Never flown and I need help!

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Never flown and I need help!

Hi all... I was just wondering if you guys can give me some advice on what to do on a flight... I tend to be a pretty nervous nellie, so flying is kinda worrying me0- and I will be flying several times by myself. Does anyone have any guidance as to what I should do? Are there any meds. etc that should be taked for the altitude/comfort etc... I'd appreciate any advice AT ALL!!! Thanks so much!
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Whatever you do, don't watch "Cast Away" the day before.!!
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My routine is to dress in comfortable cloths...especially comfortable shoes since your feet may swell a bit. Drink Ginger Ale(calms the nerves and tastes pretty good). Don't drink any alcohol but mostly water during your flight...take deep breaths and read something very interesting to get your mind off of were you are. Use earplugs to drown our the engine noise. Good luck you will be fine...enjoy your trip...
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I agree with Monica and reading a good book will really help take your mind off of flying. Start your book before you leave the gate.
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It sounds as if you will be changing planes. If this is the case then as soon as you get off the plane, ask the steward or stewardess where you need to go to catch your connecting flight. Have them point the way and ask how far it is/ how long it takes to walk there. Find that area, check in and then go to bathroom or for snacks.

Always keep your tickets in a convenient pouch in your carry on so that you can reach them easily. Bring a carry on with a few snacks and maybe something to occupy your mind like a book or music with head phones.

Bring chewie snacks to pop your ears. Maybe take dramamine or bonine 20 minutes before you take off it you get motion sick, but his medicine might make you sleepy.

Explain your flight and people will probably give you more specific information. Fodorians are very helpful.
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I suggest drinking plenty of water both before and during the flight. Try for an aisle seat so it's convenient to getup and walk around. Ditto on the ear plugs but you may also want to pick up a neck pillow, I don't go anywhere without mine when flying. You can also bring a CD player to listen to while in flight and a good book. Also, I love to fly and my friends that don't like flying tend to sit near me so we can talk and this relaxes them. Of course, we don't discuss flying and crashes and the like. So, if you are lucky enough to find someone that likes to chat, you could have an easier flight. Definitely do not see "Castaway" before flying. Good luck.
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Well, a few practical tips:

Before Leaving your home:
Make an inventory list of all your medications and quantities. Check if you have enough for your trip.

At checking time:
Before obtaining your boarding pass you may require to the airline agent to give you, if there's enough room, a free whole line, if the plane is not very empty they can give you seat with an empty seat beside, so you can stretch a little bit.

Drink plenty of liquids, avoid gaseous drinks and alcohol. People tend to lose liquid during a flight. Try to grab a bottled water before boarding.

If you get motion-sickness you may buy any OTC (non-prescription) medicine in the drugstore (dramamine). It would also helps you to sleep.

Try to walk around, every 1 or 2 hours, stretch a little bit. That would help and promote your blood circulation.

An 81mg Aspirin tablet wouldn't hurt (If not allergic of course, If you have never used aspirine it wouldn't be the best day of try it).

Flight still one of the most safe way of travel nowadays. So don't be nervous.

If traveling to Europe remember that is not like in America. Is not that easy to find help with your luggage, so try to travel light. Also check with your airline to check the baggage policy and carry-on dimensions allowance.

Always carry chewing gum. Sometimes the cabin pressure could be uncomfortable and you would need to equalize the pressure, the easiest way is chewing gum.

Avoid tight clothes like jeans and stretch pants.

Now relax and ejoy the flight.

Have a pleasent trip.

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flying=necessary evil
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Move your feet and legs as much as possible during the flight and don't cross your legs even if you're petite enough to do so. Get up and do stretching exercises whenever you can. Don't worry about disturbing the person in the aisle seat. S/he should get up too, and maybe chose that seat in order to be able to do so often. Drink water, even if it means you have to go to the disgusting bathroom. Wear sandals or other shoes that can be loosened if your feet swell, and go on a low salt diet the day before your flight (the latter 2 suggestions, especially if you are a bit overweight, or over 45, or premenstrual at the time of your flight, or have a tendency to retain excessive water). I wouldn't suggest taking drugs, but a saline nasal spray would be a good idea, and I'd avoid wearing contact lenses during the flight. Skin moisturizer would also be nice, though I never remember that one. Wear loose clothes and bring a sweater or jacket or shawl and maybe something that can serve as a neck support. I find that on the way TO a place, a skirt is a little better than pants when you use a tiny, cramped, dirty (wet) airplane bathroom, because you can lift it up and keep it clean. (Use your imagination.) On the way home I don't care as much, since everything will go in the washer the next day. In my opinion, transatlantic flying is not a pleasant experience, but getting and being in Europe is great.

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