High speed train

May 22nd, 2006, 04:12 PM
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High speed train

We are planning to go to Stockholm and Copenhagen this summer. We have 12 days and originally were going to split our time between both cities. We now think we would like to try to do NIN by going from Stockholm to Oslo or Bergen, then coming back via the Flam railway,etc. to Oslo and renting a car to drive to Copenhagen. Are we undertaking too much in this period of time. One guide book said there is a high speed train from Stockholm to Oslo that makes the trip in a little over 5 hours- this might make our plan possible, we think! Does anyone have info about this high speed train? Is our plan too much??
Would be grateful for any help you can give us. Thank you.
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May 23rd, 2006, 01:05 AM
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Check this site: http://www.tagplus.se/default.asp?la...=2&showprice=1

The quickest train between Oslo and Stockholm seems to take about 6 hours, which is about the same time as it takes to drive. Call the train what you like, but high speed it is not.

The X 2000 is to some degree at least a high speed train but it runs only in Sweden and there via Gothenburg, which makes the trip longer. Instead of driving from Oslo to Copenhagen, you could perhaps take the ferry?

If I would do the route you have planned I would:

1. take the train or fly from Stockholm to Oslo
2. Rent car in Norway and drive there instead of Oslo-Copenhagen
3. Ferry to Copenhagen.
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May 23rd, 2006, 09:46 AM
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Thank you so much for your very helpful information. Is driving in Scandinavia difficult? How are the roads? Could we drive from Stockholm to Oslo or would that be foolish? Also is there a train from Stockholm to Bergen?
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May 23rd, 2006, 10:14 AM
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With gas probably over $6/gal now and the distance between Stockholm and Bergen very long the train makes good dollars and sense to me. Investigate the ScanRailPass which would cover all the trains, including the Stockholm-Oslo X2000 trains, which take just under 5 hours (on Fri, Sat and Sun there are often direct Stockholm-Oslo X200 trains during peak travel periods but as said above most X2000s run only between Stockholm and Goteborg, where you change to other train to get to Oslo, making a slightly longer journey. for trains. I believe the X2000 is more a tilting than high-speed train meaning it can negotiate curves at higher speeds than non-tiltable trains. ScanRailpasses are marketed in the U.S. thru RailEurope and for your itinerary they are great deals if you do all by rail - even the Oslo-Bergen round trip can approach the pass price - plus they give you hotel reductions throughout Scandinavia. I always recommend BETS (800-441-2387; www.budgeteuropetravel.com) for their European rail expertise in my years of dealing with them - they're a RailEurope agent but don't charge some of RE's fees i believe and are extremely knowledgeable. On the web site ask for their excellent free rail guide that has lots of info on Scandinavian rail travel. www.ricksteves.com also has good info on Scan Passes. Seniors 60 and over get special ScanRail prices as do youths under 26.
An aspect of driving between Stockholm and Bergen is that you may well have to return the car in Sweden or face a hefty dropoff charge. Driving in Scandinavia presents no real challenge as this is largely a rural area where you don't have to deal with large urban areas.
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May 24th, 2006, 04:22 AM
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I second Hunter's plan. Driving in southern Sweden, especially Stockholm-Oslo is dull. And long. The day-train is nice.
A rental in Norway is exellent. Within relatively few days you can have marvellous round trips with no backtracking. And returning the car where you got it is far less expensive than to deliver an Oslo car in CPH.
Disadvantage with train in Norway is that there are no north-south connections in the western coast area. So you have to choose between Oslo-Andalsnes (close to the Troll Road and Geiranger), Oslo-Bergen (with the "nutshell" option), or Oslo-Stavanger (with Telemark and southern coastline options). Moving across these lines by bus and/or ferry requires some planning and a lot of waiting. With a rental you are totally flexible and you can do extensive trips without feeling rushy. Go for that!
Another big issue: For the time beeing there is a ferry strike in Norway. It may be long lasting, and every week with no solution, the strike expands. By now also the Nuthsell's ferry leg is blocked, and also 3 of the Hurtigrutn ships (Bergen-North Cape).
At last: Driving in Norway is not difficult. But yes, the gas is expensive. However, try to tank in the close outskirts of big cities, and be aware that Sat-Sun often offers considerably lower prices than Mon-Fri. The most expansive of all, however, are the speed fines. Example: 70kpm in a 50kpm zone will cost you nkr 4200.

Happy travel!

Bjorn, Oslo

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