I'll always have Paris

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I'll always have Paris

A few weeks ago I wrote in for some ideas about traveling alone to Paris - my travel partner backed out at the last minute. Many of you sent in great ideas but more importantly great encouragement. I've just returned from ten days there - it was fabulous - the people were friendly, if I wanted to hook up for a meal with some english speaking people that was easy enough. Eiffel, Louvre, Arch de T., Notre Dame & tower, Giverny, d'Orsay, Versailles w/fountains going, Champs Elysees, Galleries lafayette, Bon Marche, and on and on. Now I need some good info on how to fix a cup of coffee like the French do! Yes - I actually like it. Can anyone recommend a capp/expre maker? HELP
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Welcome back! It sounds as though you had a fabulous time -- I can't answer the coffee question [I'm a tea person], but I hope you will post more details
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Thanks for the reply - I feel that I could travel anywhere alone now and adapt. The coffee in Paris was so strong at first I didnt care for it but it was all I could get. Came home, husband fixed me my morning cup of java - it tastes like rainwater yuk. Now I want to purchase an expresso maker - all I have seen in this area are very expensive KRUPS brand. Before I but one just thought one of my Fodor friends could suggest a good machine. I dont mind paying 100-200 for it.
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Mr Coffee
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The home style espresso machines are ok you will not get the same high preasure steam of a comerical machine you might consider a coffee press or buy specially blended coffee . grind your own the strenth of the coffee is in the roasting and type of grind most coffee makers will only produce about 180 degree water try the french style coffee press with boiling water you can get the coffee press in high end department stores or even at a starbucks . try the mexican and spanish coffees or lilly brand .
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It's the coffee roast--French roast made strong. I have had a Krups forever--regular coffee and espresso. You can make a good "French" cup of coffee in a drip pot if you make it strong enough. I am assuming you are not necessarily talking about espresso but your morning coffee in the breakfast room. It is good, non!
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Welcome back, Linda.
I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. While it it great to have a companion while travelling, touring alone can be equally rewarding.
I love good, strong coffee as well. Most of my friends wrinkle up their nose and add water!
An espresso machine is nice, and I the Krups brand. I have to admit for my daily brew, I prefer my french press. I heat water in my teapot and pour it into the french press allowing it to steep for 4 minutes. You may want to toss a towel over it while it steeps to keep it warm. Then it push the plunger down and pour the coffee into a carafe to keep it warm. This method also allows one to add a bit more water for those who prefer it less strong.
I can't recall where I purchased my french press. I know it was less than $30, and that it is worth it's weight in gold. Ooooooh, that comforting, warm, fragrant cup of morning coffee. One of my favorite things!
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I'm glad you ended up going solo and that you had such a wonderful time. I'm leaving for Paris and Provence in two weeks, and would love to get some pointers about your favorite places to eat, etc.
About their coffee, the best way to make it is with a French press. It looks like a glass beaker with a metal plunger. Pour boiling water over freshly ground coffee, let it sit about five minutes, and then press the grounds to the bottom. You'll have to experiment with the amount of coffee to use to get the strength you want.

Good luck!
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The best coffee maker with the plunger is the french Melior. One must be very careful with washing because the wait for the new glass cylinder can take awhile. I have two sizes.
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You can buy a french press for $10 bucks which is large enough for 1 good sized cup of coffee. Since all you have is coffee grounds sitting in hot water you cant buy a better french press by spending more! If you like it strong I would use either french roast or espresso beans. Add or subtract for your own taste. The only thing you cant do is froth milk with it. If you have a hand held blender you can froth milk and then warm it in the microwave to add to your coffee. It sounds like a lot of work BUT since there are a FEW of us who really LOVE good coffee, it's not too much effort at all!
If you want an espresso machine for $150 or so you should be able to buy a PUMP version which is preferabel to the steam versions usually sold for home use.
PS glad you enjoyed Paris...that's an extra bonus in addition to discovering good coffee
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Greg Gallagher
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Glad you had a good time in Paris (how can you not?) I know nothing about making coffee French style but boy talk about legalized uppers, phew. Anyway I too returned from Paris recently and am especially glad I went in light of even more recent events. Once again happy for your safe return, and good trip.

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