Dining during Ramadan

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Dining during Ramadan

We will be in Istanbul for the last week in November. I am wondering (worried, since we love to eat) that many restaurants will be closed during the day due to locals fasting during Ramadan. Does anyone have experience with this?
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i have not been to istanbul during ramadan but i grew up in cairo. not every restaurant will be open in daytime during ramadan but i found that quite a few of them are. i suspect this will be true in istanbul even more since it is more of a european city. and you will find wonderful dinner specials during iftar at night! though you might be stuck with only a few options for eating if you are in a more remote location, i think it's worth it to go during ramadan because there is such a wonderful spirit about the people and the town during that time. just be careful during iftar (probably around 5-6 p.m. when the fast is broken) because the streets will be unbelievably empty and it can be dangerous. that is my experience in cairo anyway. but i am a young female... so take that as you will.
enjoy your trip, i have heard wonderful things about istanbul.
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I was in morrocco one year during ramadan and it was odd. I stayed at the hyatt and prior to ramamdan they removed all the liquor from the mini bar. Most cafes were closed , as were shops. THis was in Casablanca a very modern city. American hotels still served meals as did tourist restaurants, even on a flight from casa to agadir they served no food, no beverages.
Agadir which is a european vaction spot was a little more tourist friendly.I would not recomend traveling in islamic country during ramadan. You must remember that since no one is eaying or drinking the pace in these countries comes to a halt.
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I was in Morocco last year in November - landed the day Ramadan began. There were plenty of places to eat during the day, though not as many as were open after sunset. I cannot extrapolate this experience to Turkey as my one visit to Turkey was not during Ramadan, but given that Turkey's population is nowhere near as pervasively Muslim as Morocco's, you should have plenty of options. I hope you are aware of the diversity of Turkey's culture before you land there. It sounds as though you may need to do some reading up about this, as well as recent political events there.
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Suggest you contact Hillary Clinton. As I recall at one time she claimed to be a real expert on Ramadan.

Bubba, OTOH was better versed on the local Ramada.
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Istanbul Dining
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The original question concerned Istanbul, not Morrocco or Cairo.
Yes... most restaurants in the tourist areas will be open. As to the new government... do you know that the AK Partys cafeteria is also open during daylight hours and serving food?

Also...if the streets are "dangerous" at sundown, it is not because thestreets are deserted by Turks who are feasting at home. It is dangerous because the Turks drive like assholes, and are rushing home, even more heedless of their mortality than usual.

Lot of bad, wrong, and irrelevant "info" on this thread.!
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luv to eat
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Take a box of Little Debbie cakes and a case of Moon Pies with you. Cram you pockets full and walk around munching out all day.
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You will find almost all restaurants open. Some may not serve alcoholic beverages but bars and night life still going on for the ones who are not practicing islamic rules.

I aggree with the danger during "iftar" ( the time of eating dinner permitted after all day fasting )
that people are rushing to restaurants or to their homes but not as Ridem suggested ( not all Turkish drivers are a.holes altough a great number should be banned from driving

However to respect to ones who are fasting its better not to eat infront of them so obvious or smoke while walking on the street.

Have a great time in Turkey
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to you who would bash those who are simply trying to help Bob.. keep in mind we were offering the help we could in order to keep the post at the top so someone else who might also know could see the message and respond.
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Turkey is not Marocco or Cairo..
You can not suggest your experiences in those countries for Turkey.
What about the recent political event?Things may change in long term but not in a few days!
If you have no knowledge about a country please don't tell wrong infos..
Ridem;Try to stay one day w/o drinking and eating.See how you're rushing to your home!

BOB;You'll find a lot of restaurants open.Don't forget to visit the Ramadan tent at Sultanahmet.You can find typical turkish food there and be taken photos in ottoman sultans costumes.

Hope you enjoy your trip during Ramadan!
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it's better to take some pork chops and to make a HUGE bbk in the hotel.
Arabs don't like to work and during the ramadany they work even less (as if it was possible !!!)

why don't you go to other place instead ???
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Debbie you say: Ridem;Try to stay one day w/o drinking and eating.See how you're rushing to your home!

Yes,I agree!!!!!

I have also been told that there is a iftar tent set up near the Blue Mosque in the evening. It was recommended to me by a friend as "a unique, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience!".
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BBK, no one need to take Pork Chops with for a BBQ, you can still order pork chops and even wild boar roast at most hotel restaurants we are talking about Turkey not any other Arab countries... We may not eat pork doesnt mean we can not offer to ones who love pork meat.

istanbul is a metropol of 14 million people with different ethnic bacgrounds.
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