Jet Lag products???

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We used No-Jet-Lag on our recent trip from the west coast to Rome. It worked for us!! We found it at our local travel store.
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Hi Everyone!

There are three things I use on every trip:

1. Purell hand wash gel. I observe women in rest rooms washing their hands and then placing those same hands on the rest room door. Ick. Who knows what & whom have been there before. I don't wash my hands, return to my seat in the ticket area, and use Purell.

2. Mellatonin. another poster has mentioned this. And it isn't for everyone. I recommend that you try it BEFORE your trip as it goes directly into your bloodstream, and people CAN have weird reactions to it. I'm a very light sleeper and I find if I take some during meal service, have a glass of wine with dinner, by the end of it I'm sleepy enough to zonk out for a few hours. My current record is 6 hours of sleep on a flight from SFO to AKL (admittedly I was EXHAUSTED even before boarding, but still!).

3. Airborne. I take it on every flight. I honestly don't know if it's the product or just my iron-clad consitution! No matter, I'm not messing with a good formula!

I will tell you that as a travel agent, almost all of my clients return home and get sick. I've passed on my "pearls of wisdom" to them, but either they don't follow them, or it doesn't work for them..not sure which.

But it stands to reason that the liklihood of getting some bug is high. You're in an airport with who knows how many people coming in from Who Knows Where, coughing, breathing, touching, etc, then boarding a plane with recycled air with the same "offending" people on your flight.

Take whatever precautions you can!


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wlzmatilda- I'm guessing you are from Oz-do you know if you can get the Purell hand wash gel in NZ.
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I used NJL last trip and can't say I saw an appreciable difference. Having read their claims, it was clear that the makers used quasi-scientific terminology to hide the fact that, despite years of production, no studies had been done. I had my doubts, but figured that I had nothing to lose beyond the 7-8 bucks. I doubt I'll buy more next time around.

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I have tried them on my last few trips and they work for me. I don't get that bone-tired feeling after flying from the WC and then transferring in Europe for another few hours or on the way back to the USA.

Homeopathic ingredients seem to stir up controversy but they work for some people or we think they do which is the same thing when it comes to jet lag.
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To Claude315 -

We bought the No-Jetlag in a health food shop. I found one chemist who stocked it but generally they don't have it. It's about A$12.00 per pack. You might need 2 packs if there are two of you travelling and you both want to take it there and back.
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I just bought NJL for our trip next week from the West Coast to Rome. The last time I flew to London, I had jet lag for a few days.

I don't know if this stuff works but will also report back when I return.

I bought it at Henry's Market (Wild Oats in some areas) for $9.
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Just to reiterate...
No Jet Lag - $7.39/pkg, qualifies for the 'free shipping' for orders over $25
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