Is there an economic crisis in Greece?

Nov 26th, 2018, 01:35 PM
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Is there an economic crisis in Greece?

The Greek Islands have always seemed to me a paradise in landscapes and history, I have found very cheap cruises to this destination, but I still do not decide because of the crisis there, they say that fate has become very expensive. Does anyone know if the costs remain the same, or is it true if they have risen in this last year?
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Nov 26th, 2018, 05:05 PM
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Prices change every year. How much you will pay depends on where you go and the sort of experience you want to have. Hotel prices vary as well depending on the sort of hotel and the amenities you require.
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Nov 26th, 2018, 08:43 PM
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Yes the Greek economy isn't great but tourists aren't going to notice.

Prices will depend on where you go. There are cheap islands and expensive islands. But if you're on a cruise I'm not sure how much of this will matter. Won't you be sleeping on the ship? That means at most lunch and a few souvenirs?
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Nov 26th, 2018, 10:13 PM
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If you're a Greek, particularly a young Greek trying to make your way in life, the economy still sucks. If you're a tourist on a cruise ship, it'll probably seem pretty cheap, but you won't really be part of the local scene anyway. And the exchange rate changes every minute, so it depends in part on what your national currency is of course.
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Nov 27th, 2018, 12:20 AM
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I'm a bit confused. Are you going to go if there is a crisis or if there is no crisis?

Greece continues, as it has for most of the last 50 years, as a cheap place to holiday and now with a strong currency.
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Nov 27th, 2018, 01:33 AM
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not another thread with political motives.
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Nov 27th, 2018, 06:43 AM
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Greek is one of the best deals in Europe. When you go can make a difference in cost. High Season (higher cost) Low Season (lower cost) Even during High season you have many options on where to go and where to book rooms where you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. Low season the deals are even better.

More info on your part (budget, interests, islands/mainland, etc.) will help us make recommendations.

I go to Greece every October and have never had any issues with a "crisis" situation. While there may be a strike or demonstration they are way out of the tourist zone and there are notices way ahead of any demonstrations or strikes so you can easily avoid them. I wouldn't worry about any safety or economic issues as a tourists.

While the Greek People are struggling, tourists aren't. Go to Greece and help their economy.
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Nov 27th, 2018, 09:25 AM
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There are some issues with the Greek banking system, but it's highly unlikely that these issues would interfere with a trip. I tend to be a little bit more pessimistic about Greece's long term prospects for staying in the euro than some, but I wouldn't let that stop me from planning a Greek vacation. Whether Greece is in the euro or revives the drachma, the Greek tourist industry will keep operating.
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Nov 27th, 2018, 02:01 PM
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Greece underwent a massive restructuration plan and drastic economic measures, in order to get funding by EEC. Now their deficit went below the 'acceptable' level and Greece can makes its budget on its own.
So I guess that means there has been some recovery.
Maybe even the national TV hs been restarted ...
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Nov 27th, 2018, 08:46 PM
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Isn't there always?
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Dec 6th, 2018, 12:19 PM
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Thank you, was really interesting your advice.
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Dec 6th, 2018, 12:45 PM
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Some of the destinations may be cheap but the airfare I am seeing from the US is NOT. Hoping for a sale!
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Dec 6th, 2018, 01:14 PM
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It all depends on where in the US you are flying from and the time of year.

I recently booked a flight from Boston to Athens with Delta for $743 for an October 2019 flight which includes 1 checked luggage and seat selection. Can't beat that! Excellent departure/arrival times and short layovers.

You can check prices on various third-party websites like Kayak, Google Flights or Momando. If you find something it is much better to go to a airline's websites and check prices and conditions there, i.e., baggage and seat selection costs. Most third-party sites won't tell you the cost of checked luggage or what you have to pay to select a seat and the low price you thought you were getting is suddenly a lot more expensive after you find out it doesn't include the cost of checked luggage or selecting a seat.

As far as an "economic crisis" in Greece . . . as a tourist you won't be affected. Go to Greece, especially off or low-season and save a lot of money for accommodations and in addition help out the Greek Economy!
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Dec 6th, 2018, 02:33 PM
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SueC, the economic situation of Greece will NOT affect the air fare charges. Think about it. Flights are with Major international Airlines (not a greek airline). It is based on Supply & Demand ... and demand for Greek flights is greatest between Late May & Early September. Crazy Horse is going definitely off-season that's why he's got a great price. I'm going May 29 or 30th and even tho I'm in a Departure city (PHL) everything's more than $1300 so far... Airlines used to offer a slight "dip" in price in Jan-Feb, but not in recent years; this can be because Greece has had such a healthy upsurge in tourism, especially since other countries are iffy politically (Can you spell t-u-r-k...). You don't say where you're from... that also affects $$.
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Dec 12th, 2018, 07:29 AM
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I just came back from family holiday in Greece & it was fantastic.
Gorgeous mountains & trekking
Delicious food (the tastiest vegetables and salads i think I have ever eaten, fish caught that morning)
Cheap: varied between "reasonable" (when we were at a trendy beach resort) and "astonishingly remarkably cheap" (in the mountains)
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Jan 14th, 2019, 03:10 AM
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I love Greece! I have been more than 5 times. It is not a cheep destination, that is for sure, but it is not inaccessible either. I guess that the accommodation was always really cheap, but the food not so much.
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Jan 14th, 2019, 07:01 AM
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Greece is in a permanent crisis since years. 1.5 million Greeks live with less than 200 EUR/month. Half of all people younger than 25 years have no job. But the touristic infrastructure works as usual and prices are much lower than in Western Mediterranen countries.
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