Driving on the Peleponese

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Driving on the Peleponese

I've probably spelled that wrong, but I think you know what I mean! Hubby and I are flying into Athens and plan to spend two days exploring Athens (walking.) We then plan to spend three days on the Peleponese (driving.) From what I've read, I think our safest bet is to transfer back to the airport, rent a car, and begin our drive. While I plan to book ahead for Athens, I am reluctant to do so on the penisula, as I don't want to be "tied" to a schedule of having to be somewhere on a certain day just because we have a reservation. So, my question (finally) is - what is the best route to take (I'm thinking Athens, Corinth, Nauplion, Olympia, Antirion, Delphi, Athens) and is there enough affordable lodging along the route that we won't be stuck sleeping in our car? Thanks!
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So sorry - I forgot to mention our travel dates are March 26 - 30.
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The route that you have outlined for three days requires four days in tours offered by the major tour operators in Greece -- and even they are somewhat rushed.

Whether you will be able to find a hotel depends to some extent on when you are travelling. I daresay you will always find something, but it may not be your first or even second choice.

And do consider that looking for hotels wherever you go will take time away from looking at the things you want to see.
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I have to tell you that 25th of March is the national greek holiday. That means that shops in Athens will be closed (not the restaurants, cafes etc.) and that it will be a weekend where lots of people will leave Athens for a long weekend. That said, it may be difficult to find accomodation in some places, especially inside Nafplion. But that, only for Saturday 26th, so don't worry because Sunday and Monday you won't have any problems.
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We did far more extensive travel in the area about 8 yrs. ago in April. Didn't have any problem finding accomodations.
Hope you're young and energetic... your plans sound like my husband's... thirty years ago!
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My recommendations, based on experience, is with only 3 days, you should make Nafplio you base for exploring the Peloponnese; there is so much to see. Upon arrival in Athens I would ask your hotel for reccomendation for a travel agent & purchase first class tickets on a bus to Nafplio. You can reserve your car from a company located in Nafplio called Safeway over the internet; we had a great experience with them. I would recommend checking the internet for a hotel in Nauplio and make reservations Happy Travels-- Sandy in Oregon
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If in 3 days they want so see the Peloponese then staying in Nafplion for me is not a good idea.
I would:
Leave Athens and go to Nafplion (Corinth is on the way). Stay one night in Nafplion (although i believe that Saturday 26th of March you will NOT find accomodation inside the old town unless you book from now!..It's a MAJOR greek holiday and everyone leaves Athens).
Next day i would visit Olympia and stay someplace near by. Along the way you can visit other places as well. And the third day visit Delphi and then return back to Athens.

Going from Nafplion to Olympia, back to Nafplion, then to Delphi... NOT A GOOD IDEA in my opinion!!
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Actually, we were thinking of leaving Athens and doing either route: Delphi/Olympia/Nafplion/Athens OR Nafplion/Olympia/Delphi/Athens. I'm trying to get a feel for distances, and here's what I've come up with (please tell me if I'm wrong!) Athens-Delphi 3 hours; Delphi-Olympia via ferry 4 1/2 hours; Olympia-Nafplion 5 hours; Nafplion-Athens 2 hours. Based on this, and with our limited time, I think we may have to forego Olympia and instead leave Athens for Delphi, then go up to the ferry and back down to Nafplion. We would hate to miss Olympia; we don't mind driving, but we don't want to spend ALL our time in the car. So - we'd head to Delphi on Sat Mar 26, down to Nafplion on Sun Mar 27, spend the next day there and back to Athens on Tue Mar 29. Thoughts and comments are welcome!
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Basically, we have five full days in the Athens area (Mar 25-29) and we want to make the most of our time, historic and scenic sights-wise. I know we need to hurry and book hotels, but I'm not truly sure where we should go/what we should see (besides Athens!) Maybe we should skip Delphi in favor of Olympia?
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dejadeb,we are going to be in Greece at the same time doing a very similiar loop. We will have alittle more time, but also want to explore more of the mainland. We will also be traveling with our children, which forces us to slow down , which is also not a bad thing. We also plan on winging it in terms of accomodation along the way. Someone suggested booking ahead through the tourist office, once we've determined our next stop, to avoid just driving around looking for availability. Have a great trip, we can't wait.
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I think we will go to Delphi first, to miss the Nafplion crowd over the holiday weekend. We will probably come back down through the Peleponese via the ferry, then to Nafplion. It shouldn't be a problem finding a hotel sans reservation after the holiday weekend. I think we'll have a more relaxing vacation if we leave Olympia for another time.
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From Delphi to Olympia you don't have to take a boat. Now there is the new Rio - Antirio Bridge and you get to your destination much faster.

If you only want to visit Delphi and Nafplion why don't you go by bus or tour operators as one day trips?

Another suggestion is to visit Hydra island. It's very easy and if the weather is nice, it will be lovely as a one day trip.

One last suggestion. What time are you leaving on the 29th? Because fron Nafplion you can go directly to the Athens airport with your car. (It's very very easy from the highway!).
So maybe you should think this alternative as well. (with one more day you can visit Olympia too).

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Definitely do not skip Delphi for Olympia. Olympia is a place where you must know your history and use your imagination. The drive from Athens to Delphi is unforgettable. As we drove thru spectacular scenery my husband said: What are we getting into?

Of course, at Delphi you must do your homework too to truly appreciate it all.. but it is one of the most memorable experiences of our travels. and in the museum there is a fabulous bronze figure. (I can visualize it.. but forget the name.... The Charioteer... I think... you might not remember the name but you won't forget the piece! -
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I'll be arriving Athens on march 24. Now I learned that 25th is a Holiday. What can I do on that day? Are all the sights open? Should I take a day-trip to a near by island? I'll be staying for 3 days in Athens. Please advise.
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Avoid hiring from Avis at Athens airport. If you do, check the brakes VERY carefully. We suffered brake failure and ended up in Tripoli hospital for several days thanks to a faulty car. The company treated us very badly (after they nearly killed us).
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