First trip to Italy planned quickly

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First trip to Italy planned quickly


My family is currently planning a 10-12 day trip, this is our first time visiting Europe. We're planning this for the middle of September, which is coming up very quickly. I just wanted some suggestions. We're considering flying a direct flight into Paris and spending 2 days there, then heading to Italy. I know we defiantly want to do Rome and Tuscany. Any suggestions?
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With only 10-12 days, I would fly directly to Italy and save Paris for next time. What ages are your family members? If you have decided on Rome and Tuscany, consider renting a car and going directly to Tuscany. You could stay in one place for 5-6 days and take day trips. If your trip is 12 days, consider a couple of days in Florence. Then return to Rome for 5 days. There is lots of information on this forum; just use the search function at the top of the page to search for accommodations, restaurants, itineraries, etc. Come back when you have questions and you'll get lots of help here.
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I agree--stick to Italy and have no more than 3 destinations.
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I agree stick to Italy..I would fly into Venice and out of Rome and take train to Florence and Rome.

Paris needs a trip all on its own
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Well, I am going to go against the grain and advise that you do both Paris and Italy. Let's say you have 11 days. One day is lost getting there and one day is lost getting home. So you really have 10 days. I would do 2.5 days in Paris, with 1/2 day flying to Florence. Then 3 days Florence, with a day trip to Tuscany with a guide. Then train to Rome with the rest of your time in Rome. Fly out of Rome. You can adjust a day here and there but it gives you a good overview for your first trip to Europe. However, all of this hinges on hotel room availability at this late date. Start looking now.
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Don't bother with Paris. It merits a minimum of a week for a first-timer, and since you'll be losing the first day to arrival and jet lag, you'll end up with really only one day, which borders on absurd, given the distance you'll then be traveling to move on to Italy. Besides, you've indicated you're defiant about Rome and Tuscany, so that's what you should concentrate on.

To make the most of your (short) time there, you might consider flying into Rome and out of Florence, or vice versa. I would divide the time equally between the two areas, or consider renting a villa in Tuscany for a week and spending the remaining time in Rome. You'll want a car for Tuscany, not for Rome.

You absolutely must book accommodations this very minute.
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St. Cirq's last sentence should be in capital letters!!!!
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>With only 10-12 days, I would fly directly to Italy and save Paris for next time. <


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If you must do Paris, do it on the way home, to break up the travel time. You'll be jet-lagged when you land in Italy, but also thrilled and energized. On the way home, a 2-night stop in Paris will mean you don't have to fly home in one fell swoop, and you'll be excited to see a new city (which will offset the sadness to leave Italy!). The direct flight from Paris to home will be more manageable.

I'm not saying you should do Paris, I just think this is a wiser option if you do opt for a visit.
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If it's only 10 days total, and you spend 2 in Paris, you've got an 8 day trip remaining for Italy. So I'd pick just 2 places:
Rome/Amalfi coast
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Wow, you've only got two weeks! Hope you've read at least one good guide book like Fodors, Rough Guide, etc. Try and get a copy of Stu Dudley's Tuscany guide which is VERY helpful. Also, check out for lots of good tips on Italy. If this is your first European trip, keep it simple - you've got to allow for jet lag, getting lost (it happens to everyone), unexpected delays, etc,etc. Forget Paris this time. Italy alone will be more than enough culture shock, trust me!
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How many people are going on this last minute trip? You are really going to be challenged to find accommodations if you need quad rooms or multiple rooms.
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