Ideas for a rainy fall weekend in Paris

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Ideas for a rainy fall weekend in Paris

Husband and I are heading to Paris in two weeks for a long weekend to celebrate my 50th. We've been to Paris before (just a couple of days) but it was about 5 years ago with our kids, and then I was also there for several days in college back in the 90s.

I know that weather forecasts can change, but it's currently looking like rainy/overcast and highs in the upper 50s (F). We had planned to put in some museum time, but also wanted to do a lot of wandering neighborhoods and gardens. Not sure how much we'll want to be hanging out in the Jardins du Luxembourg in this weather! Anyway -- do any Paris experts have suggestions for some activities to enjoy the city in the rain? (We're accustomed to the things that most big cities have to offer -- we lived in NYC for 6 years -- so we're looking for things are uniquely Parisian!)

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Hi staceychev,

ok so I'll be the first to say... just go with it. Wear a cute hat, water-proof shoes, and use an umbrella and join the folks out on the streets.

Ok but realistically, I'd suggest, first, a tour of the Paris Passages (enclosed shopping arcades from the 19th C I believe), and then maybe a tour inside one or two of the stunning churches.

I did a tour of the Passages when I was in Paris in May/June; click on my name to see my trip report and sime photos.

Have fun as you plan!

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Hi again,

Here is a link to the walking tour of the Passages, with a map at the end

Have fun!

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Many guides to the various passages haven't yet been updated to include the newest entry: the Beaupassage in the 7th. It has a more contemporary look and feel, which makes it a nice counterpoint to the traditional passages.
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Well, that one will hardly do in the rain. The whole point of creating the passages was to protect people from bad weather.
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I love Paris when it's gloomy! You will too. Most of our early visits to Paris were in the worst weather possible, and the gloom just made cafes seem even more enticing.

I have enjoyed spending time exploring every possible passage. Ironically, though, I like all the passages better in the summer (go figure!). In bad weather, I enjoy the large stores like Le Bon Marche and Galleries LaFayetter (and I'm not even a shopper). I like seeing how the locals are shopping, what dogs are visiting (that always astounds me) and what culinary opportunities they are providing. Lately, we've been buying up gorgeous children's and baby clothing. Again, I'm not a shopper--except in Paris.
My favorite "bad weather" museum is the Musée Jacquemart-André. First, it's not overwhelming in size or in crowds. And you can enjoy it in so many different ways. One could just approach it as a beautiful mansion with a glorious staircase and a fascinating love story and call it a day. But the art inside is OUTSTANDING, quite worthy of studying, and I've enjoyed so many special exhibits there, too. Last, it has a lovely cafe (get reservations) that their site refers to as "the most beautiful tea room in Paris." I don't know if I'd go that far, but I do know I eat there every visit because it's a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Oh, I have trip envy. Enjoy it for me.
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For a macabre experience, you could try the Catacombs in Paris which contain the remains of over 6 million people from previous centuries. They’re underground so won’t be weather dependent, and are a unique experience to say the least!
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Well, for me rain is an excuse to stop in a cafe for a glass of Champs! Or if you wanna up your drink game, a drink or two at the gorgeous Hotel Crillon bar is how we killed some time during a rainy afternoon on a trip to Paris.

the covered market in the 6th arr would be good for a stroll and a stop at one of the little spots inside for lunch.

I love Musee Marmottan or L’Orangerie in terms of museums.
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I tracked the weather for a month before I was there in Nov 2021 for the month. I also had a Monthly weather forecast of rain/clouds/overcast and planned for it. I brought 6 $1 ponchos, a heavy rain jacket for the real rain, shoe boots and an umbrella. It rained 3 times but only at night, 90% sunny days some with a nip in the air but that's why I travel in November. So plan for rain but don't obsesse over it.
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Just flew back to the US from Paris today - we spent a month in France, with our final week in Paris. The forecast showed rain, rain, rain for much of the time - and in many of the places we visited - while we were there. It rarely rained - the forecast veered wildly from day to day, even hour to hour, when I tried to look ahead. - and when it did rain, it was not for an entire day. We did get caught in a crazy deluge one afternoon, ducked into a church with a lot of other people and waited it out. Bring umbrellas and carry them with you. Layer your clothing, so you can peel off and put on sweater/jacket as the temps can change with the sun and showers. When the skies are cloudy, it can be quite chilly.

We enjoyed the Musee Carnavalet very much - it's been renovated, so even if you've visited in the past, it's very different now. Also L'Orangerie, which we had not visited in our past stays in Paris.
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