Paris lodging for family?

Jan 16th, 2007, 11:17 AM
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Paris lodging for family?

Can you help? We are going to Paris this August, myself, my husband and three kids (oldest a teen, youngest a toddler). We need a place to stay with some room to spread out, elevator, a/c, a very central location so we can walk to many sites (going anywhere by transport is a pain). Definitely need at least 2 rooms.

We are considering Parisperfect apartment rental, but have never done that before, alittle nervous about no maid service or room service! Also, is it central enough? Or we can do a hotel (my husband's preference), willing to spend about $600 per night but have to get at least two rooms for that. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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Jan 16th, 2007, 11:26 AM
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I've had great luck renting apartments by owners who rent there places on &
We just got back from Paris and stayed in a small but nice apartment in the 11th. I've done this three times this year with no problems.
You will find amazing options in your price range.
No more hotels for me!
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Jan 16th, 2007, 11:50 AM
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Give these folks a try. They found a satisfactory place for us in June of this year. Three kids, my bride and myself, three rooms, and it ran about 150 Euro a night, including breakfast, if I recall correctly.

Dunno about walking to all the bride and I tried that in 2004, and found it very tiring after a day or two, even without a toddler in tow. We quickly reverted to the metro. It's the best transportation option in Paris, in our opinion.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 12:13 PM
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you want to be central? You want an apartment wiht room service? How about one of my favorites, Hotel Relais du the 1eme. Lovely place, great staff...and the apartment would fit into your budget. (they have 1 apartment)
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Jan 16th, 2007, 12:24 PM
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Paris Perfect apartments are truly the premier apartments in Paris. Everything, in every way is taken care of for you. The best in rreservations service of anyone.

I have one rented for October.

You will not go wrong with them....

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Jan 16th, 2007, 12:30 PM
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ParisPerfect apartments are the cream of the crop. And if you need maid service I'm sure they can arrange it for you. Most of the apartments are in the 7me, my favorite arrondissement, and a good one for a family with kids.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 01:28 PM
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Thank you all. How about the Hilton or Hyatt? Often those big boring hotels work well wiht kids...but seems so expensive in Paris.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 01:30 PM
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A ParisPerfect apartment would certainly be far better than a hotel for your family!!
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Jan 16th, 2007, 01:41 PM
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We're really hooked on apartments for our family hols - just wish we'd thought of it sooner.
cleaning really isn't a problem - that's what teenagers are for! Our kids really liked slobbing out in front of the foreign TV, buying supplies and local shops, playing cards at the dinner table [do you know Uno?] Run out of anything- just send the teenager out! [all right, perhaps not in the 1ieme, not unless you've got a platinum card to spare].

and you can work round your toddler's doubtless strange eating habits, save on fizzy drinks, etc. etc.

good lick with the planning,


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Jan 16th, 2007, 01:56 PM
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Thanks, we have really never done it so my husband is nervous. Your points are all great ones! Maybe we will try for it a central area though? It is near Eiffel Tower, Rue Cler?
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Jan 16th, 2007, 02:01 PM
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Paris Perfect apts. are all in the 7th..Eiffel Tower, Rue Cler.

You better check availability ASAP..they may all be taken...

They can make any concierge arrangements for you.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 02:07 PM
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You don't really need room service, when you can just pop out your door and have your choice of excellent food. There are some really nice playgrounds in the area. You won't regret having an apartment.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 02:23 PM
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I just came across this, I don't know anything about it, but look at the view plus it has daily maid service.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 02:29 PM
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And you will find that Métro École Militaire and the 28, 80, 82, 87, and 92 buses will get you anywhere you want to go in no time without serious trauma.

See map:
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Jan 16th, 2007, 02:35 PM
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If you are really worried about not having room service, I kind of wonder if that's the best idea for you. I mean, I never even use room service, even when it is available in a hotel, so I have trouble relating to that need. Those are nice apartments and a good location, but they are not central in that you can walk to everything from there, since you said public transportation was an issue.

There are much more central locations than that if walking to a lot of things is your goal.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 02:37 PM
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You'll likely find that it's actually more convenient being without maid service or room service, as you won't need to clear out of the apartment when the maid arrives, and you can stock breakfast, snacks and light meals in the kitchen. Because you'll actually have bedrooms you don't need to worry about living in a mess. You can easily leave the kids at home for dinner some evenings (assuming the teen can deal with the toddler) and not have to hassle with that every night.

I find Paris Perfect (and London Perfect, where I've stayed) to be pretty expensive for what you get. We (myself and my two children) stayed in a really lovely property with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, in the 1st, with great views of the Palais Royal garden.

You can see the property at:

The property we used is priced at $2350 (not euros) per week for the time period and number of people you describe. Very central location, and management was very professional, friendly, and accomodating.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 10:54 PM
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Just to inject a small note of realism: Paris Perfect is a wonderful rental agency, arguably the best. But NOTHING is perfect. We had friends from the states visit last summer. They rented for less than one week from the PP folks. There was an evening check-in, shortly before the deadline to avoid an additional charge. On arrival, our four friends and the PP representative discovered that the apartment hadn't been cleaned. They were offered another, larger apartment but had to do a little insisting to have the cab to that address summoned and paid for by the agency. And they had to move the next day, back to the apartment orgininally booked. I'm not suggesting that this was a "terrible" experience or that anyone should rule out Paris Perfect based upon it. But things can go wrong anwhere, anytime, with anyone. The most important ingredient for a wonderful vacation isn't weeks or months of planning, decor or the size of your purse. It's simply you!
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Jan 17th, 2007, 10:59 AM
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Thank you all. I am looking on the Paris Vacation Apartment website and these do look better located and less expensive.. am more confused than ever now!
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Jan 17th, 2007, 12:51 PM
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Feel free to ask for specific details about various properties. I've only stayed in one of the Paris Vacation Apartment properties, but there were several units in the same building all operated by the same agency.

I was visited by French and English friends while we were there, and all were pretty much stunned by how nice and how spacious the apartment was.
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Jan 18th, 2007, 11:11 AM
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Please do tell about the one you stayed in. The Place des Vosges one and the Palais Royale ones sound great.
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