Hotel room for 50-60euro in Paris?

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Hotel room for 50-60euro in Paris?

I'm starting dreaming about a vacation in France for next spring. Unfortunately it's going to have to be on a budget.Does anyone know if I'll be able to find a decent hotel room(double) in Paris for around 50euro? Any recomandations?
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A poster on these boards, Beatchick, is staying in the Marais in a hotel on the Place St Catherine for 58 Euros a night. If you look up her posts, or if I find an email, we can find out the name of the hotel! She says it is lovely and the staff is very nice.
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Yes it is possible. Try
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Grand Hotel Jeanne d'Arc in the Marais.

Here it is! this is the hotel Beatchick is staying in for 58 Euros! Good luck!
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clo is looking for a double room for around 50 euro. The Grand Hotel Jeanne d'arc is 78 euro double, without breakfast. My experience is that you have to pay 100 euro for a decent 2 star hotel in a nice part of Paris. I would think that at 50 euro you are going to be in pretty scuzzy sub one star hotels.

Clo, you may want to think about spending some time staying elsewhere than Paris, where you can indeed get very nice 2 star hotels within your budget.
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I agree with ron. Paris is going to be tough on that kind of budget unless you're a student backpacker. Try smaller, off-the-beaten-path French towns off season if you're set on France. Or maybe think about Spain, or even Italy. Or wasn't someone talking up Romania on this site?
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Frommer's budget travel had an issue a while ago on budget hotels in Paris. Unfortunately, I too am afraid that all you'd be looking at at that price is a dump. However, try checking for hotels on the fringes of the city that have good metro connections. Maybe you could find something that way. Or, how much does a tiny efficiency apartment cost? If you could do your own food you could save money that way. Or, another thought. Once in
Budapest we stayed 2 nights in the Etap chain (a French chain of 1 star hotels). They are clean and you know what you are getting--a small basic room with ship-like private bath. No ambience whatsoever, but really cheap. Maybe there is a chain on the outskirts of Paris.

Small town and rural France would definitely be doable at E50 a night. Think about that rather than Paris. We really like the smaller towns better than Paris.

I am the one who was promoting Romania as a destinationm, but no matter how much I enjoyed Romania, it probably wouldn't substiture for someone who has her heart set on Paris.
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Hi Clo. Here are two places you might try. The first one did not take reservations when I stayed there in 1998, but the policy may have changed. I also am not sure they'd have a double for 60 euros or less. My room, as I recall, was around $50, but it was a single and this was five years ago. The second place was around the same price (also for a single and also five years ago) and it was a pretty dreary room, but the location was superb, right in the heart of the 6th, near the rue de Buci street market.

1. Hotel du Nesle, on Rue due Nesle, just a stone's throw from the Seine in the 6th.

2. Hotel Petit Trianon, on Rue de l'Ancienne Comedie.
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Try HOTELVALADON in the 7th. 85 Euros for one person. Lovely neighborhood,
very secure building and one street over from RUE CLER. Breakfast included in price. Just returned from a one week stay in this hotel and will definately stay there again. Great location.
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Take a look at the, and the budget listings on Lets Go and's websites; there are at least a few which should be okay within your budget. (Though in some cases you might have to forgo a private bath and/or the most central locations.)

I have no personal experience with any of these, but some which fit your budget and seem to be listed in more than one guide are the
Hotel de Nevers -
Hotel Castex -
H�tel de la Herse d'Or
Hotel de Lille

Bonne chance!
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You might also want to post and/or search the message boards on lonely planet and - both of these sites cater more towards "backpacker" budgets.
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We have a double at the Hotel du Champs de Mars in Sept for 74 Euros a night, without breakfast. It is in the Rue Cler pedestrian area, walking distance to sites and metro and shops.
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Forget the Castex! It was recently redecorated and the prices went up appreciably.
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Hotel Alhambra

Stayed here last year. Nice Location. Meters from Oberkampf Metro Stop. It has the smallest shower I have ever used in my life, but cheap and clean.
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You probably don't want to stay out at Charles de Gaulle, but I found the Marriott CDG for friends for $40/night/room on Priceline. Suggest you try Priceline for a hotel in the city. To learn how to do this, go to and scroll way down and click on Europe hotels then France hotels then Paris hotels. You'll see a list of the hotels that PL uses in Paris. You can read about the recent successful bids of others there. The moderators at the site will help you construct your bid, but you need to do your homework first.

I'm not associated with either site, but I've gotten great PL deals in the US and love to spread the word.

Let us know if you get a good deal!
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Don't know if you've looked into this as an option, but has outstanding package deals that I can't imagine could be beat by paying separately for air and hotel. I just looked on the site and found a $419 package for this spring that includes round trip air from the east coast, a hotel in the 6th (Trianon Rive Gauche) for 6 nights, including transfers and breakfast every morning, and a boat ride on the Seine. We used them to go to London two years ago, and just got back from a trip booked through them to Paris yesterday. You can book additional nights, but ours cost $100 per night extra. While our room at the Hotel Novanox was small, it was clean and comfortable, and our breakfasts were outstanding. We had a two-block walk to the Metro, and were about a 5 minute walk from the Luxembourg Gardens. Couldn't recommend this tour company more highly.
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YOu will be able to find a one star hotel for that rate in an outer area probably. It would be very basic and small, also. A lot of "nicer" one star hotels in central areas are even more than that.

I think you should change your budget to be more realistic. I don't think it is a good idea to get the worst room in Paris when you are spending so much on air fare, etc. Also, you want to go during a peak rate period, so you could revise your plans to go in a discount hotel period instead (ie, Nov-early Dec, midJan-Feb and mid-July thru August).

Another problem is that hotels at that level rarely have web sites or available information, so you'll be booking blind more or less. If you just want a roof over your head (which is all you can expect at that price), you can get it, or close to it (up to 60 euro). I don't think you need to spend 100 euro at all, but there is a big difference between what is available at 50 euro (almost nothing) and 75-80 euro.

Here are a couple one star hotels around your rate that I think are "decent" meaning they aren't flophouses or full of rats:

Marys Hotel in the 11th

Port Royal Hotel in the 14th
(they don't list rates but a double is probably about 65 euro)

Grand Hotel du Progres in the 5th (no web site -- this hotel was written up in an odd (IMO) article in Frommers Budget travel recently by a woman from Texas who wouldn't tell the name of it, but this is it -- we discussed it in another thread; not to my taste but apparently it's not a total dump

Delhy's Hotel in the 6th -- this is more like 65-70 euro probably, but reliable

YOu can find very cheap hotels by searching on price at There are actually a lot listed at that rate, much to my surprise, but you won't find out much about them. I'd recommend Sandra Gustafson's book on Paris Hotels as a good source of a few one stars (she likes Port Royal).

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i will be staying at hotel de rouen (1st) in mid may and will let you know how that works out. but for 48 euros (including shower) and close to the louvre, it isn't so bad. go to the and there is some good paris info there.
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clo, step up into the 70-85 Euro level and you will have many decent choices, including some three-stars, depending on the neighborhood. Don't stay on the outskirts and try to have some understanding of the immediate vicinity. I've regularly stayed in decent two and three-stars for 65-85 Euros and less in an active neighborhood filled with reasonably-priced restaurants, boulangeries and brasseries.
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Here a couple for you.

Hotel Jean-Bart
9, rue Jean-Bart
75006 Paris
01 45 28 49 13 Hope you speak French.
I paid 55 euro for a single last October. The hotel is 2 blocks west of the Luxembourg Gardens.

Lux Hotel
8, rue de Corbera
75012 Paris
01 43 42 42 84
I stayed there about 5 years ago and it is in the Gare de Lyon/Bastile area. The rates would be about the same as the Jean Bart or less.

Hope I have been of some help.
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