JFK transfer question

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JFK transfer question

Got the following connection at JFK in 5/08:
Arrival 5:40pm (domestic) Delta terminal three.
Depart 7:00pm Air France (int'l) terminal one. Stuck with that as we used Sky Miles. Assuming both flights as scheduled...do we have enough connex time? Is the AirTrain the quickest way to move from terminal three to terminal one?
Thanks in advance....
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Air France reccomends a min of 60 mintues check in time at JFK. Assuming your bags will be checked thru on AF to final destination then you are still cutting it close even if your Delta flight is on time.
If the air plane and weather gods are all on your side that day, you technically should make it. The transit time between terminal 2&3 and terminal 1 should be no more than 2 min via air train, but then there is schlepping to the train, waiting for the next train, and schlepping it to the gate/check in. If possible, I would try to rebook my incoming flight to arrive earlier and give yourself some breathing room.
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At JFK one can ride around on runways for a long time before pulling in to a terminal. I'm never sure . . . does "arrival" time mean on the ground or at the gate? Check on-time arrival statistics for your domestic flight.

Joe is accurate on transit time--the terminals are quite close--but for Air France you'll need to go through security again, which can be a crazy process at Terminal 1 which serves many different airlines. Be ready to ask security personnel to send you to the head of the line. Often the personnel announce flights that are close to departure and move those travelers to the front.
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The standard minimum connecting time at JFK domestic to international is 1hr15mins.
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Both DL and AF are SkyTeam members. You should be able to checkin at your origin all the way through to France, so no need to worry about getting to AF Term 1 checkin.

I'm assuming that since you say you used FF miles this is one ticket from end to end.

Arrival means parked at the gate at 5:40pm. If on-time (<15min late) you have plenty of time to get to AF gate. If you are running late then plead for assistance to shortcut the line at security. If you are cutting it close, show them your boarding pass, and ask if they can help and you should be able to bypass all or most of the line.

If you act like a arse and demand special treatment they you're likely to get no help.
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You have cut this time very close. At that time of day MANY flights coming into JFK land late. Plus, you don;t say what time of year - and if weather or where your flight is coming in from can be an issue.

Just walking from the gate out to the Air Train,, taking the train and getting on the right line at the new terminal can easily take more than 20 minutes.

There is also a good chance your luggage will not make it (assuming you check through from you first flight) - so I would have a couple of changes of clothes in your carry-on.

Is this issued as a single ticket - so if you miss the flight as least the airline needs to help you. If they're issued as separate tickets and you miss the second flight you have no recourse but to rebook everything - and pay whatever the going rate is.

Frankly, I think your chances of making it are very small.

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Not great with air traffic the way it is! However, you can save a little time by getting seats on your first flight as close to the front as possible so that you won't have to wait as long to get off the plane. This can save 10 minutes or so which could count for you. If there is any way you can change to an earlier flight into JFK I would take it. If not, you just have to be prepared for the chance you could miss your connection.
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As long as you can get off the plane by 6pm, you should have enough time since your luggage is checked all the way through to your final destination. Yes, Airtrain is the quickest way to transfer, and since the connection meets the minimum connection time for the airport it's legal, so I doubt you'll be able to change things.

By May, things at JFK may improve (but beware that your flight times might also change) since they are trying to restrict take-offs and landings at peak hours. Hopefully, things will be better rather than worse then.
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