Our apartment in Paris was perfect!

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Our apartment in Paris was perfect!

Hello Fodorites,

I just returned from a week in Paris with my sister and two neices. Although it was unseasonably cool, from my point of view it was perfect.

I want to thank those of you who suggested that we rent an apartment rather than staying at a hotel since we were staying for a week. I booked a fantastic two bedroom/two bath apartment in the 7th on the corner of Rue de Tourville and Ave. des Invalides from ParisPerfect.com, again a suggestion from helpful fordorites. I cannot recommend ParisPerfect highly enough. They even stocked the refrigerator with fresh milk and juice and a bottle of wine. If anything, they understate how great their properties are.

Another suggestion that I followed from this forum is having dinner at Cafe d L'Homme in Trocandero (in the Musee d L'Homme building). I had asked for suggestions for a "hip" restaurant that my 20 year old nieces would find fun and could dress up. The food was fabulous, the crowd wonderfully dressed and "trendy", and the view of the Eiffel Tower, the best in all of Paris. It was relatively expensive, but worth it. Four of us had Champange before dinner, three courses, wine, expresso and a window seat with the Eiffel Tower directly ahead for around 300 Euros. This was our big Friday night out. The rest of the nights we ate in small, wonderful bistros in the 6th and 7th or had pate, cheese and wine in our apartment with fabulous, unobstructed views of Paris.

One thing that we did do that I would suggest skipping was going to the Moulin Rouge (yes, I ignored your warnings). My nieces *really* wanted to go and against my better judgement I bought (absurdly expensive) tickets. What a long, arduous,boring night. However, the girls had a wonderful time and were able to have a great picture of themselves that night in front of the windmill: http://ceourl.com/MoulinRouge --so in the long run they will have great memories, and isn't that what it is all about?

Once again, many thanks for everyone's suggestions. They were greatly appreciated and followed.
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Ugh. But thank god that some people keep the economy going with this sort of stuff.
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What a perfectly unnecessary and rude comment Kerouac. I hope you were just referring to the Moulin Rouge, which I admit was pretty awful. Oh, dear, maybe the rest of us aren't quite as worldly and sophisticated as you. What a blessing.

Being a third world traveler and regular member of the Asia board, I'm not used to being so quickly insulted. Guess we have different rules.

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Paris, whether or not is was your "kind" of time.
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BostonHarbor - don't be upset. I'm pretty sure kerouac was kidding you. He is in paris and I read his comment to mean something like "ugh - too bad you got taken by going to the Moulin Rouge. But someone has to or they would close" It wasn't particularly funny - but wasn't an insult.

Glad you had a good time otherwise.
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Thanks for reporting back on your apartment. I will definitely keep parisperfect.com in mind for future use. Glad you had a great time in Paris! Great memories of a girls' trip, non?
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Thank you for your report and taking the time to share.

You will have wonderful memories of your time with your sister and two nieces in Paris.

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Sorry, to have burst into your Europe posting with an India question but.....
You really did it with that great travel report and I'm drooling with anticipation of shopping.
I will be visiting many of the same places you did with the exception of Agra, Jodhpur and Varnaassi (as I've been there before). I'm really sorry to ask you to do this work (I carefully reread your log and could not find it) but I would be forever grateful if you could send me a list of the shops. I did find your recommendation for that Delicious rug you bought.....I want that exact one....gosh it's beautiful.

So as to not screw up this thread maybe when you have a moment you can post it on the Asia site for shopping recomendations.!!???
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Bon soir, Boston - we are still here in Paris and let me tell you, it has warmed up considerably. Still pleasantly cool this evening, but today at Versailles it was so hot in the sun that I pulled out my trusty travel umbrella and used it as a sunshade.
And I love the photo of your nieces - in fact, just a couple hours ago took a photo of my niece in exactly the same spot!
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Impacked--I'd be happy to list the stores (that I remember). I do remember the carpet shop in Delhi and I can certainly get that to you. I'll post it to your attention in the Asia forum, or you can send me a note at: ceo @ ceoexpress.com (remove spaces)

Seamus, I heard the the weather has turned gorgeous. The last three days we were there it was perfect as well. Sunny and 70. Isn't the city of Versailles itself a treasure? We were there on Sunday and mass was just finishing up at the Notre Dame (Versailles) church. The singing was like from heaven and the discordant organ music sounded like it was from another century.

They certainly dress better for Mass in France! People looked stunning.

We also went to an equestrian training session at the Academy of Equestrian Arts across the square from the palace. It costs something like 7 euros and you can watch these stunning students practice complex dressage movements while being flooded with gorgeous baroque music. It is mezmerizing, you can visit the stables and the setting is stunning: http://ceourl.com/Equestrian. They also have a show on some weekend afternoons. If one likes horses, this is not to be missed. My nieces loved it (FYI: students only pary 4 Euros)

Enjoy the rest of your travels!
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Wonderful picture!!! I can see your daughter and neice in about 20 years going through their pictures and voila!!! There they are. What fun!!
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I actually enjoyed the Moulin Rouge in a Disney World touristy kind of way. My cousin wanted to go , like any Vegas show it is what it is-fun none the less. By the way I read your report on India a while back Boston Harbor it was great.
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Yes, Boston Harbor...We are much more civil on the Asia forum. It can get a bit "snippy" in this forum. Glad you and the nieces had a great time! Happy Travels!
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can you tell me what the apartment cost was? also what did you like about the apartment versus a small hotel.
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BostonHarbor- Gorgeous girls! Thanks for the update and the pic.

I'm so glad you elected to stay in an apt. I've always loved drooling over the ParisPerfect apartments.
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Funny,I've found the Asia forum to be the snippy one!I think the Europe forum is so helpful,I've gotten so much great advice.Unfortunately,when I was planning my first India trip,I found the demographic on the Asia wing to be pretty narrow-extremely expensive hotels,private drivers and the works.

Chaque a son gout!Glad you had a great time in Paris.I admit,I've drooled over the Paris Perfect website. Glad to hear it's a great as it seems.
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Your trip sounds lovely and has me longing for Paris once again. We were only there for four nights, but I would love to spend a week.

Thanks for posting!
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We ate at the Trocadero @ Cafe de l'Homme last summer and it was amazing! I am so happy you found it as fantastic as we did! Sounds like your week in Paris was wonderful...welcome home!
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