"Finding" our Hotel in Sevilla

Jun 20th, 2002, 04:35 PM
David McCahan
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"Finding" our Hotel in Sevilla

We were booked into Las Casas del Rey de Baeza in Seville and had been warned in advance about how hard it is to find. The hotel had sent me a good map in advance and we thought we could navigate our way there as my wife is exceptionally skilled at reading maps. Wrong!

We were almost there when we found one street blocked by construction. Turns out that street was vital to our success. We got out onto a main thoroughfare and were greeted by a chap with a whistle around his neck asking us which hotel we were looking for. I told him and he said I should follow him. Being alert to scams I was highly suspicious and that suspicion came through to him. He assured me (this was all in my poor Spanish as he had no English) that he had a good heart (corazon). He took off on foot and we followed in the car.

I commented at one point that he had certainly earned three euros. We soon revised that upwards to five as we rounded yet another corner and plunged down yet another tiny street. We got to the street that was blocked and he challenged the workmen to move and let us by...to no avail.

By now he was huffing and puffing and starting to show off his drama school training. By the time we got to the hotel he was in line for a major award. I handed him eight euros and he insisted that his baby needed milk, that only ten would do. We settled on ten with a handshake and I told my wife it was worth it for the entertainment.

When I checked us in I told the young woman at Reception about our experience and she was not only not surprised, she clearly didn't care. When I suggested an apology might be in order she literally raised her eyebrows and asked why (her English was excellent). She said that the construction was the fault of the city, not the hotel, and that, had the hotel done something wrong, she would, of course, apologize.

I replied that it was merely another level of hospitality, that if she didn't wish to reach it, that was fine with me. When I told her that if she were to visit my home town and find the weather unpleasant, I would apologize for not being able to wish her better weather, she looked at me as though I were from another planet.

Later, I went to the desk to ask for directions on how to use their brand-new and expensive cordless telephone system. She missed the sublety of my asking if it wouldn't be convenient to have such instructions printed in English and placed in guestrooms. She agreed that it would be and that they were waiting for Ericson (the manufacturer) to provide them. She missed completely that this was within her area of responsibility and that an apology might have been in order in this case.

Another curious note: our room had a large screen Sony TV with a flat screen, a model which I know to be far more expensive than most. The remote control which they chose to provide with it was a simple remote which had only the basic functions: channel up and down and volume up and down along with the power switch. You couldn't even mute it.

After we had checked in the valet parking attendant had me come back downstairs to review with him each and every scratch on the car prior to his putting it to bed in their garage.

The room was excellent and the dining room staff most pleasant but overworked for breakfast. They now offer dinner but our dinner there suffered from too few staff and too many guests.


PS: In Granada we were waiting at a traffic signal when a man on a motor scooter approached us and asked if he could help. The sign on his back told us he was there to assist people in finding their hotels. Granada has chosen a more modern way.

Jun 20th, 2002, 04:52 PM
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I will be there in 4 weeks time, nice to hear some recent feedback . Did you find any good restaurants close by ?
And was it an easy walk to the sites?
Jun 21st, 2002, 02:29 AM
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Friends of ours having difficulty finding their hotel in Sevilla found a very ingenious way to approach the problem. The wife got a cab and the husband followed her in their car. Worked perfectly.
Jun 21st, 2002, 04:01 AM
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You expect the hotel to apologize for the construction going on in the city? I'm sure next time if you alert the hotel they will have the city of Seville halt all civil works in anticipation of your arrival. The remote for your LARGE, FLAT SCREEN SONY TV wasn't to your liking?? Oh Boo-Hoo, poooooor Baby!! You are the stuffy uptight kind of jerk that that makes other travellers' less enjoyable. Try not to take yourself so seriously.
Jun 21st, 2002, 05:10 AM
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We also found our Seville hotel was difficult to find and were glad that we had dropped off our rental car at the airport and taken a taxi. Although my husband is also skilled at maps, we found Seville one of the most difficult cities to navigate that we've ever visited.

As for the parking attendant reviewing each scratch and dent -- you should be pleased. When we returned our rental car to Avis at the end of a two-week rental, the man at the counter wordlessly jumped up and ran outside to the car. When he returned, he shoved a piece of paper in front of us marked "Affidavit" and told us to write down the details of the "accidente." We assured him that there was no "accidente," but he insisted. Sure enough, there was a large dent and paint on the bumper. We have no idea if it was there when we rented the car or if one of the valet parking attendants put it there during our trip. We purchased the bumper (about $100) and now consider ourselves warned -- we always inspect a rental car before driving away and after parking with a valet attendant.
Jun 21st, 2002, 07:52 AM
David McCahan
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At the time I decided to post some of our experiences on this board I told my wife it would bring certain types of people out of the woodwork. You know who I mean: for example, the person who chooses to hide behind the safety of an anonymous e-mail address instead of using his or her own. Or, the type of person who reads things totally out of context. Or, the type of person who has probably never made a constructive or useful contribution to this board. So, aside from this response to that type of person, don't look for any more.
Jun 21st, 2002, 07:56 AM
David McCahan
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Marko, I believe I've answered your questions by e-mail but let me address them here as well.

We took one dinner at the hotel's "new" dining room (their breakfast room and kitchen pressed into evening service). The staff were enthusiastic and tried to keep up with the demands gracefully but it was a challenge. It suited just fine on a rainy night. The other dinner we took at Becerrita on which I have posted.

Walking to the sites was easy if one took the roundabout way with posted street signs. If one chose to walk through the Juderia, things tended to take much longer as we got lost repeatedly in spite of our maps. Our guide, Concepcion Delgado, told us to throw our maps away in that section of town as they were useless.

Jun 24th, 2002, 10:38 AM
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David, you sound truly insufferable. Speaking of value, what is the value of your post, other than to demonstrate:

1. You don't understand enough Spanish to operate a telephon
2. You are spoiled
3. You expect self-abasing behavior from all service employees employed by an establishment on which you deign to spend your money.
Jun 26th, 2002, 09:05 AM
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Well, I just can't help myself...from what I read I feel I must comment.

First of all I agree that arriving by car to ANY hotel in Santa Cruz is like going through a maze blindfolded. I also had my dreadful experience in February trying to reach the Casas de los Mercaderes..after spending two hours going around in circles in the car, we chose to leave it in a parking lot and walk to the dammed place..after that proved useless, we took a taxi and finally got there at midnight.! All this because I forgot the stupid directions to the hotel in the apartment in Madrid.

But really, David..would you really apologize for the lousy weather? I have yet to hear a more silly comment than that.
I agree that the hotel could have at least informed you about the construction and obvious detour you would have to take, but PLEASE..don't be so snobby!!
Jul 9th, 2002, 03:20 PM
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David, your ass is so big no wonder you couldn't find the hotel, it was probably covering the windshield! Jerks like you give americans a bad name.

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