PARIS and ROME and ???

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PARIS and ROME and ???

Fellow Fodorites:
We have our trip booked arriving in London in April where we plan to spend a few days soaking in my English heritage. Jolly good.
Following that we have two weeks planned in Europe before we leave May 12th from Rome back home to Canada. Flights are booked.
We like: History ... Neighbourhoods ... Local markets and restaurants ... Wine.
Not necessarily in that order!
We haven't been to Europe before.
I am thinking one week seven days in Paris and a following week in Rome.
Suggestions and ....???? SVP
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I don't understand your question. You plan one week in Paris and Rome which is great. What am I missing? What do you need help with?
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My original plan had Three days in South of France, Three in Paris, Three in Venice, Three in Tuscany and Three in Rome. Now I'm thinking just Paris and Rome. Am I on the right track?
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You can do whatever you like.

But between Paris and Rome, why not take the scenic route?

1. Paris-Zurich by high-speed TGV-Lyria train in 4h05 from €25 at - you can leave as late as 16:23. Take connecting Swiss train to Chur, buying this ticket at the station or online at

Overnight in Chur.

2. Take the FABULOUS Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano, . Take connecting Italian train from Tirano to Milan, 2h50, fare €11 pay at station in cafe.

4. Take high-speed train Milan-Rome in 2h55 from €29 - either same evening or next day with a wander round Milan, your call.

I've written this up with photos and details of how to buy tickets at
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I'd suggest that you fly Paris to Rome, rather than spending the best part of 12 hours in transit between the two. Apart from train fares, you've got the cost of an overnight and it just doesn't make sense unless you're a train nut. It probably won't cost any more especially when you take the cost of the overnight into account.

Allowing for the usual to the airport, checking in, flight and then from the airport, you'll save around half of your travelling time.
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Indeed, you can do anything you like and there are so many great cities between Paris and Rome.

Here is one of 273 possibilities: high-speed TGV from Paris to Lyon. Great city on the Rhone river and it's got all the things you like, beginning with history (Roman ruins, excellent museum, Emperor Claudius born here btw; medieval and Renaissance quarters, interesting neighborhoods, and...oh of course and wine).

From Lyon you can fly EasyJet or Vueling to Rome in under 2 hours. Lyon has a beautiful, relatively new airport designed by Spanish architect Calatrava. There is a connecting train between the airport and center city metro system, easy to use and you can buy your ticket before you leave on the web and show the conductor when you board.

Love Lyon!
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Whatever track interests you is the right track. If you want a week in each of Paris and Rome, go for it. If you were wondering if the mix of city and countryside you originally had planned was going to be too much logistically for your first trip, here is a compromise that is easy to manage and let's you see a couple more of the cultural highlights;

Paris 4 nights
Venice (fly - direct fares from 49 Euros on Air France) 3 nights
Florence (train - 1:53 hours)) 3 nights
Rome (train - 1:31 hours) 4 nights
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I think there's great merit in the idea of a week each in Paris and Rome, with a day trip or two from each depending on your interests. There is, IMO, certainly enough to keep one happily occupied for a week in each. I, personally, would probably put a bit more time to Paris and surrounds (day trips to Chartres and Giverney and Rouen) than to Rome -- especially if you will have some jet lag upon arrival, but that's just me...

But you also plan to visit London on this trip? If so, I would definitely not add anywhere else! London, Paris, and Rome would easily fill at least 3 weeks, if not more.

IMO, a 3-day per city plan does NOT work for cities like London, Paris, or Rome, which offer SO much more than can be enjoyed in that time frame! YMMV.

You'll see some amazing things no matter what you choose!
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I love the idea of a week in each, staying in apts and shopping in the local open markets, strolling around in the evening. Settling in a bit. I like to feel relaxed and not rushed, but that is me. Four to five days in three locations is also great.
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I, too, have a trip planned to Europe. I will be staying in Paris for one week and will fly to Rome for two weeks. I have purchased my tickets for Paris to Rome and they were only $76.00. I have taken the night train from Paris to Rome before and prefer not to do that again.
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If it was my trip - and it isn't - I'd opt for the week in Paris, week in Rome approach. It gives time to explore and you can choose to take a day trip to two depending on what appeals to you. Three nights in each of 4 places give no time to explore.
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I'd rather see more of a country than two huge cities myself, and would not just spend one week in Paris and one week in Rome if I had never been to Europe before. It's up to you, do what you want, I just don't think spending a week in a huge city is always optimal myself and think there is more to a country than the capital.

The original plan was maybe a bit much in Italy, but not that bad in that you had Paris, south of France, and then Italy. I'd just want a change of pace from huge cities.

There is no one correct thing to do, it is up to you.
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Agree with advice to consider a few day trips from Paris. There is so much that is easily reached in an hour or two from Paris, depending on your interests (Chartres, Reims, Vernon/Giverny, etc). The same is true from Rome for places like Orvieto, Tivoli, Osta Antica and more.
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Thanks so much for all the advice. Right now I am thinking to pursue the idea of day trips from Rome and Paris. It would be nice to not unpack and repack every few days.
There will be three of us on the trip, DW and I plus our adult son. Any advice on accommodations in Paris and Rome? I've done VRBO in the US many times so we are leaning to that or Air BnB.
What about the best areas to stay, assuming a week long stay?
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You might want to check on the developments of the ALUR law in Paris.
I copy a post from a fellow poster, Kerouac, because I'm too lazy to write the same.
Today there is a small risk of going into Airbnb, not for the tourist but in the sense that if the apt is raided a few weeks before your trip, there is a big chance theat it will be taken off the market. So you'll have to fall back on another apt from Airbnb or a plan B.

The Sunday paper has an interesting article about Airbnb today with the title "Marais, le frénésie Airbnb. It says that the raid in May in 69 buildings in the 3rd and 29 buildings in the 4th netted 101 illegal apartments. But they feel that they made a mistake by spreading the operation over 3 days. After the first day, the Airbnb grapevine had already told the tourists not to answer the door.

A new operation is imminent but will take place on just one day in a specific Airbnb polluted area, using a far greater number of control agents.
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