Paris in April.

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Paris in April.

I am visiting Paris in 2003. Is April to early to visit. I would like to see it in springtime but am worried it may be to cold then. Should I wait until May
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May will be a bit warmer, probably less rain days. Things are in flower in April, May more so. If airfares are about the same, pick May. If your boss says "April or no vacay", go in April. No time is ever a bad time to go to Paris if that's all you've got.
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We are in Paris every April and have never hit a lot of rain, usually it's been very pleasant. We go mid-April and plan on it for 2003 again. The flowers are out, trees have leaves on them and it's not crowded (too much anyway) with tourists. 2003 might be bad tho tourist-wise, Easter falls in mid-April. Last year was wonderful, Easter was in March. I would never hesitate to go to Paris in April at all. There will be some rain, there usually is, but it's not horrible. May could be a little warmer, but I'd still prefer April I think.
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About the weather - almost forgot that. It's coolish, but can be warm too. In 2001 when we were there I just wore a wool blazer most days as a jacket. It can range from cold to hot in Paris, but I think you can plan on about 60. It's actually much nicer to sight see in moderately cool weather then blazing hot I think Always wear layers, that way you are prepared if it is 50 or 70.
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I was there at the end of last April and while there was a couple of on-and-off rainy days, on the whole the weather was lovely- perfect for a spring jacket, slacks, cotton blouse, and of course a scarf! On average, I think the temperture was between 15-17 degrees Celsius. But don't worry so much about the weather- Paris would be fabulous come hell or high water. You'll have a great time!
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April is great - I've been there three times in April (once for just a long weekend) and out of the approx 15 total April days it has been really cold, windy, rainy and miserable exactly ONE day. The rest have all been either OK or really lovely.

But do try to plan around the Palm Sunday/Easter week. Everything, and Notre Dame in particular, will be REALLY crowded. But the easter services are wonderful if you must fight the crowds.
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I was in Paris this April, and the weather was *perfect*! Never hot or terribly cold. At times I needed a sweater, but that was it!

However, there is also no guarantee of weather. In July 2000, I nearly froze to death. I literally bought a coat because it was so cold! Yet, in June 2001, it was quite warm.

Personally, I'd have at least one outfit for very warm weather and one sweater or something to prepare for very cold weather.

But to me, anytime to visit Paris is perfect!

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Bob Brown
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I turn up in Paris with an umbrella, my GoreTex shell, a Polarfleece pullover, an extra pair of shoes, several pairs of socks, and my trusty map. If it rains, I haul out the umbrella, pull on the Gore Tex, and head out.
If it rains, go inside. If the sunshines, you know what to do!!

After my first visit, I realized that Paris is more fun when you know where you want to go and can go, what you want to do, and how to get there. I never do all I planned, so I go back to do what I didn't do the last time.
For this time, its 23 days and counting!!

Just remember one thing about Paris. Never plan a full day. Plan places to go in moderation; let Paris fill up the slack time. She has a way of doing that.

I learned that lesson the day I almost didn't get to Musee d'Orsay. A Sunday street market along Raspail got in the way. I did not know about it, and walked right into it. About an hour or so later, and still stuffing something in my face to chew on, we got in line at the d'Orsay. Darned near spoiled my meal at the dining room.

By the way, the dining room at the Musee d'Orsay is a hazardous place to eat because of the ceiling. I tend to keep staring at it with my neck at an awkward angle. And looking up and eating at the same time are not recommended. Eat, and then stare.
The waiter or waitress is not going to give you the old heave ho like in the USA.

Just don't eat so long you don't see the paintings.
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Don't worry, buy the raincoat or sweater there and you will have constant remembrance of your trip.
regards, Paris
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Go in April. You will get immense joy each time you sing, hear, or see the words: April in Paris. I agree that anytime in Paris is wonderful.
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My family and I visited Paris in 4/99. We were surprised that the weather was still very cold and sometimes rainy. You know that old song "April in Paris", well, it's not quite accurate. Sure it was sunny for many days we were there but the temperature was about low 50's at the highest and also there was a bit of a wind sometimes and it felt colder.

However, we did bring our thick jackets just in case so they did come in handy. Also brought the umbrellas. The hotel was nice and warm day and night so no problem with getting adequate heat.

But it doesn't matter what time of year, I'd visit Paris anytime and also in April again. Paris is just beautiful no matter when you go.

So go in April and just bring warm clothes and some light clothing just in case. Just go and have a great time!
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I forgot to mention that one of the biggest reasons for us going when we did was that Air France was offering RT tickets from San Francisco to Paris for $350/pp. I think it was because of the season. I don't think they offer it that low nowadays.
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