Dress Code in Paris

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heh, I wasn't implying that I think wearing shorts is bad (they are my favorite thing to wear...I grew up in California...shorts and rainbows baby).

But compared to the States, I do personally think that there are way less shorts in france. Perhaps I haven't been around enough though...who knows.
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It is true that shorts are rarer in Paris than in the U.S. But if you go to a residential neighborhood, you will find that Parisians often change into shorts once they get home from work, and they will go to the supermarket and other local commerces in shorts, even if they wouldn't be caught dead in such attire in the "center."
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Ahh, okay. That makes sense.
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For goodness sake.
I wouldn't be seen dead in shorts because old boys in shorts look stupid.
So do people whose buttocks make them look like two little boys fighting under a blanket.
The rule as for all these silly clothes questions is that if you are young, slim and attractive, you can wear a bin liner with a bucket on your head.
If you are old and/or fat, you have to cover enough of yourself to prevent yourself being an eyesore.
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Josser, you are right. In a nutshell, shorts and caps and silly t-shirts are worn by children and teenagers. Young fashion is completely globalized now. But once you become an adult, you dress according to your age. How many french women/men in their 50ies wear shorts in Paris?

No one cares what you are wearing? Nobody will tell you what they think, that's more like it. But I personally would hate to be the ugly spot in an othewise beautiful landscape.
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I was just in Paris this weekend and noticed a good deal of small Puma-type trainers. I wore jeans, flip flops and/or my Skechers black trainers, and simple formfitting t-shirts. Many people thought I was French (I am a brunette ) and everyone was incredibly cordial. I think I gave this impression because I was very polite, always greeting people with "Bonjour," and thanking them/saying goodbye. If you are polite, they will be polite to you. Don't worry so much about your clothing.
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On the subject of blending in: The first time I was in Paris, 5 years ago, I was standing and gazing at a building across a boulevard (sorry, don't recall its name) that was marked as once being the home of Abelard. Some teenagers stopped and asked me to tell them about Heloise and Abelard. I think they were French but am not sure. They certainly were European and not American. It occured to me later that they may not have taken me for French, but they certainly had me pegged for a retired teacher, which I am. I don't recall what I was wearing, but it was probably black as I had followed the standard advice and packed lots of it. I'm going to Paris again next month and will substitue khaki and other neutrals for most of the black.
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Every place I go, I am invariably asked for directions in the local language. It can't be because I am making an attempt to "blend in" or "look like a local" because I am not. I suppose it results because I am just standing wherever I am standing.

I have never "gotten" those who try to dictate fashion to others. You wear what you feel comfortable wearing given your personality and the season, and let the Message Board Fashion Police be damned!
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Ouch, FauxSteMarie! That looks like a "personal attack" which you condemned above. Chill please, before Fodor's bans this thread.
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