Hadrians Villa


Nov 6th, 2006, 01:17 PM
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Hadrians Villa

Hi folks. Had some great help from this forum. Almost planned my whole trip from here. Can someone tell me if Hadrian's Villa in Rome is worth a visit also, is it possible to get from there to a place called D'Este(I think) by train. Remember the 11 year old grand-daughter is with us. Cheers Pawsha
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Nov 6th, 2006, 01:43 PM
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I took a train to Tivoli, about 45 mins from Rome, visited the wonderful Villa d'Este's fantastic Water Gardens, then hopped a bus to Hadrian's Villa, a few miles out of Tivoli towards Rome, then from there a bus back to a Rome metro station.

I think Hadrian's Villa is one of the finest archaeological sites i've ever seen. Grandkid may like more the Water Gardens, of fantastic statues and fountains all working, unless affected by drought, not unusual in summer i guess. Buses are probably a better bet from Rome to Tivoli and Este, with a stop at Hadrian's Villa en route.

To me one of the finest day trips from Rome - but 11 year old will it be too much? donnow.
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Nov 6th, 2006, 02:04 PM
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We also have wonderful memories of the day we went out to see Villa d'Este and Hadrians Villa. We didn't have children with us but I certainly would take an 11 year old with me. As Bob has already mentioned, Villa d'Este will probably appeal more, but so long as you don't intend to spend hours and hours at Hadrian's Villa I don't think she would get too bored. Can't comment on the transport situation as we had our own car.
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Nov 6th, 2006, 02:44 PM
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I thought I was the ONLY person who had been to Hadrian's Villa and wasn't all THAT impressed. It may because I was mentally comparing it to places like Ephesis.

Anyway, if you enjoy ruins, definitely one place to go. As to the Villa d'Este, that was more impressive to me and is IMO worth the trip.
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Nov 6th, 2006, 02:54 PM
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Pawsha: Yes, it is certainly worth a day-trip if you have the time. Echoing PalenqueBob's itinerary, I did the exact same thing (train to Tivoli, then bus to Hadrian's Villa). I went with my then 4 year old who loved both places. She is now 6 and would love it still. I don't think an 11 year old would be an exception. Bear in mind, Hadrian's Villa is considerably more spread out and more walking, so maybe you would want to do that first or? Buon viaggio!
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Nov 6th, 2006, 04:32 PM
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these directions should be helpful

If you are going to do both I would go to Hadrian's Villa 1st.

This way you could have lunch in Tivoli.

And you would have 2 bus options back to Rome vs. 1 from the Villa.
Plus I believe the more direct Tivoli-Rome bus runs more frequently that the Villa-Rome bus.

Both times I took the bus to Rome from the Villa it was full.
And it's a long trip to stand if you couldn't get a seat or worst if it's too full to get on.

Also take the more frequent 4x bus I mention for the Villa-Tivoli leg.
Regards, Walter
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Nov 7th, 2006, 07:43 AM
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Yes, Hadrian's Villa is in a dusty area with very little around it, whilst Tivoli is a rather delightful sizeable town. In addition to the Villa d'Este, near the villa and the source of its water i believe is an ancient Roman aqueduct or tunnel worth ferreting out - it's right in the town centre not far from the villa.
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Nov 7th, 2006, 09:24 AM
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Hi Pawsha,

I really enjoyed my day out to Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este. I took the metro out to the Mammolo stop, then the bus to tivoli.

I and couple other people hopped off the bus and walked to Hadrian's Villa. After the villa I took the city bus up to Villa d'Este, which was a wonderful surprise!

Buon viaggio!
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Feb 1st, 2014, 10:45 PM
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Hadrians Villa was spectacular. A feat of great and advanced architecture beyond its time and more of an entire little palace and town than just a villa. The extent to which t his incredibly wealthy man built up this place: complete with amphitheatre and all sorts of other marvels was fascinating and was a gorgeous day spent walking around for me with a for group of college students. If it could keep our rapt attention and a place in our memories, it had to be pretty awe inspiring
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