how old are you?

Old Aug 18th, 2001, 04:35 AM
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Love it, love it, love it!
Knew there had to be someone sharing this auspicious date!
Glad it is someone like you
I did know, cool isn't it.
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I am 81. My wife and I just returned from our trip to Kenya and preparing for a trip to Galapagos then Italy. And next year we will start with Costa Rica, then Tanzania, Greece, France and maybe Maldives. We are independent travelers. When we get older maybe we will go on tours.
And yes I am 81
Old Aug 18th, 2001, 06:54 AM
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Okay -- I'm 59. Born April 9 so I'm a fiery Aries -- surprise -- surprise!!!

Thanks for the quotes, Kavey --we'll need to bring this back to the top so Yuri can redo the math when he gets back from his trip
Old Aug 18th, 2001, 10:15 AM
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I'll be 40 in Februaury and will hopefully go to an all inclusive (with Babysitting!!!) in the carribean.
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Old Aug 18th, 2001, 06:33 PM
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I'll turn 44 in Spain next month.
Old Aug 20th, 2001, 04:00 AM
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Another one to share:

Beautiful Women

Age 3: She looks at herself and sees a Queen.

Age 8: She looks at herself and sees Cinderella.

Age 15: She looks at herself and sees an Ugly Sister (Mum, I can't go to school looking like this!)

Age 20: She looks at herself and sees "too fat/too thin, too short/too tall,too straight/too curly"- but decides she's going out anyway.

Age 30: She looks at herself and sees "too fat/too thin, too short/too tall, too straight/too curly" - but decides she doesn't have time to fix it so she's going out anyway.

Age 40: She looks at herself and sees "too fat/too thin, too short/too tall, too straight/too curly" - but says, "At least, I am clean" and goes out anyway.

Age 50: She looks at herself and sees "I am" and goes wherever she wants to go.

Age 60: She looks at herself and reminds herself of all the people who can't even see themselves in the mirror anymore. Goes out and conquers the world.

Age 70: She looks at herself & sees wisdom, laughter and ability, goes out and enjoys life.

Age 80: Doesn't bother to look. Just puts on a purple hat and goes out to have fun with the world.

Maybe we should all grab that purple hat earlier.
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Great idea---- let's forget the Fodor's pins and blue ribbons, we all get purple hats instead!!!!!!!!!

Loved all your quotes
Old Aug 20th, 2001, 05:14 AM
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Thanks JOdy though I didnt write it...

I already have a purple hat, have done for years... and I already go out without too much of a care for what people think of my clothing (which is why I dont bother with those threads about how to blend in in XYZ city)...

I also have some delightful orange jeans...

sometimes i even wear them together

I think I am a really odd mix of 9, and 89 in mentality and about 70 in body parts...!
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Turned 40 this summer, so I'm younger than average. Yippee!
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GOOD GOING!!!!!!!!!!! to Pat & his wife. I'm 57yrs.
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Beth Anderson
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Kavey, great poems & quotes! I'll have to print this one out to peruse further. A friend sent me the one re: Beautiful Women - put on that purple hat!!

Lisa, you're an attorney too right? That would be funny - 35, in DC, attorney, etc etc. Then again I guess there are a lot of us out there, in DC at least! (although I don't actually practice, I work for a telecom company.)

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Kavey, thank you for the quotes. I've sent them out to all my "girl" friends. (And I think it's about time for me to go out and buy that purple hat. Funny, I thought I had two or three decades, but what the heck!)
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Neal Sanders
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Today is my 52nd birthday. This time next month I will be in Rome, finding out how much I still have to learn, while luxuriating in all that I have experienced so far.
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I am a married female living in New York. I am 32 and will be in Prague on Sept 19th to celebrate my birthday!
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Have a great day.

(I'll be catching up with you in January).
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Buon compleanno!
Have a lovely time in italy.
Roma e una bella citta!
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Wow, I must say that I am surprised at the age of most of the posters. Judging by some of the foul mouthed, inconsiderate postings I would have expected a fairly younger crowd. I suppose I am the youngest here at 19. I am in the midst of planning a vacation my boyfriend and I are taking to London this January. This will be our last "big vacation" for quite awhile, as we are saving for the wedding in 2003. Hope to continue using this site to plan my honeymoon in a few years.
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40,nice guy,swsm....likes to for Delta...that's sw_southern male....
Old Sep 9th, 2001, 11:19 PM
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39. Lucky enought to spend this year's B-day in Petra (Jordan). Don't know where I'll spend the big 4-0. I'm gonna have a good time even if it's just spent with my spouse at the house.

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