Military Leave - what to do??

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Military Leave - what to do??

My husband is stationed in the middle east. He gets 2 weeks leave in February and we decided to meet in Italy for vacation.

My husband's grandfather is buried at the American Brittany Cemetery in St James France (about 3 hours north west of Paris - closer to Normandy) and so instead of making a trip later, we also decided to piggyback a visit to the grave.

One of my husband's requirements is he must fly in and out of the same airport. To make it easier, we chose Rome.

So we have 14 days (this excludes travel to and from our respective starting points) to see Italy and go to St James France.

I've read about the cheap airfare to get to Paris from Italy and blocked out a total of 5 days, including travel time. So I've got that part narrowed down...

I need your advise on how to spend 9 days in Italy - where to go and how long to stay at each location.

Obvious choices are time in Rome and Venice. Is Florence and Naples worth it?

One last point - we live in Florida so I'm not too excited about having to purchase sweaters and coats - will it be too cold??
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Only have time for a quick comment right now but others will chime in.

Feb + Europe -- yes you will need sweaters and coats, and probably gloves, scarves and boots.
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You will absolutely need coats, boots, hats & gloves in Italy & France...just to get from your hotel to the car...never mind walking around seeing the sites. Buy everything in the US as everything is cheaper here especially now with the exchange rate.Regarding what to see - remember it will be winter and cold and you may not want to spend as much time outside as a summer tourist would. I would say 4 but not more than 5 days in Rome. People either love Venice or say "I'm glad I went, but I won't be going back" My own preference would be 2 days one night. Florence is worth it - and there is lot to see inside. 2 days. I'm sure some one else can advise on Naples. Enjoy the time with your husband
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FWIW, I loved Florence, and plan to go back many, many more times. Only did Venice for a day, so that's on my list of things to do again as well, but I think I'd go back to Florence first. So, to answer your question, is Florence worth it? In my opinion, Yes!!!

Never been to Naples, so can't comment on that.

As for warm gear, I'm in FL as well, and my daugter bugged the crap out of me today to buy her a cute hat/gloves/scarf set at Walgreen's (of all places) today, while I was waiting for an rx. She'll get 1.5 days worth of use out of it, at least this week, it's about 30-something outside right now! The point of that little story is that you don't have to spend a fortune on the warm stuff!

I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time, no matter where you go, enjoy!!
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Hi Tracey - 9 days is perfect for Rome-Florence-Venice.

I'd probably split it -

4 days Rome
2 days Florence
3 days Venice

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I would skip Naples and concentrate on Rome, Florence, and Venice.

As to the necessities of "winter" blizzard wear...a check on reveals that in the middle of February for the last four years, each of the three cities had average temperatures in the high 40's to low 50's.
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I agree that two days is enough for Florence but I would have 3 days in Rome and 4 in Venice. It is great just wandering in Venice with no traffic and hopping on and off the ferry. So beautiful in the cold weather too IMO.
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Please thank your husband for his service.

I haven't been to Florence, yet. My husband I spent 5 days in Rome two years ago. He could have stayed longer - I thought it was just right - we saw an awful lot and did it all at a nice pace.

I've been to Venice a bunch of times and I think 3 days/2 nights is a nice amount for a first trip. I'm glad I had the opportunity, but if I never went anywhere near it again - I'd be just as happy. It is a great experience, though - not like any place else I've ever been.

Naples is interesting, but with 9 days - I'd keep my travel to the north, rather than venturing towards the south.

Have a great time - just remember to enjoy each other's company while you're there - not just look at the scenery. Again - thank you for the sacrifices your husband, you and your family are making.
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Thanks for all the great advice!

and for the encouragement

(pantelia - I will be going to Walgreens right away since this morning was so cold!)

Sounds like I need to focus on Rome, Venice and Florence

You all are wonderful!
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Hi T,

I suggest:

Fly into Rome - 3 nights (daytrip to Orvieto), train to Florence - 3 nights (visit either Siena or Bologna), train to Venice - 2 nights, fly from VCE to ORY.


You will need something warmer than just a sweater. Feb weather in Rome is about 40/25F.

Please thank your husband for his service.

Enjoy your visit.

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