Help on Trip Itinerary - Austria

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Help on Trip Itinerary - Austria

I will be traveling the first two weeks in July to Europe. I've been a number of times, but this time I'm taking my 11 1/2 year old granddaughter and it is her first trip. We have been planning this for years and I finally felt that she was ready to benefit from (and remember) this trip. It all started when she was about 4 and we were watching "The Sound of Music" and she said that she would love to see Salzburg. And - I promised her that one day we would.

So - we are flying into Rome and have 5 nights booked there. At the other end of the trip, we have 5 nights in Paris and we leave for home from Paris. It is getting from Rome to Salzburg and Salzburg to Paris that I haven't planned.

I've been to Rome and Paris before, but not to Austria. Do you have recommendations on how many nights to spend in Salzburg? We have four nights between Rome and Paris to spend in Salzburg and wherever else we want to. I'm looking for something relaxing (I don't want to go to Florence, for example - but might want to go to a lake area to relax after some hectic - probably hot - days in Rome. Should we stop somewhere else along the way? I was thinking that perhaps when we leave Salzburg, we could go to Annecy and spend a night before going on to Paris?

Thanks so much - your advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Personally I would fly ASAP to Salzburg and spend the 4 nights there, then fly to Paris.
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Thanks - any other thoughts? Any recommendations on a hotel in Salzburg?
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Goldene Ente and Weisse Taub are nice B&Bs in the old town. Lots of half day excursions from Salzburg too. Berchestgarden, Ice Caves, Salt mine. So much to do so little time.
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YOur granddaughter migh enjoy the experience of taking a night train from Rome to Salzburg. It leaves Rome just before 10 pm; you change once in Kustein at 7:30 the next morning, and arrive in Salzburg at 9:30. If it is just you two, you could be a first-class compartment with two beds.

There are lovely lake- or mountain areas near Salzburg where you could relax before continuing on to Paris.
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Thanks you for the ideas. Staying somewhere in a mountain area near Salzburg sounds terrific. I've already paid for a hotel in Rome, so the night train idea won't work (maybe next time).
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Thanks for the advice. I booked the Weisse Taub Hotel for 3 nights. The fourth night I'm going to "wing" it. Can't wait to see some of Austria. I've never been there before.
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hi, Lynn,

I still like the idea of the train from Rome to Salzburg, even if you can't take the night train. your GD wil probably do lots of flying in her life; she won't take too many long train journeys. you could then fly to Paris from salzburg to finish your trip.

just three spots seems about right for the two weeks - any more and you'll spend too long travelling between them.

good luck!

regards, ann

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I agree - I had actually planned to take a train from Rome to Salzburg and then from Salzburg to Paris. You are right - she has flown quite a lot but never been on a train. And - I fly all the time for work, and love taking the train instead of flying. I know it takes longer, but I enjoy seeing the countryside while traveling.
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I love trains in Europe too. I don't know if you have taken night trains before but, they certainly aren't for me. There is a video on keywords - italian train torture. If you have an extra day you might want to train to Bolzano spend the night, then go first thing to the museum to see Otzi the iceman. Bolzano is a great town. Then get a train via Innsbruck to Salzburg.
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Lynn - We took the overnight train from Salzburg to Paris a decade ago. It left Salzburg at 5 minutes before midnight and arrived in Paris at 10:23 in the morning. I have mixed feelings about the night train, and don't know if I would take one again, but then, I wouldn't rule it out, either.

It took a while to wind down once we got into our compartment (first class sleeper), and figured out how everything worked (folding out the hideaway sink, slide the chair in the hideaway before putting the bunk beds down, etc), so it was after 1:00 am before we climbed into bed and started to doze off.

As the train was winding through Germany, it seemed like everytime we went around a mountain, the inertia was pushing my head, or feet, up against the wall of the bunk. It wasn't drastic, but I noticed it, as well as my husband, and it was enough to keep us from sleeping well.

On the other hand, it was neat getting up in the morning and sitting in the chair in front of the window and watching the French countryside wake up. We were able to check into our hotel early when we arrived, which was nice, because we could shower, change our clothes and be out the door in time for lunch.

We also found ourselves very dehydrated and regret not having several bottles of water with us (can't drink the water from the tap). I suppose if we were to do it again, we might enjoy ourselves more since we now know what to expect.

Now, speaking on behalf of the 11 1/2 year old inside of me, I think it would be real cool to do an overnight train trip.

I do hope you're doing the Sound of Music Tour. That's what took my husband & I to Salzburg. I had very special memories of watching the movie with my mom and two aunts, in the theatre when it was first released. There's also a marionette museum in Salzburg that your granddaughter might enjoy. I've never been there, but it sounds interesting (and kind of ties in with the SOM).

Enjoy your travels. What a lucky granddaughter you have. Peace, Robyn >-
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Thank you all for your advice regarding this trip. I know that my granddaughter will love being on a train - it will be exciting for her. I don't think that we will go on the night train, but then again, I might change my mind. She is so excited about being in Paris - and we are going to be there for Bastille Day, which she is tremendously excited about.

And yes - we are definitely going to take the Sound of Music tour. The Sound of Music is what inspired this trip in the first place.

I have 5 other grandchildren (all awaiting a trip with grandma - fortunately, they are younger than Summer, my 11 1/2 year old) and they are all thinking about where they want to go someday. I'm hoping it will be a life-changing experience for them. And I'll so enjoy showing them the world.

I took each one of my children to Europe and it is wonderful that I now get to take my grandchildren (and no parents are allowed on the trip).

It sounds as if I'm going to see some new places - one of them is talking about China and another about Australia - but it will be an adventure.

Thanks again for the advice. I'll let all of you know how this goes!
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