End Late November - Best place in Europe

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End Late November - Best place in Europe

Hi - Planning a European get-away with my girlfriend for the week after the US Thanksgiving (late Nov-early Dec). We would like to see some sites, but really would like some beach time as well. Originally we were thinking about the Greek Isles, but found out that it could be quite cold by that time of year. Any recommendations on places to go where it will be warm (excluding Asia, Australia, Caribeann, Middle East, Hawaii, South America)
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Hi Jim
No place north of the equator is going to be hot in November. Given the other areas and continents you've excluded, I can't see your having beach weather at that time of year. Even if temps are moderate, it's a rainy month.
You can look at historical weather conditions at www.wunderground.com
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Although I have not decided for sure whether or not you are serious, I will respond. Greece is probably the warmest country in Europe in November yet it is not warm enough for a beach holiday. Athens, for example, will be in the high 50s/60s. Turkey will be a little warmer than Greece, but once again, not warm enough to go to the beach and I am not sure if that is too close to the Middle East for your taste. To go somewhere in the world where you can see great sights and go to the beach in late November/December, you would have to go to Brazil, Thailand, or Australia. In other words, what you want cannot be had in Europe in the middle of the winter.
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well, if Greece is too cold (which it is), no place in Europe is going to be warmer than that, obviously. You'll have to be more realistic -- if you want a beach vacation, go to Caribbean or Mexico, if you want Europe, forget beaches. If beaches are so important to you, why think about Europe in Nov-Dec? That is a perfect time to go to Mexico or the Caribbean (which is what I've done the last couple years) because weather is perfect and it's the low season so you get great deals. Mexico is not on your forbidden list, I noticed, but doesn't fit into your title or wanting Europe. What's so interesting about hanging out on beaches, think about it.
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You haven't ruled out Africa? Good. Go to Cape Town - it's very European. You've got all the Euro-style city things, plus beaches, wineries, the Garden Route, and so on. And warm weather in November. It might be kind of far for one week though, if you're coming from the USA.

You can certainly "go to the beach" in Europe itself in late November, but you'll be wearing anoraks more often than speedos and bikinis. Alternatively, you could hit Rome for a few days of sightseeing, then get a cheap flight to spend the rest of your trip at the beach in Tunisia. Or how about Spain/Morocco?
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i would suggest Agadir Morocco it combines the sophistication of europe. Topless beaches and night clubs, club med and all but also has all the things that make morocco exciting.
Camels on the beach, palm trees, ancient markets and trips intot he dessert. there is a wonderful hotel on the bech called the Hotel Amadil, it is next to club med. Make sure if you inquire about this you specify the Amadil on the beach as there is also one in town. this is a moroccan hotel and is lovely. ask for a room on hte beach as they have terraces where you can watch the sunset or have breakfast, they also have a lovely pool.
If you want something diferent there is the agadir golf and tennis club , far more americana dn brisitsh. Also check into club valtur they ae an italian agency that owns it's own hotels in agadir.
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I would recommend southern Spain.
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I live in a wonderful little fishing village on the Florida Gulf Coast. We are actually a national historic district, so very full of charm. But since you are interested in Europe, you probably wouldn't want our area. Our weather in November, by the way, is usually beautiful and is indeed OK for beaching and swimming. I've been swimming here on Christmas day and felt quite comfortable.
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Wayne, I bet you live in Tarpon Springs. We stopped there last year on our way home from a couple of winter months in FL and I finally felt "at home" because it seemed so European. I'ts a delightful place and a great taste of Europe for anyone homesick for the continent.
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I've never been... but what about Malta (and a couple days in Sicily on the side)? Just a quick boatride away.

Good Luck
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Southern coast of Crete is actually closer to Africa than it is to mainland Greece; i've read in guidebooks that it is warm enough to swim there year round. Perhaps worth looking into? Crete is a good vacation spot.
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