eager to live there for 3 months, after he retires...He is an extraordinarly thrifty man, and does not even wince at the prices there(not as bad as some cities)! The people are like every other blend of good, bad, and indifferant found everywhere else!
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Yes you are right. Immediately sign over your airfare and whatever else you have already paid for to me. I will go in your place and and not force you to endure it.
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I am one of the very few on this forum that don't like Paris, but France is beautiful. I thought Paris was beautiful thirty years ago, though.
Old Sep 1st, 2000, 10:31 AM
bill fleites
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There is absolutely, and positively no way that Paris can be overrated. After having travelled through the major cities of France, Italy, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the US, I have not visited a city that can come close to Paris' beauty and abundance of mangnificent historic monuments. That is why wanna be cities always call themselves "the Paris of the <fill-in-your-region-here>".
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Found the Parisians very friendly and helpful. We speak NO French, but were very humble about it. I even had a woman on line helping me turn in dry cleaning at the local cleaners since we were out of clothes at the end of our trip and the proprietor didn't speak English. Think people that have problems are the "ugly" Americans that expect people to speak English and demand American paced service. We love it because the pace allows you to slow down.
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I think I am ready for another dose of Paris. Joe let me know when and where to pick up the tickets. Please don't cancel! I'll suffer through another visit.
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There are a lot of things and people who were beautiful 30 years ago. I think Paris still is. Sorry you feel that way.
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Go and make memories.
Years ago, my family had the worst vacations ever. It was a nightmare that made Chevy Chase's Vacation look tame. The children have grown and that lousy vacation has given our family more laughs then anything else we ever did. So go for it. Like is short.
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Paris is fantastic. We've been numerous times and have never encountered anything other than helpful, friendly people.

The museums are only one part of the experience. If you don't like them, try something else - visit the parks and monuments, shop in the Marais, go cafe-hopping, explore neighborhoods, take the RER to St. Gemain-en-Laye.

Don't cancel - though I'm sure there are similarities to Quebec, Paris is unique.
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I've been to Paris in May, July, and December. Exquisite as a diamond; fresh as a young girl; surprising, delightful - a deep longing when I see the word - Paris. Paris.

When I arrive, I hit the streets and walk, down wide boulevards, across bridges, through dark alleys, along the river, every aspect makes me pause in wonderment. The air, special, enters my lungs, my pores, sinks to my bones, and I am Parisian to my heart. Sunlight brilliants through trees. I eat a baquette as I meander through Tuilleries. An old man pushes a baby carriage. I sit with the sun on my face until the shadows grow long, open my eyes: la Tour Eiffel. The metro back to the hotel; a saxophonist on the train plays "Summertime" and I leave him a big tip. I'll eat less tomorrow; I'm sated today. Paris.
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Shanna, Fabulous!!! Merci
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Ditto, Shanna!!!!!!
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