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  • Last trip
    BeNeLux Battlefields Bikeabout - six weeks on a touring bike, exploring World Wars I & II sites in Belgium, NE France, Holland and Luxembourg.
  • Next trip
    June 2013: ten day loop ride thru Holland. Thinking about Spain for July and August, a cycle around the country tracing the history and battlefields of their Civil War, 1936-39.
  • Favorite destinations
    Oh, almost all of them have been good.
  • Destination wishlist
    Got a long list.
  • Best travel tip
    Bicycle touring is something that can be enjoyed by anyone - some just do it a little more slowly than others. Major bike tours I've done: Argentina/Chile 2009, Costa Rica/Nicaragua 2010, Central Europe & the Danube Route 2011, numerous French rides in between.
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