I am sorry

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In Switzerland, right now, at 1 p.m., all church bells are ringing for the American people as a sign of sympathy.
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Whole our country, Belgium, is in shock after we heard about these horrifying attacks in the US. Words are not enough to express how we feel, but we can't stop thinking about all those innocent people who have been killed, and their families and friends.
To all Amercans who planned a trip to Europe: please come, you are very welcome here and, as someone mentionned before, you will find a lot of sympathy. We are with you.
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Thank you to all our brothers and sisters in Europe (and elsewhere)for your support, and I look forward to once again being "over there." M.
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Book Chick
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I brought this post back up to tell you I was so sorry to hear you lost a friend. I have a friend & an NYC co-worker (branch of our office in the WTC) who did survive, but I cry every time I think about what my life would be like without them. I am so sorry for your loss.

Janine, Sue & Ila, thanks for your words of encouragement.

Ursula, thank you for telling us about the Swiss church bells. That sentiment is so lovely & so heartfelt. The outpouring of support has touched me so very much, words deny me proper expression. From the church bells to the French newspaper headline "TODAY WE ARE ALL AMERICANS" to PM Tony Blair's sensitive, comforting & intelligent speech, I can tell you truthfully, I do not feel alone in this dark hour.
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Book Chick: et al, worse news, unfortunately, my father just called to say that a dear former business partner whom he had known for years also is dead. I can't stand to hear my father's, a WW2 Vet, voice shake. To all friends overseas and here: Too often I have listend to news from far away, terrible events, terror, bombings, famine, plague etc. And though I felt deep sympethy...
I don't know what I am trying to write.
All of the generous postings from all the people all over the world, thank you so so much, it may not seem like much but an email and a kind word are more precious then anything right now.
I don't know how this will effect the future, or anyone else, but it's certainly made me see how valuable and fragile life can be.
I hope I can reach out to another country/person in a time of need, the way you all have reached out via this message board with kind feelings.
I hope I can live life to the fullest.
I hope I can learn to understand more, I am more proud of my country then I was two days ago.
I am more proud of more people then I was two days ago.
I am more determined then I was two days ago.
And mostly I am more empathetic, and more caring then I was two days ago. The next time I see a news story about bombings overseas, or acts of terror committed miles and miles away, it shall hit me, entirely. Completely. I shall care more. I shall be more "human".
This I think shall turn this horrible, beyond horrible deed into a victory, not for the perpetrators, but for all of us who share a bond of humanity.
Good Energy to all, and thank you.
God Bless us.
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Book Chick
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Oh Thyra!
I am so sorry! Please accept my continued sympathy for your loss, know you are in my heart, along with your family. If you want to talk at greater length, need a shoulder to cry on or want to vent in any way, just e-mail me directly.

I, too, am a much prouder American now than I was 2 days ago. And I, too, have much greater appreciation of my friends & of what really matters.

Please keep in touch & blessings to you & your loved ones,
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To all of our friends who have taken time to show your support and sympathy on this thread and so many others, thank you. It is wonderful to know American has so many terrific friends around the world.

And Thyra, I am so sorry for your losses. I am so heartbroken to know that your grief is reflected so many, many times in the hearts of others who have lost loved ones and dear friends.
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I am sitting here crying and reading all of the wonderful posts from people all over the world. We thank you for your sympathy and concern! America may bend, but we won't break!
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I am also very sorry. My prayers are with all Americans. We weep together with you. Yes, today everybody is a New Yorker. Ewa

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