Electric Conversions

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Electric Conversions

Hello all. I just purchased a digital camera in anticipation of my trip to Ireland in mid April for 8 days. While in the process, I asked the salesman about electric conversions and if I could use this with a converter. I have never traveled across the Atlatic before and this is really troubling me because I am not too sure how I am supposed to used a digital camera with no power to charge its batteries! The charger has just a regular 2 prong attachment. Any suggestions?
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Try this site for info. http://kropla.com I'd *assume* it's "dual voltage" (check the manual for 110v/220v info) and all you would need is just the plug adaptor. But what do I know, a tourist in Rome asked me to take their picture with one last March and I thought it was a video camera). Regards, Walter
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I just went to Paris with my new digital and had the same worries. I purchased an adapter (not a converter) but was worried it might get fried. It didn't and everything was fine. I got the adapter at the drugstore.

I will try to pull up the old thread also as there was excellent info on it!
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Go to Walmart and buy an electrical adapter kit.
It costs about $15 (in the travel section)and has 4-5 different plugs in it as well as a voltage regulator to keep the current over there from frying your stuff.
You will need this to use any American appliance, like curling irons or hair dryers.

The adapter plug for Ireland is a clunky three pronged one.
Enjoy your trip.
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Europeans have a more modern electrical system because they electified later than the US. It's all 220 volts, but with a madening array of different plugs.

Don't mistake plugs for transformers. If you insist on taking electrical appliances to Europe, then you will need a converter for appliances that don't have a switch between 110 and 220. The way it works is you buy a bunch of different plugs and find the one the fits. Then if you need a converter, you insert the converter into the US end of the plug and insert the US appliance into the converter. Now is that clear.

What you don't want to do is take an appliance that requires an inordinate amount of electricity like a hair dryer. If it's switchable to 220 fine, then all you need is the plugs. But if it's strictly 110 you'll need a very large, very heavy, very expensive converter. It makes more sense just to buy a new hair dryer.

So if your battery charger is switchable between 110 and 220 great. All you need are plugs. If not you also need a small converter. Chargers require very little power, so you can make do with a little converter.
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By the way, it's a misconception that a large converter will fry a small appliance. It doesn't work that way. However, a large appliance will fry a small converter. It'll just get hot and melt.
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You can also get the adapter at a Staples, or online at Staples.
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John Bermont
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There is a big difference between an electric "converter" and a "transformer." Before you fry your equipment see my page at http://www.enjoy-europe.com/hte/chap11/11-301.htm.
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We were in Italy last September.
My laptop (HP), CDRW Portable Writer (Sony) and digital camera (Fujifilm) all have those little power bricks - A/C plug on one side, DC low voltage out. Read the fine print on the power brick carefully - if it says 100V-240V (and 50Hz-60Hz) then it works in Europe. All my devices did.
All you need is an ADAPTER - this just converts round plug copper to flat plug copper - no active electronics, very small. The CONVERTER converts 240V to 120V, has active electronic stuff inside. Plug too much into one and it smokes (I know).

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