Need help with Swiss/France trip

Mar 17th, 2007, 05:11 AM
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Need help with Swiss/France trip

We are 60 years old and planning our first and maybe only trip to Europe in early Sept.
Fly into Zurich and out of Paris 14 days later.

The plan is to spend 5 nights in Switzerland, 5 nights in Provence, and 3 nights in Paris (I have been to Paris but first time for my husband).

Any suggestions, comments, improvements to the following itinerary would be much appreciated.

Day 1 Luzern (overnight)
Day 2,3,4 Wengen (2 full days to hike)
Day 5 Vevey, Geneva, or Bern (easy
location to train to Provence?)

Days 6 - 10 St. Remy
Days 11 - 13 Paris

Day 5 and the logistics of getting from Switzerland to Provence has me stumped.

We will use the train system in Switzerland and rent a car for Provence. It sounds as though the 4 day Swiss/France pass may be a good purchase.

Alternately, we could rent a car in a French town near Switzerland (Annecy?) and drive to Provence.

I'm hoping that a few seasoned travelers will chime in and reassure me that this plan to travel on our own is not as complicated as it seems at this stage.

Much thanks,

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Mar 17th, 2007, 05:22 AM
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Hi cindylo,

I'm going to copy my response to your other message here:

For your day 5, I think Bern would be too much like your stay in Wengen, which is pretty close by. For more of a contrast, go to the French region of Lake Geneva. And I like smaller towns over bigger cities, so I would pick Vevey.
* * *

Now, I think the easiest way to get to Provence will be to take the train from Vevey to Lyon (3h30 with a single change in Geneva) then rent a car there. If you rent a car in Switzerland and return it in France, you may find a big drop-off fee. So I would definitely rent it in France.

Or -- you could take the train to the Geneva airport and rent a car from the French side of the airport --

Good luck!

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Mar 17th, 2007, 05:25 AM
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cindylo: As swandav noted - you already have a thread w/ this same question (and have responses).

To find your previous posts - click on your name.
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Mar 17th, 2007, 05:35 AM
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Sorry for the double post - I hit the tab button by mistake and didn't realize that it posted. Thanks for noting.

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Mar 17th, 2007, 07:26 AM
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Thanks "S", I didn't realize that there is a French side of the Geneva airport where we could rent a car and avoid drop-off fees in Provence.

Is there a scenic route from Geneva to St. Remy? Cost and time wise, does this make better sense than taking the TGV from Geneva to Avignon?

Viajero, yes I am open to any and all suggestions for sites, hotels, itinerary along the way. I'm leaning toward staying in Vevey for our last night in Switzerland. Do you know of a moderately priced hotel or B&B?

Ira, you are correct. I will definitely return, especially since discovering It has taken 15 years to convince my husband to take the leap but if all goes well with this trip, who knows!
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Mar 17th, 2007, 08:55 AM
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Hi again,

For a reasonable hotel in Vevey, try the Negociants ( Its a two star that's been popular on this board and with a friend of mine. It's just a block or two from the train station.

I'm not sure what the drive from Geneva to St Remy would be like -- I totally prefer to take the trains whenever I can! But the train trip from Vevey to Avignon is a pretty long one, 4-5 hours. So it would really be up to you and your personal preference.

Have fun!

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Mar 17th, 2007, 09:03 AM
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As far as easy train access any of the towns along Lac Leman outside Geneva (Montreux, Vevey, Lausanne, Morges) are right on the train route.
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Mar 17th, 2007, 10:49 AM
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I don't know the cost, but one TGV will get you to Avignon in 3 hours from Geneva (others go via Lyon and take longer). You could spend your last night in Vevey or elsewhere along the lake, and then ride in to Geneva to connect with this direct train (it departs Geneva at 13:36).

You might compare the cost of a Swiss-only FlexiPass (2d class) plus the cost of this TGV ticket, with a Swiss/France pass, which I believe is available 1st class only.
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Mar 17th, 2007, 11:46 AM
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Here's my response on your other thread...

Author: TuckH ([email protected])
Date: 03/17/2007, 10:36 am
Should you decide to drive Annecy-Provence, I suggest that you not stick to the autoroute; rather take your time a bit. For instance, you could make an overnight stop in the scenic town of Le Puy en Velay (about 3 hours from Annecy) and then approach the Provence the next day through the Ardeche Gorge and/or the Drome.

This way, you'll get a (brief) sense of the French countryside.

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