Paris Maps question

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You're welcome... glad you like it. I find it handy.
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I've used the Community Walks map feature quite a few times... it should serve your purpose..
I need to try the Google map thing, see how it compares...
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Yes, I'm intrigued too, CommunityWalks vs. Google Maps. Now if only I had a trip planned... sigh. I'll just have to "make do" and plan a "trip" at home!
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I'm a big fan of Google maps for trip planning. When you search and find a location in Goggle maps, there is a "save to" option, so you can save each location in "my maps." You can edit the location to add comments, color code the markers, etc. You can layer several different maps, too.

For example, we are planning a trip to the Loire Valley. I added all the places we plan to go (hotel, chateaux, wineries) to my "Loire" map. Then it became very obvious how to divide the areas/sites into logical sightseeing days. All the wineries are marked with maroon markers (of course), but the other markers are now color-coded by day - yellow for Sunday, etc.

I also created maps for each day we will be in Paris, and for restaurants, markets, etc. They are printable (including the comments that I added with hours and other info), but better yet they are accessible by computer wherever I go.

And, you can search other people's public maps, too. For example:

Prize-winning baguettes:

Ice cream:
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aridithl, I mentioned Google Maps up-thread; glad to have your more specific examples!

Today I've been researching and playing a bit with CommunityWalks, MS Autoroute, MS MapPoint, and my old standby Google Maps.

Interestingly, not only is MS Autoroute a full-cost, boxed software application, it's a Microsoft UK product! So not too helpful here in the US. I found MS MapPoint while searching for a US version of Autoroute. MapPoint looks interesting, but since it's again a full-cost piece of software and to boot geared towards business users, I'll hold off on downloading the free trial.

While CommunityWalks has some interesting options, IMO it's a bit of a clunky overlay on the existing Google Maps API, and I'm not sure what the benefit is beyond what Google already can offer me. In my quick test, one thing I miss in CW is the "snap-to" route line that automatically follows roadways.

Plus, as an Android user, I love that I can access and sync My Maps seamlessly on my mobile. (I know other smartphones can as well, but it's especially easy when Google operates both platforms.)
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ggreen, I used to have my "Paris par" from the 1980s, but "lost" it in 2005 (I was living in New Orleans, 'nuff said.)

Anyway, I promptly bought another one on a 2006 trip to Paris and I am here to say that it's just not the same! Of course, I miss the memories and nostalgia from that first one, but the new ones just aren't as good. I think they tried to fit too much in a smaller package. Sigh.
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YankyGal, I'm so sorry to hear that about your "Paris par"! I'm sure it's not the least of what you "lost", but sad nonetheless.

I'm pretty sure I bought mine at the Samaritaine - our program's offices were across the street on rue de Rivoli and we bought *everything* there, scarves, DIM hosiery, groceries, film developing(!). I remember there were three versions of the "Paris par" at varying price points but I couldn't afford the nicest ones. I don't remember if the one I have was the cheapest or second-cheapest! Nor do I remember what the differences were, other than different colored covers... Mine is bright red, one reason why I've never misplaced it.

I have purchased "Paris par" from the NYC bookstore I mentioned as gifts for friends on their way overseas. One I got a few years ago was almost twice as tall as mine - not very pocket-friendly! I wondered if it had been made for an export market, but from the sounds of it, they're just having trouble keeping the expanding city under their covers!

Now if only I had a reason to use mine. Sigh.
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Well, to me, MSAutoroute is worth every penny. You can annotate the one file as you go with everything so as to be supremely organized: shops, restaurants, cafes, beautiful buildings/streets, along with hours open and phone numbers. It's a lot easier to find sections on your smartphone that leaf through papers or notes.
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Have Paris Offmap on my iTouch, but after a few days in Paris haven't had to use it, relying instead on the rudimentary maps on Paris City Walks cards. Find most printed maps far too cluttered for ageing eyes, even with the use of reading glasses. A handy large(r) format printed map book which others may also find useful is the Blay Foldex Paris le plan gros caracteres available for 6,50 euros in the convenient Paris map section at the top of the first escalator in the Gilbert Joseph bookstore on Bd St Michel and no doubt widely elsewhere.
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