Is travel to Spain safe this Friday?

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Spain is not the issue...your parents just care...wherever you go is a worry. I was in London on the day of the First bombing last summer with my 3 little ones and on the second bombing on our way back from Spain, we figured lightning wouldn't strike twice. Oops.

Spain is a wonderful, friendly and large country. My husband always asks would the "house" in Vegas take these odds on your safety? Yes it would! See if that helps! hee-hee
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Hi Trac, just saw your thread.

I had a couple of family members that almost freaked out everytime we left our state. I felt so sorry for them as for some reason they just "knew terrible things were going to happen, airplane would crash, auto accident, illness, food poisoning etc etc".

Clevelandbrown has a good idea. I wouldn't be specific but perhaps tell them you will call them every 4 days or so but it will depend on your schedule.

BTW, back in the 1970'a when calling back to the states from Europe was not easy and as inexpensive as now I would send a postcard about every three days to these older family members. And from Naples I sent one saying that we were going to meet up with Italian friends and than would go to Greece. Well the wife of the Italian couple got ill and couldn't travel. So we did not go to Greece. We went to Capri instead and had quite a lovely time.

Little did we know that a horrible earthquake had hit Greece right when we had mentioned on the postcard we would be there. And one of the few times the postcard we sent arrived within days of our mailing it.

So instead of relaxing these dear people I actually really almost gave them a nervous breakdown, lol. No, it wasn't funny and I felt terrible when I found out but it was rather ironic as I was trying so hard to keep in touch and keep them relaxed.

Go to Spain and have a wonderful time and hopefully after you return home and get settled back in your can give us a trip report.
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Trac, do you have a cell phone that works in Europe? They could call you whenever they feel the need.

I would like to share with you a story about my late grandfather. He was an old-fashioned man who only left the US to serve in WW2. I learned early on never to tell him about my travels until after I returned home. I kept quiet beforehand because I knew he would worry himself sick. But once I was home, he was fine with hearing about my trip.

One time at Christmas a relative of mine slipped up and mentioned my upcoming trip to Greece. Granddaddy took out his hanky, sat down and cried, and begged me not to go. He went on to tell me how unsafe the world is outside the US. Never mind the fact I had been outside the US dozens of times in the past, but he couldn't stand the thought that I might not come back.

I realize that keeping secrets is not the answer in every family and it might not work for you. But I just want to say that I understand what it's like to have an old-fashioned loved one who really doesn't get the fact that a war in the Middle East does not make the entire world an unsafe place.

I like the idea for calling home. If they have a computer, email them at every opportunity. Let them know how beautiful it is in Spain, how friendly the people are and that you are having a great time. If any little snafus do occur along the way just keep it to yourself until you get home.

Have a great trip.
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Statistically, the most dangerous part of your Spanish journey comes between your home and the airport.
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It's that part of his trip that my friend is the most worried about!

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Your parents are a little right and you are too. Best advice would be: go have fun, but remember to keep in touch with them often. It is such a small effort, buy one of those cards for international calls and for a few dollars keep them happy too.
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Go somewhere safe - like Washington DC.

Even if you include all the deaths & injuries due to terrorism in Spain you are still more likely to be killed/injured/raped/robbed in the US than Spain
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