England and Edinburgh in 8 days?

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England and Edinburgh in 8 days?

My husband and I are planning a trip to England and Scotland in early May. We have about 7 full days to spend touring the countryside. We are arriving in and departing from London (where we spend a week last year) and are renting a car for the week. We hope to make our way up to Edinburgh for at least two nights. Is this too ambitious in the time we have? Any suggested itineraries? Thanks!
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Seven days to see some countryside, spend two days in Edinburgh AND drive 800 miles roundtrip. This is very ambitious. Have you driven in the UK before?

I drive in the UK a lot (lived there for 5 years). You really need to know the going will be slow if you want to see anything. Sure, the motorways are fast (except in horrible congestion black spots like on the M25 or around Birmingham or Manchester), but the sights and sites are not on the motorways. On country roads plan on averaging 35 to 45 MPH.

it makes no sense to drive all the way up and all the way back from Edinburgh when you only have 7 days. I have done it many times - but mostly when I'm there 4 weeks or more. And even then - I try to avoid it because it eats up so much time.

Which part of england do you want to see and do you hope to see any of Scotland other than Edinburgh?

If it were me, I'd fly or take the train up to Edinburgh and spend a couple of days there. Then when you are done w/ Edinburgh, pick up a car and spend 4+ days traveling driving back down to London - I assume to fly home. Even with this you will be quite rushed but at least you would have time to see a bit of the Scotish Borders or the english Lake District, maybe part of Yorkshire, the Cotswolds for about a day and then drive to LHR or LGW.

If you were to drive the whole R-T you will spend a full day's worth simply driving north and south. When you add 2 more days for Edinburgh you will have less than 3 days total for any sort of sightseeing.
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I agree with the above poster. You should spend at least 3 nights in London, take the train to E'burgh and think about flying back to Heathrow so you don't have to waste another night in London.
www.gner.com or www.thetrainline.com for tickets. Get a PIN and collect it at Kings Cross station, or have them send it to the hotel. (Bit risky.) Go for a 2nd class single (one-way) ticket from Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. Avoid peak times for cheaper tickets. If you are very canny, you can get cheaper return (round trip)tickets. Sounds odd, but there you go. Just discard the return portion. Or save on a hotel and go on the night train. www.scotrail.co.uk

www.ba.com or www.iflybmi.com for planes from E'burgh to London.
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I suggest you pick 2 areas or places you want to see and then be there or do a day trip.

Also, if you are in a car you aren't out with other folks. I think cars should be used as a last resort.

Think of this as a first look and not THE trip. You can't enjoy anyplace just whizzing through. If you have a chance to be in a place, if only for 3 days, you at least can slow down, take a deep breath and have a proper look around!

Also, it's best to spend more time in the pub if you don't have to drive.

Have a grand time!

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The drive from London to Edinburgh will take a full day, 8hrs if you don't stop - trust me, we did it, so the suggestion to fly into Edinburgh and travel to London is a good idea. Can you do 2 nights in Edinburgh and then travel to London for a flight home - yes but you won't get to do much, so make sure you know what you want to see and where you're going.
I agree you should use the 'back roads' just allow twice as long for your journey as you expect but this way you'll find places you want to stop and explore that you wouldn't from the motorway. Don't worry about driving in the UK, just make sure that you know how to use a roundabout (rotary) because we Brits ALWAYS give way to traffic on a roundabout.

As for what you want to do - more info is needed but I would suggest York - shopping/history/atmosphere, what more do you want?
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In 2001 I caught an overnighter train from london to Edinburgh. It left about 9pm and arrived about 7:00am the next morning in Edinburgh, giving me a full day in London and an early start to the day in Edinburgh. Another option if still available.
good luck
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Need approximate train fares, London-Edinburgh round trip for two...am I reading the chart correctly? Around 750 to 900 rt????? Dollars.??
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