Hotel package breakfasts

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Hotel package breakfasts

Hello All,
I have reservations at the Hotel Lotti in the first arrond. for the end of May. Hotel offers a breakfast package for an extra 93 bucks (6 days). That's about 15 bucks per person. does any one know if these are typically full breakfast or simply pasteries and coffee. I typically eat my big meals of the day early and by dinner have some thing light so I do enjoy my breakfastes.

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The hotel decides what they offer for that price. Ask your hotel. $15 (US?) is a lower end of the price range I have seen.
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I'm sure if you email the hotel they will tell you what is included.

Typically, breakfasts in Paris hotels are "continental" i.e. bread, croissant, butter, jam and coffee/tea/hot chocolate and perhaps a choice of juice. You generally can get this for less than 15 euros at a cafe.

Some hotel breakfasts are more elaborate, adding cold meat and cheese, fruit, yogurt, hard or soft boiled egg, etc.

And, some do the full hot breakfast--my only experience was at the Marriott in Paris and if I remember it was more than 15 euro.
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Lotti is a really nice hotel, I cant imagine they would just give you coffee and croissant in a 'breakfast package' Even though I never stayed there I gotta believe its a full breakfast and $15 per is a good deal
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Check Tripadvisor and see what the reviews say regarding breakfast. I'm sure it's not just a an egg and croissant.
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Hotel breakfasts have gotten pretty pricey in Paris, some of the cheaper hotels charge 10-15 euro so that's not an unusual price at all. Just ask them, though. They call those simple things a "complet" I believe (coffee, piece of bread, jam and butter). Is there some reason you have to know this ahead of time? Every hotel I've been in allows you to decide when you are there as to whether you want to pay for breakfast. That way you can even look at it, if you want.

That price sounds like continental, not buffet to me, in the Lotti. If it is the regular buffet breakfast, it is a bargain as it is normally 27 euro and their website says so. If they were giving you an offer, it should have stated if it were the breakfast buffet, all their website offers make that clear.
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At that price it is likely a typical Parisian hotel breakfast - coffee/tea, maybe OJ, croissant/baguette, butter and jam. There may be cold cereal, yogurt, possibly hard boiled eggs. Only way to tell is to ask the hotel.
You can get it approximately the same elsewhere (e.g., a cafe) at a lower cost, but it is nice to be able to eat in the hotel then go back to your room to brush teeth and head out for the day. And if there are two or more sharing a bathroom the first done can head to the breakfast room while the other uses it. Tight old SOB that I am, if the price is not too outrageous I have been known to spring for the hotel breakfast.
Are you sure that it is 93 USD and not 93 euro? For $15/pppd I would be tempted to go for it. At 15 euro (just over $20) I might think twice.
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I didn't catch that the OP said 15 "bucks" per person. That is unlikely as the Lotti wouldn't quote prices in USD. It is still very cheap for the Lotti buffet breakfast. Sure, you can eat elsewhere, but if you eat a lot, you will likely not be able to match that so well at a cafe (15 euro for everything).
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