open jaw vs. round trip?

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open jaw vs. round trip?

We are planning our honeymoon to Paris and Italy in late May to early June and would like to know if booking a round trip or open jaw ticket would be more economical from LAX? I.e. booking a round trip to Paris and then taking a train or one-way short flight to Italy? We are planning to stay in Italy for 12 days and Paris for 5 days. Ideally we'd like to start in Italy and end in Paris. Any idea if the price difference between the two opions are significant for when we are going?
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pups, do you know what airline you want to book with? If so check out this option with them. Or go on the various websites and do research. You have a lot of time to check into this.

Normally I have found that an open jaw is not that much more, and actually can save money in the long run and certainly valuable travel time in that you are not returning to an airport you would rather not have to return to.

Happy honeymoon planning!
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I suggest flying round trip from L.A. to either Paris or Rome- then take a low cost carrier like Ryan air between the two cities. You can take trains between the regions as well, but I find discount air carriers to be very reasonably priced. I park my car in any large European city and take public transportation once there. You could also try for open jaw fares. They have many reasonably priced "free" stopover flights to Europe. Have fun. Tim
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It will likely be no more expensive to book the open jaw - - but there are so many variables - - you just have to do the looking.

Whatever your choices, congratulations on your new life in marriage... and...

Best wishes,

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Did it occur to you to input your travel dates into expedia etc? If you do you will have your answer.
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Most airlines allow an open jaw at no additional cost. Last year we flew to Florence and then left Italy in Florence and had a 4 day stopover in Paris. We then flew home from there.
You will not (at same price ) be able to leave from a different city than your original destination. That is, I wouldn't have been able to fly into Florence and leave from Rome (as we did this year) AND have a stopover.
It really depends on your carrier, but your plans are very doable.
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Hi Pups,

I use
but there are other sites just as useful.

Compare RT LAX to Paris with "multi city" into Rome and out of Paris.

Look into for cheap flights between European cities. has good prices between Paris Orly and cities in Italy.

Enjoy your visit.

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When you compare the costs of an open-jaw ticket to a round trip ticket, don't forget to add the costs (both in time and money and convenience) to the cost of the round trip ticket. For example, if you fly round-trip to Paris, you will have to pay to return to Paris, waste a day on that travel, and probably find a place to stay in Paris so you can get to your return flight on time. With the open-jaw ticket, you can avoid all that.
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I have found open-jaw tickets &/or with a stopover city to be comparable in price to a straight-forward Round Trip ticket (a tiny bit more or a tiny bit less). Probably for what you describe Paris and Rome are the logical choices. I prefer train travel in between rather than returning to airports even for though budget flights may be economical (just a personal preference).

Get on Expedia and simply start entering various possibilities is a great way to start seeing what is available.
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Like some of the advises above try going to, to price it out ie. multiple destinations. Also, try going to the websites of those carriers which major hub destinations will be Italy and Paris, for example....Delta or Air France.
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We've gone the open-jaw route several times. It doesn't cost much more than a round trip whether it be different cities in the same country, or different countries. It's also a much more convenient way to go. We've done arr Paris - dep amsterdam, arr venice - dep rome (twice), arr Madrid - depart London. In some cases it was the same airlines in others it wasn't.
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