Munich airport

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Munich airport

I will be arriving at Munich airport (MUC) a couple of hours earlier than my friends in a few weeks. Does anyone know what the international arrivals area is like? I had the same situation at Heathrow a few years ago and the area I was stuck waiting in was not very comfortable and a bit of a madhouse.

To Bob Brown, who replied to this at the tail end of a tangentially related post: I had looked at the airport's website for a floorplan but the only one I found did not have the kind of detail that would show where the restaurants are, etc. Did you find a page that shows that kind of information?
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I thought I had seen somewhere a better map of the Munich airport. It may be that the one I remember has been removed since Terminal 2 opened.

I think you can find out the scheduled Hall for your friend's arriving flight. For example on the Arrival list, the flight scheduled to arrive tomorrow from Atlana is due in at 9 am at Hall C.

There is a list of restaurants at this url:

My suggestion is this:
On level 3, main concourse, near escalators that divide and go down, there is a designed Meeting Point.
In German is is Treffpunkt.

Near there is a restaurant named Airbräu.

It is open from 10 until 1 AM. One of your could wait there, and have something to eat. Nobody will push beer on you, but you do need to order something.

Cafe Treffpunkt is in the same immediate area. It is next to the Meeting point.

I think this part of Terminal 1 is easy to find, and the places I listed are right in the middle in public areas.
You would free to move around also.

I think they meet the requirements for a meeting place, That is, they are highly visible, centrally located, and have a place to sit and wait.

If your flight is on time, there is a lot in the airport to wander around and look at. One level down, there are many stores.
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Thanks for all this information Bob. I was afraid I'd be stranded in an area with nothing but baggage claim and a newstand, as happens at many American airports now that you can't get back through security without a boarding pass.
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Munich Airport is very new. We found the international terminal (Lufthansa's area) to be very nice. Everything was modern, clean, and spacious. There weren't that many choices of restaurants and shops but good enough. In my opinion, it is a much nicer airport than Frankfurt.
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Having only been to CDG (Paris) and ZUrich I can only say that Munich is much better than either IMHO. CDG was old and confusing (for me) and Zurich was small and uninteresting. However, those are only my opinions and not something everyone will agree with. Having said all that I think Munich was intersting well laid out, bright,and generally a good experience for a first time traveler to the airport. I found it enjoyable (as far as airports go) and with many choices for a traveler to go to . There is even a viewing area for people to see the planes arrive and depart. Maybe it is me but I liked the airport and would gladly fly into/out of there again.
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Munchen's airport is like any other. I fly into and out of Milan every time I catch my connection to Italy. There are nice seating places that are spread out and areas for kids to play in. The atmosphere is nice, it is not a "madhouse" like Heathrow and you can actually read a book in solitude without being disturbed.
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Once you clear passport control and customs, you will be outside the boarding areas. But the public areas in the airport are huge.

Last year, going home, I was surprised at security. Once we checked out larger suitcases, we headed toward the departure gate. First we went through a light check. X-Ray, etc. Nothing much to it.

Then we got to the departure area where we had to go through security again.
This time, it was a real shakedown.
Shoes off, pat searched, x-rayed, hand luggage inspected by hand.

No cannon toting armored car followed us downthe taxi-way to the takeoff position last year, but security at the gate was the usual tightness.

I remember when we flew home after 9/11 on 9/18, security was very tight.
The event of that armored car following us down the taxi-way with its cannon pointed right at us is not something I will forget.

I could not help but contemplate how the German border police would use it.
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In between the terminals, and right next to the Airbrau restaurant mentioned above (Airbrau is actually a micro-brewery) there is a huge outdoor atrium/courtyard. When it's warm outside a bunch of the restaurants have tables there, and you can sit outside and observe whatever's happening there. There is also a large grocery store in terminal 1 - so you could potentially buy something to eat/drink and then find a comfy spot to sit down.
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I arrive about 8 hours earlier than others in my group. Should I clear customs, collect (big) bags and then wander around the public areas? I'm hoping there are storage lockers, but I couldn't find mention of it on the website. Are there showers at MUC? What d y'all think?
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Kit, there are baggage carts available there. There are easily acessible elevators if you need to change levels with the cart. Munich is my new fave European airport. I found it both beautiful and functional.

Have no idea about your itinerary, but instead of waiting for eight hours in the airport, could you meet at your hotel?
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