Flight to Paris: Have I Screwed Up?

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Flight to Paris: Have I Screwed Up?

Oh, just a week or so ago, I was so happy to have scored FF tickets into Paris. The connection was PIT > PHL > CDG. Philadelphia can be a true nightmare but at least it's the nightmare I know.

So then I started to trip plan, and found to get to the markets I wanted to see in Provence, we needed to leave a day earlier.

Last night I called USAirways and got flights going and coming back, one day earlier each, on Air Canada, connecting PIT > YYZ > CDG. Our connection time in Toronto is 2 hours, but if I understand correctly, we will have to go through Canadian immigration before going to our next flight.

And today I started to read about Air Canada and Toronto Pearson Airport. It didn't sound pretty. Now I'm worried.

Is two hours enough time to get through immigration and on to our connecting flight to Paris? We will not have checked luggage.

I could probably change again, as the FF changes don't require a fee, but I would rather have the dates I have now.

Any feedback would be ever so appreciated. I have tried to include all relevant information, but if I've left something out that will make a difference, please ask.

I am a chronic planner, and chronic plan changer, and I know I need to relax. But I've never flown Air Canada and I've never been in the Toronto airport. I need help!
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Yes, you have to go through Canadian immigration. But with 2 hours that should be enough. Relax and don't worry about it.
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tuscanlifeedit, you'll also have to change terminals at Toronto Pearson. However, don't despair; two hours should be enough, especially with only carry-on luggage.

If you'd like further information, you might try a search of the Air Canada/Aeroplan forum on FlyerTalk (www.flyertalk.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=375). There are lots of posters there who practically live in Pearson and know all about US-Canada arrivals and transfers to Air Canada's domestic and international flights. You could also register and post your question there, if you wish.

I hope you enjoy your flight on AC. Free drinks across the Atlantic. Wally would be delighted.

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AC and free drinks: I don't drink alcohol and DH wont touch it on an airplane.

Anything else good about AC?

I do think that two hours should be ok, but I was browsing flyertalk.com, and the flying forum here on Fodors, and got a little nervous. But you know, those folks on Fodors flying forum (hmmmm) talk a lot of technical stuff about planes, and which planes which airlines are buying and selling, etc. Seems to be a popular thing at flyertalk, too.

I thought you folks here on the Europe forum, whose opinions I trust and who have probably taken lots of different routes from N. America to Paris, would give me the best feedback.

I checked AC's schedule, and they actually have a later Paris flight... I'm toying with idea of calling and seeing if I can get on that one...

I am overmanaging this trip, and I'm starting to stress myself. I think I will just let it go for now.

Unless someone else responds and tells me to make some changes, quick. ;-)

Thank you for your responses.
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tuscanlifeedit - if I change your screen name, choice of airlines and airports, I could have written your initial post.

Chronic planner, chronic plan changer, stressed out, coming up with every airport/customs scenerio ... none of that seems unusual to me - isn't that how everyone plans, researches and executes their trips? Who put those weird thoughts into your head?

It's not time to relax YET ... that happens when you finally board the plane. You know as well as any of us, that through hard work and closely examining every single minor detail, that your trip will be a success - just like all of the others.

Once you've booked your flights, and decided where to stay, the rest is downhill. Of course by booking your hotels, that just gives you more time to look at other choices, just in case you made a wrong decision to begin with, and to start agonizing all over again, but at least you will have that ace in the hole with the previously booked hotel.

Think back, it's waaaaaay to soon to rest on your laurels.

This trip will be just as great as all of your others - who knows, maybe even better.

Your only other solution, is to take a tour and let them make ALL of the decisions for you .... I think not.

If only I could practice what I preach

It's better than staying home.

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I generally find that Air Canada has relatively comfortable seats in economy for trans-Atlantic flights; there seems a little more space than, for example, British Airways.

You shouldn't have difficulty with the connection time on your way to France, provided that your flight into Pearson arrives on time. It could be a bit more challenging on the way back because I think (but I'm not sure) you'll have go through US Customs & Immigration at Pearsons before catching your US flight. On other other hand, usually Customs and Immigration are quite efficient; although the lines seem quite long, they put enough staff on to accommodate the crowds.
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Yes, we are cut from the same cloth.
And you are correct, all of our trips are fabulous, and I micro-plan every one of them! It's a long way to Europe from home, and time and money are short, so I always do my best to get all the details in perfect order. Then do it all again. And again. Yikes!

Kate_W: our connection window on the way back home is much larger, so I'm not worried about that leg. It's the going that's got me going. ;-)

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