How hot is Italy in July?

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How hot is Italy in July?

I will be visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa, and the Amalfi area from July 12 - August 2. How hot does it really get? I've heard conflicting stories concerning the degree of heat and humidity. I'm from the Boston area.
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Average temperatures (Rough Guide to Italy 2002):

Rome 25.7
Florence 25 (+ Pisa)
Venice 23.6
Naples 24.8 (Amalfi)

So not hot like Greece or Australia hot. I'm going to be there around that time also. Apparently you can hang around in the sun for hours and not get burnt. In contrast, here in Sydney you get burnt being out for 20 mins. It's an ozone thing.


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It's like anywhere else - can differ greatly. I was there last July and it was around 100 degress when we were in Rome and Orvieto (I have a photo of a digital thermometer on a bank in Orvieto that say 41 degrees - celcius). It was HOT. But the rest of the two weeks we were there it was quite pleasant, in the 80s and a couple of days it was in the 70s and rainy. Watching the TV news, even in Rome it was in the 80s the week after we were there. I'm also from Massachusetts - it get just as hot here.
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It can be terribly hot. And you will burn if you are outdoors.

Travelgirl gave average temperatures, but not average HIGH temperatures:
Source: Atlante d'Italia De Agostini
Avg highs July/August F.
Florence: 93/90
Rome: 91/90
Venice: 84/82
Naples: 88/88

From Though June 21st is technically the first day of summer, from a climatic standpoint the Italian summer begins when the Azores High shifts, bringing high pressure air over the Peninsula that keeps unstable Atlantic air masses at bay. It can happen any time after the beginning of June, though it often occurs towards the end-temperatures suddenly climb into the 30s (90s ?F), the sky clears, taking on a pastel blue hue, and the classic weather one associates with summer in Italy begins. Unfortunately, Florence is in the bottom of a valley: It's pleasant early in the morning, but by 11 or so it will be quite sticky (especially in July and August), and you'll find yourself drawn to the cool depths of churches, or decide to enjoy the breezes in Fiesole or San Gimignano.

The summer climate varies throughout the rest of Tuscany, though daytime temperatures will be in the 30s (mid-high 90s F) in most areas.

Temperatures in Florence
The city, lying at the foot of the Appennine chain, is barely affected by the mild influence of the sea although it is not far away (less than 100 kilometers). The four seasons in Florence are very well distinct with extremes of temperature in summer and winterand heavy rainfall in spring and autumn.

In the summer the temperature during the day, aggravated by the humidity which is felt even at night, can easily reach 36-37? C with occasional, but not exceptional peaks of 40?C and above.
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I guess temperatures can vary. But when we visited in mid-June a couple of years ago it was in the 80's daily in Rome and Florence. Relatives visited in May the same year and reported it was very hot even then too.
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I have been lucky enough to have spent three entire summers in Florence with side trips to Rome, etc. Expect it to be good and hot - although, with luck, not as humid as Boston (I'm from the area as well) - try your darndest to find accomodations with air conditioning (particularly in Rome where street noise will make sleeping with windows open less than restful) and be sure to keep shutters closed during the heat of the day. If you pace yourself reasonably (like the Italians do) and keep to the shady side of the street you ought to be fine. You will soon learn to stop running around mid-day like an American kook and find a nice shady roost for a while after lunch time. I spent lots of fun weekends at the sea near Pisa and caught on to the trick of sleeping most of the day - hitting the beach around 5 PM - and socializing most of the night...sounds weird, but when everyone around you is on that schedule it seems less so! I have to admit that I declared after the third, very hot summer spent in Italy that I will never go back in July or August (we've discovered the wonders of April in Italy) - but I did manage to have a fabulous time despite the heat and wouldnt trade those memories for all the cool breezes in the world - have a wonderful trip!
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We spent 2 wks. in Tuscany two years ago in July. I was expecting the worse as I'm not comfortable when it gets really hot outside. But members of our group had to go in July. Even though it was very hot and sunny (low to mid 80's)every day, it didn't seem to bother me much. It was a lack of humidity that made it very bearable. And we didn't have air conditioning in our villa but at night we would open the windows and get a nice breeze. Thru the day, we closed everything up in the villa and it stayed cool during the heat of the day.
All in all, I was pleasantly surprised.
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But don't count on getting lucky with below average temps like canuckuphereathome did. You might get lucky, and you might not. But on average, you will most likely have highs in the 90s--possibly in the 80s, possibly in the 100s.
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We were in Italy last July, and temps in Venice were in the high 80's to low 90's during the day.
Two years ago when we stayed on the Amalfi Coast, the temps were also hovering in the high 80's.
I'd say pack very light clothes, and hit as many gelaterias as you can !
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it's worth taking a look at historical weather stats from the Washington Post at :

It shows a max recorded temp for Florence of 104F in July, and 105F in August.


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So everyone has already told you it can be hot. Stinkin' hot. I'm from the Northwest, we don't do hot well. Himidity has seemed the worst to me in Florence and Venice. I'm a budget traveler, but in the heat of the day, I find a nicely appointed, air conditioned hotel lobby, sit, have a drink and read.
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We just returned from Europe and spent some time in Rome and around Lake Como..Rome was already in the low 80's but still comfortable. Not sure about your accommodation choices but I trust whatever "charming" hotel you've booked has A/C..which for many of us is part of the "charm." Also, we heard from others that MOSQUITOES have been a problem in BOTH Florence and Venice this year.
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I think you should not trust Travelgirl's "Rough Guide to Italy 2002" - it is hot and sticky in Venice, in July 30?C and 70% humudity is normal, Florence is known as one of the hottest cities in summer, Pisa is little different, and in Rome the air may be less humid, but always keep your water bottle close!If you are lucky you get some refreshment from thunderstorms and rainshowers.
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We are going to Italy from Norway in July!!
The Norway clothes get shipped home...
the summer clothes in a separate case go on to Italy!
We plan to dress cool & hit any available pool! And hats for the sun are a must!!!
By the way, plan to dress warmer for planes or you might freeze from the air co!

By the way, prepare to freeze on airplanes if not dressed for extreme air co!
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It is currently 34 degrees in Amalfi
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i was just in london and vienna and it was 85-90 degrees everyday. i recommend light weights and nice tee shirts. one thing to remember... air conditioning in shops and restaurants is not half as good as in the USA, in fact many do not even have it at all. generally a lott of sights like museums do have a/c either. dress comfortable without looking like a slob or tourist. neutral color walking shorts, nice tees and polos, tasteful sleeveless shirt for men and woman are also widely worn. skip any sort of athletic sports looking stuff, you stick out like a sore thumb. people in europe dress just like anywhere else in the world. there are those who are slobs and those who are well tended. i was just in vienna where it was very hot and you see everything from the latest style of "super distressed" jeans to tanks to tess. its always best to have a few nice tops to wear out to dinner, even if you wear them with jeans.
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