Gift ideas for French friends

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Gift ideas for French friends

Recently some friends from Paris, France have been going through a bit of a struggle. I'd like to send them a package. Any ideas will be helpful! I'm from Boston/Cape Cod.
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Any way to send a gift certificate to some interesting food store in Paris, or have something delivered from a shop there, or for a restaurant (if you think they would be OK with that after recent events). When I am down, a nice food package would be really welcome. I bet some of the Fodorites from Paris could tell you where to get that.
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These are French friends? How close?
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If you don't know what these friends like or want, I don't think any of us will. That's really a personal question, giving gifts to someone. Lots of gifts that are sometimes suggested on Fodors are things I would really dislike, for example (most of the food suggestions, any coffee table book, candles, etc).

I think a gift certificate is tacky (it's basically giving people money no matter what you call it) and inappropriate unless they are poor and that is the reason for the struggles.

What would you give anyone in that situation? What kind of struggle are they having, family problems, financial, what?

It's really hard to say without knowing what the struggles are, lots of people do like fresh flowers or some arrangement, they are fairly safe a suggestion and the good thing is they don't take up space like lots of other suggestions (like coffee table books, misc knickknacks, etc.). Recently I sent a nice autumnal arrangement in an antique type pitcher thing to a relative undergoing chemo and with a stroke of luck, she said it really was the perfect day for them to come as she was having a rough time but the flowers picked her up and were beautiful to look at for a while. SO I thought that was a good result.

I do know people who like getting specialty food items, also, like a cheese basket, etc. I think that would be okay as it is disposable, at least, maybe some gourmet store like Hediards or Fauchons have something nice. they have a gift tab on right

If you know they like wine, some nice wine or champagne could work, or tickets to an expensive concert or show but you'd have to know what they like and don't already have.
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Life jackets?
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I have friends in Paris and England. I've known them for over 30 years, so I know exactly what they want when I visit them. It used to be easier, because they would usually want something they could not get in their country, but these days, that is, for the most part, not the case.

I have one friend who loves See's Candies (which they still don't have in Europe), so I bring her her favorite blends. Another, I sent over American baking tools with boxes of mix that can't be purchased over there. Another friend likes me to bring or send college clothing or sports caps. Another likes American jeans (obviously, you have to know the size of the person!).

In short, it helps if you know them well enough to know what they'll really like.
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Perhaps you could order a gift of chocolates or teas from UNICEF in Paris, and have it delivered, unless the struggle they are experiencing makes something child-oriented or charity oriented the wrong idea:
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good old Bourbon.
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It is impossible to give an appropriate answer with the little information you have provided.

I hopefully assume you do NOT mean the recent attacks.. as any gift giving for that reason strikes me as very inappropriate.
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No matter what kind of "rough time" your friends are going through, the best gift you can give them is your company.

Ask them for suggestions for a nice lunch or dinner (lunch is always less expensive, essentially the same menu), then make advance reservations for all of you for a date when you've been in Paris a couple of days and are over jetlag. If you don't speak French, you can usually reserve on TheFork or on the restaurant's website - English is fine.

Pick them up in a cab, while everyone's having dessert, excuse yourself to visit the toilettes and go pay the check instead.
Fait accompli.
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The best gift ever is caricature from photo! It's always nice and original I guess. I like such gifts, it will be forever on your wall. So, if you need here's the website where I ordered:
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if they are having a tough time, getting them something that is a treat, that they wouldn't get for themselves would be nice. Do they have a particular interest like theatre or opera? or sports? tickets for an event that they would enjoy would be good, especially if you could present them yourself!
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Recent Necropost revived for advertiing purpose Annhig ...
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[shaking head] I fall for it almost every time, Whathello.

I blame my age.
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