not booking hotel ahead

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not booking hotel ahead

I'll be in Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens with my wife during the first two weeks of September. I heard you can get better rates at great hotels when you get to Greece--that hotel staff at the airport is ready to bargain with you and will even show you the room before you agree. Has anyone else had any luck with this? Or should we book ahead?
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Yes, that sounds like a great idea. Arrive in Santorini and take a taxi to a hotel with all your luggage. Look at rooms and see if they will bargain. If not, get in the taxi and travel some more. Try another one. OOps, that one is full. Get in another taxi and try a third. Well, the rooms don't look great and they aren't offering any great deals. And so on. Yes, just how I want to spend my vacation -- traveling around with my luggage trying to find a deal somewhere.
No thanks, I'd rather plan ahead and book ahead, so when I arrive I can go to the hotel and start my vacation.
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Indeed on the islands owners of hotels or people renting rooms in their house, will meet the ferries or airplanes. They have books with photos of their estabishments and prices. I have not seen this done in Athens. We got our hotel in Myconos this way. It was lovely and reasonable priced. The first two weeks in September are very popular, therefore I am not sure if this is a good idea for that time of the year. In the summer on the mainland we have arrived in villages or small cities and gotten rooms, but the islands are more popular. Good luck.
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Thanks to the second poster. To the first, you don't have to be rude to get your point across. A Greek woman we know does this all the time and we just wanted to find out if it has worked for others. Hope you don't bring your attitude along with you while on vacation. That would be a real shame.
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Please re-read my post. You call that rude? I was simply making a point and did so without any name calling or being rude!! I hope YOU don't take YOUR attitude with YOU on YOUR vacation. You must be one of those people who always call the French rude, if you thought this post was rude.
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I would definately make reservations for Athens both times that we haven't we have had a hard time getting a room (each time it's been in Sept.) In Santorini I had no truble getting a room once I arrived but we weren't wanting to stay in Oia or Fira. I haven't stayed in Mykonos so I can't comment. In my opinion it's not that you really get better rates by not booking ahead it's just that you will find smaller hotels that are less expensive, not that they aren't nice, and you can usually bargain for great rates. If you speak Greek it will be much easier (my husband does).
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Actually, xxx, that was rather rude: perhaps not openly so, but it is rather rude to write such facetious/sarcastic material, even if it is to get a point across. Frankly, it worries me a little that you don't see that!
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Yes, sorry, and I worry that you have no sense of humor.
I suppose I should have simply said, "I think it makes more sense to prebook", but I felt that the way I posted revealed more of a reason to prebook, giving the possible scenario in case you don't.
Actually the scenario I described I have done -- it was terrible. That's why I thought it was better to paint a picture, but then if you have no sense of humor and no imagination, I guess you wouldn't understand that.
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Maybe you weren't completely rude, but obviously you don't read too well.

Peter said that the hotel staff is at the airport and shows you pictures there. He did not say he was going around to hotels in person.

If I were you, I would spend more time actually reading the posts instead of picking on people for what YOU misunderstood.
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OK, I do apologize. My mistake. Do what you suggest. I can't think of a better way to pick accomodations than to look at pictures at the airport from hotels which aren't yet booked, when all the really good, popular ones are already full. So much better and easier than relying on the opinions of good travel guides or people who have actually stayed in the places. This way you will have lots of good information and pictures to go by -- especially since the opinions will be coming from the hotel reps themselves. Who should know better than they how nice the hotels are? Sounds perfect. Enjoy. Sorry if the other post sounded sarcastic.
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Peter, Yes, xxx was rude.
I am in Rhodes Greece now and went to both athens and Santorini before this. The only place I had problems was the hotel in Santorini which I had reservations ahead of time. It had a good recommendation and beautiful website but when I got there found it unacceptable(hotel Kavalari) so they are saying I am responsible for all three nights but I had to go to another hotel after putting up with the place for one night. Everywhere else I just found a place when I showed up and got to see the room. I am not into bargaining and rates are cheap anyway. I am going to Turkey after this and will continue to go without reservations through Turkey. The hotels are all close to each other so there is no need to keep getting in taxis just walk from one to another. If you are traveling with two of you it is even easier since you don't have to carry bags into each hotel. i am traveling alone so I do have to lug bags up and down stairs but small price to pay for knowing what you are getting into.
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Hello All
Thanks for the advice. Based on what Sue and Tricia said about it still being busy in September and the fact that you can't be picky about staying in a particular town (we'd like to stay in Oia), I think we are going to book ahead.
xxx, maybe you just have the type of humor that can't be appreciated by many (myself included). I find it interesting that you yourself made the mistake of not booking ahead, but didn't own up to it in your first posting--instead you took jabs at what a bad idea we had. I would have gotten your point if you would have just said that you tried it and it worked out terribly. Also, I've never been to France, so I can't comment and I'm really not sure who all those people are who call the French rude. As far as I know, it's a cliched statement that noone really believes anymore anyhow.
Thanks for the effort of writing at least. In your own way, I guess you were trying to help.
Thanks to "sorry" and "can" for your input.
Happy Traveling, All.

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I agree with other messages posted above. Sometimes people on islands meet ferries; it's risky but if you don't mind the risk and stress for a good price, then go with that.

I've been unfortunate in a few instances where I accepted, and the places ended up being too far away from where I wanted to be and stranded, or simply didn't live up to the photo I was shown.

Usually, the good places are filled and the owners don't need to meet ferries, etc. And Santorini and Mykonos are very popular! I myself would not risk it to save a couple of bucks!

Your Greek friend might have better luck because she can converse in Greek and is Greek (I can speak Greek but am not Greek), and she may know a little about the standards of the area in which she travels.

In Athens, you definitely want to make reservations because September is high season and it would be a shame to search for a hotel on vacation instead of using the time to enjoy yourself.

Kalo Taksidi!
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I think you proved your point quite well. You are also correct when you say some of the posters could use a little better sense of humor.

As you have seen, people on this board can get ulta-defensive. Blinded by the light, so to speak.

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I recall when the ferry arrived at Santorini mid September that there were alot of people there showing pictures of hotels and such. We stayed at Hotel Zorbas, which was in between Fira and ??? sorry can't remember. The bus went right by the hotel and it was very easy to catch. Hotel was nice, rooms clean. Great pool. Santorini was my favorite island. Have fun!
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I am going to agree with Richard and xxx...people on this site need to surgically remove whatever is shoved up their ass..
Chill out!
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Peter, sounds like you've already made your decision to pre-book and I think that's probably a wise choice. So long as you don't have to pre-pay your entire stay, it's a much safer and less time-consuming bet. My reason for saying don't pre-pay is just that once you're there, you have more leverage if the hotel doesn't meet your expectations and want to make changes. I hope you enjoy a wonderful stay.
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We booked our first night in Athens and then to the next island (Santorini -- Volcano Villas -- HUGE apt. sleeps 4, mini-fridge, much cheaper than other places in Oia (went June @ $60) and only a few min. walk to town of Oia -- pool. The next islands we went to (Paros, Naxos) we didn't have any rezs. Rented a scooter straight away and took off to the best beaches on the island -- found clean, wonderful rooms right on the beach (!) for 20 Euros per night! It would have been MUCH more expensive to pre-book, and these places are just fine. Just have a look before and settle on a price -- you're right there where you want to be!
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