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I have 6 nights to split between Venice and Florence and don't know how to do it!! Any suggestions?
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3 and 3

really, i'm not being smug
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Having been to Florence twice and Venice three times, my choice would be 6 in Venice and 0 in Florence. But if it's your first time, I'd do 4 in Venice and 2 in Florence. Sorry, I'm just not as crazy about Florence as I am about Venice.
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First off I would choose one or the other, you can't do either justice in 2 or 3 days. Plus you will spend the better part of a day in the transfer between them.

I too would choose Venice over Florence itself. But I might choose a 6 days in an appartment in Toscana over the same in either Venice or toscana. But the final determinant would be what am I looking for.

If I need to inwind, I would choose Venice. There are no cars in Venice. It is amazing how quiet a plae is when there are no cars. Even with the noise of the people and the vaporetti, Venice is magical. Also, Venice has great art in the frmof the glass works on Murano. Not the junk shops all over the place but the small colletion of shops near La Collone stop of the Vaporetto. Here you will find Schiavoni (home to an amazing Japanese glass master who makes one of a kind pieces), the Murano Collection (Carlo Moretti, Veninni and B&T) and several small shops that really have exquisite stuff. A visit to Torcello. Dinner at Fiaschetteria Toscana. Cichetti at Do Mori or Achiguette. The Pegy Gugenheim. Il Frari. The rialto fish and vegetable market. Nicola Tenderini, an artist we found next to the cheese shop in the Rialto vege market. The Ghetto and the synagog tour. Traghetti. Ca d'Oro. San Georgio and the Carpaccio freschi. San Rocco.

For my views on toscana see my thread Toscana Report or e-mail me. I also have my opinions on Florence itself and will be posting them shortly.
e-mail me for any or all
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But you don't know how to ask a question on this forum either.

Imagine if every question here was titled "Help!" or "Oh my god!" or "Who can tell me?"
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i would suggest 3 and 3 for your trip. the travel in betweeen is only 3 hours so not overwealming. if its the first time there enjoy both and sample. then another time go back to your favorite.
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Hi Isabel,
I was in Italy with my family and for our accomodation and other services(guides, restaurants, car rental) we found a very good help in catherina , who operates in northern Italy and was able to find what we needed. You can try to contact her at [email protected]
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allow me to qualify my terse responce of 3 and 3 ... venice is unlike anyplace, your jaw will literaly drop, the whole city itself is a museum and you'll love getting lost for hours in its little nooks and corners. day one ... feast in the glory, check out the s. marco square. 2nd day go to the palace and wander some more, maybe take in a palazzo (guggenheim or ca d'oro or both) third day wallow some more and train to florence. florence is an artist's and spaghetti lover's paradise - make reservations for Uffitzi in advance if you don't feel like spending time in line and check out the pastel colored cathedral, definitley not a "seen on seen them all cathedral". day 2 uffitzi and palazzo pitti, day three accademia for michalangelo's david. this will give you a good feel for both the cities and three days for a first time visitor is pleanty for both so that later you can decide which city you'll be mad about for next time.
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I wholeheartedly disagree with Dean. Can't do either justice in 3 or 4 days?? Nonsense. I was in Venice for 4 nights and looking back, 3 would have been plenty. It's beautiful but got a little old for me by the 3rd night. I went to every major 'sight' worth doing as well as Lido, Murano, Burano and Torcello.

I would do 4 Florence and 3 Venice, bc from Florence you can visit various hilltowns in Tuscany once you tire of Florence itself, whereas in Venice you run out of options faster once you tire of the city.
I was in Florence for 3 nites and should have done four, bc then we could have visited Pisa and Lucca in addition to San G. and Sienna.
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I'd rather say that you saw nothing_ you passed by, what is completely different.

Don't think that by being there, you have known something, and don't suppose that others would do it pleasantly by the same pace you did.
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Previous poster, unless you were following me on my trip, how dare you portend to say what I saw or didnt see, or that I saw nothing. I would suggest I saw more than the average person who goes to Venice.

Not only did I see most of the 'tourist' attractions, I went to museums, I took time to linger, just sitting and observing people, architecture, piazzas, etc etc.

Why do some people who feel the need to spend an entire day at one site or in one museum have a holier than thou attitude towards those of us who can see and do things at a faster pace. Don't blame me b/c you sightsee the way old people have sex.

My point was that there is more to see and do AROUND Florence than around Venice, so that if you do tire of the city itself, you have more options in Florence.
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roger & amy
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3 in each. 3 days is not really enough to enjoy either city to its fullest though you gotta make do with the time you have. If you are a shopper and museum fanatic, Florence is the place to be. For a real experience in traveling back in time, Venice is the place to be. So, spend 3 days in each and you will want to return to both of them. Personally, Florence is my favorite city in Europe. If funds allow it, stay at the Hotel Lungarno!

Have a Great T

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