How to get around in italy

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How to get around in italy

Im going to Italy this summer on my honeymoon, and we are visiting three cities Rome, Florence and Venice and I was wondering whats the best way to get around in italy? I was planning on taking Trains from one city to another, or should i drive? any recommendations on things to do that you didn't know about it or its rarely mentioned on the internet?

thank you
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Congratulations! Three fabulous cities, each different from the other. I would strongly recommend taking trains between Rome-Florence-Venice. You do not needwant a car in these cities. Rome has loads of buses to get an overview of the city, or perhaps you might elect a tour. Of course, there are no cars in Venice, but Florence and Rome are highly walkable, and should you choose to explore out of the city for a day or so, take a private day trip (Tours By Locals for one is a great choice). I do hope you are spending at least three days in each city; nothing is worse than a one-nighter, truly. Given that, you should be able to do the trip in a 22-24" suitcase + carryon for ease pulling on/off the trains. We have travelled for a month with this size (24") and with moving between three cities, Temps will be hot for sure, so easy to pack lots of thin layers.
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Thank you!
We are spending three days in Rome, 2 Days in Florence and 2 In Venice.
to explore the city do they have tour buses over there where you can get on and get off during the day and night? We usually get those when we go to chicago because they're easier to get around the city using them.
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Train is the best (really the only sensible) way to get around, and trains are way better in Europe than in the US. This site will tell you all you need to know about train travel in Italy -

Within each city you can really get around just by walking. The city centers - the areas with the most things tourists are interested in - are compact. There are buses in Rome and Florence, and in Venice there are water buses (vaparettos) if you need them but walking is really the way to go. You have just the minimum amount of time in each city so you won't have time for day trips outside the cities, or much other than the highlights.

The internet is a great source of information, but you will get a much better overview by getting a guidebook (an old fashioned one made of paper - they have them in libraries or you can just hang out in a Barnes and Nobles for a few hours and skim some.

I did a one week trip to those three cities last year (repeat trip for me, but my friend had never been) - here is my blog report on it - Zenfolio | Isabel's_View | Italy through Fresh Eyes - Chashing the sun in Italy in March - Part 1 Venice
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Train is the obvious answer to your transportation question. I take it you have 8 nights in Italy? I suspect that you do not have as much time in each city as you may think
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Trains, of course.

There is nothing, virtually nothing, about any of those immensely popular, and super-visited, cities, that is "rarely mentioned on the internet." Or in guidebooks, which you should be reading. Studying city maps ahead of time is also a useful endeavor, so you know how to get around when you get there.

Venice obviously doesn't have hop-on-hop-off buses. Rome does, but it's not exactly whatI would call a good way to get around the city. Your own two feet are the best option. Florence is compact,so even if they do have a HOHO bus (I'm not sure), walking is your best bet.
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Unlike Chicago which is less than 300 year old, Rome and Florence have existing for 2000 years. The city centers have narrow winding streets and pedestrian-only zones with something of interesting tucked around every corner. Both Rome and Florence have hop-on-hop-off tour buses, but these buses must skirt the main areas because of the ancient street plan so they are not the most effective way to visit these cities.

Walking is best, with the occasional city bus or taxi if you are traveling a longer distance. Rome also has a metro, but with limited routes.
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