HELP! 5 days Rome or 3 Rome/2 Florence

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HELP! 5 days Rome or 3 Rome/2 Florence

Following our October Winstar cruise, we have 5 days booked in Rome at Albergo del Senato, found off this site. We had planned 5 "leisurely days" to wander Rome. Now one month before departure we are considering running up to Florence via train for days 4-5 (one night). We depart from rome on day 6. Is it feasilble? Is it recommended? We both just read "agony and the ecstasy" and would seek out anything Michaelangelo. What should we do in Florence for 1 1/2 days? Can we get a place to stay? When does the "bullit train" leave rome and when can we get to Florence? We would probably keep our hotel in Rome and eat the one night. Are we crazy or can this work?
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Hi K,

Train schedules, prices and tickets are at

By "bullit" train, I think you mean the ES*.

It is perfectly feasible to visit Florence for 1.5 days.

A very nice, very inexpensive place to stay is the B&B Peterson.

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Five days in Rome is not a long visit. Why not stay the entire time there?
There';s so much to see and enjoy in Rome, you can be there more than a month and not experience it all.
Rome is a city that especially needs the time.
There's Michaelangelo and more. It's an amazing city.
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It is an ambitious plan and you may regret missing so much in Rome. We stayed in Florence for 2 nights and that was enough for us to see the major sites (David, Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffuzi Museum) but this was only possible because we had reservations at the Accademia and the Uffuzi. Realistically, seeing the David at the Accademia only takes 10-15 minutes once you actually get into see it. We spent several hours at the Uffizi and then took a cab directly from there to the Accadamia. Our reservation was one of the last of the day and it worked out fine. It would not have worked if we were interested in seeing other works because we were very tired by that time. The Duomo takes a couple of hours and the Bridge is just a quickie unless you want to walk across and prowl the gold shops on it. I think if you use cabs to get inbetween sites, you can do it without exhausting yourself. But, if there is a chance that you will be back to Italy, I'd save Florence for another trip and enjoy Rome. We were in Rome for 8 days over Christmas and still left so much to see.
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I would definitely stay in Rome. There is certainly more than enough to do to fill five days, and you will be able to enjoy it at a slower pace instead of just rushing from site to site.

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Hi khepps ~

Yes, The Agony and The Ecstasy will get you every time!

I think it you want to make it happen you can, it is possible.

While I loved Rome, I fell 'in love' with Florence. You will receive many responses favorable for each city, it is up to you. It is a beautiful train ride, read more and you will know if it is worth it for you.

It was for me.

Have fun, Italy is such a treasure, Tiff
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It is very simple and quick to visit Florence for a day or so from Rome -- the fast train is less than 2 hours, if I recall. I was in Rome for several days last December, and while I had been to Florence before, I decided to visit for one day -- took a train around 7:00 am and was in Florence early morning, and I took a train back after dinner. Sure, there's a lot to see in Rome, but you can see plenty in three days.
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I think it will work best if you skip the Uffizi and Pitti Palace and focus instead on seeing the Michaelangelo sites (the real David and the copy, Michaelangelo's tomb, etc.) plus the Bapistery and the Duomo, including the museum of the Duomo. If you have time for one more museum, think about making it the Bargello. If it is a nice day, I would recommend a taxi ride to and from up the Piazzele Michaelangelo to see the view.

Definitely keep your room at the Senato. If you were very motivated to be on a train by 8am, you could probably have a not too-rushed day, including dinner in Firenze, and then take a late train back to Rome.

You aren't going to get anything more than a blinding flash of Firenze even if you add another half day, so resist the urge to cram in too many things.

Also, if you are having a great time in Rome being leisurely, than skip it. It is not hard to get to Firenze for a return trip when you can spend a week there.

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If you do decide to go to Florence in your Michelangelo quest, be sure to see the Medici Chapel in Chiesa San Lorenzo (near the Duomo)and do be sure to visit the Duomo Museum (Opera)right behind the Duomo as it has a Michelangelo Pieta with self-portrait. There is also the Casa Buonaroti which I haven't been to but you may want to go. Context Rome has a couple of Florence walking tours and lectures and offers a Michelangelo intensive.
Here's a link:
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We just finished a trip doing just that. We enjoyed the one day in Florence (we took the ES train--several leave a day) and stayed in BB Peterson, per Ira's suggestion. You can find my trip report by clickig on my name.

If this is your first trip though, I would skip Florence and stay in Rome. We like Florence ok, but would not have wanted to spend any longer there (although San Croce and the memories I have of that church were well worth the 3 hours in the train roundtrip).

Hope this helps, can't wait to hear about the trip!

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