Layover in Schengen zone

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Layover in Schengen zone

I will be traveling to Budapest Hungry with a layover in Amsterdam. I know that Denmark is part of the Schengen zone. So does this mean I will be going through both immigration and customs at schiphol airport? Also i have two options a 2:55 layover or a 6:55 layover. To those who have traveled through that airport which is better? If I do choose the longer layover are there any suggestions on where I can get some rest at the airport? Does anyone keep if I will have to claim my luggage and recheck them for the second leg of the flight? Any tips and suggestions would help.
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Do you mean the Netherlands, not Denmark?

Either way you go through immigration and customs at the airport you first enter the schengen zone.
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You go through immigration at the airport where you first enter the Schengen zone.

Your baggage will not be inspected in your presence at that point if it's through-checked to your final destination. Technically, they're liable to inspection at your final destination, though in Europe we moved beyond such inane job-creating schemes for the unemployable decades ago. Queues for Customs inspection of bags are the hallmark of a backward state, or of an out of control interfering bureaucracy. Either way: best left on the western side of the Atlantic.

Whether your bags are through checked or not depends on whether your original airline accepted it for through checking, not on the EU's rules for baggage inspection.

Your airline will through check it onto a connecting flight on its, or a designated partner's, services. It WON'T through check it, for example, onto most low-cost airlines. If you have checkable bags, and they're not through checked, you'll have to retrieve them, take them to the departures terminal for check in, the queue to get through security back into the secure area.

Only you know your arrangements. If you have a single through ticket, your airline is responsible for getting you onto another flight if your incoming flight misses your connection. If you haven't, your ongoing reservation will be lost if you don't complete formalities on time - and you'll have to pay for a new flight.
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A 2.55 hour transfer time is ample at Schiphol.
You will go through passport control and security in Schiphol, assuming your bags are checked through. It is all clearly signed and pretty straightforward. You will go through customs, ie the green channel, at Budapest, after collecting your bags. A non event normally.
If your bags aren't checked through then you go through a different passport control, collect your luggage, exit through the green lane and go up to departures to recheck your bags and get a boarding pass if you don't already have one. Then back through passport control and security. In that case it would probably be safer to have the longer transfer time.
You will then not go through customs in Budapest.
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Just note that you are going to the Netherlands, not Denmark (which would be Copenhagen, NOT Amsterdam).

And coming from the US you go through Immigration at the airport where you first land in Schengen - and very probably also security for the ongoing flight.
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